Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The test

Testing 123.
Sungguh macam x best tulis blog guna iPad.
Last la neh.

The Kundang of 5

5pcs and i had to stop myself. These are delicious, but hello, ada jugak yang beri2 kang esok.
what i didn't know was, unripe Kundang looks like this:

Info on Buah Kundang is here.

This is the 1st entry for today. i write because i need to let something of my chest. But how would i do so when i can't even spell it out? If i did, some people in my life would be...surprised?
Usually, when i worry about something or something is bothering me. i clean.
I will do chores that i usually does once a week. This will be a good time for people to come over because my house is clean.

Yes, i am worried. and surprised. and sad a little. but damn! i just can't shout it out loud.
see? i also got feelings. Nama jek ganas but dalam hati ada taman baiii....tak caya?
Tengokla statistics yang kengkawan aku vote. peliknye, ada jugak orang yang AKU TAK KENAL and not in my friendlist vote jugak. ekekke...

Hence, i sumbat my mouth with above kundangs after the cleaning session.
watching TV didn't help because there was a thriller movie "Amusement" on HBO.

but wait, who are the people whom wll be surprised if i did spell what's bothering me?
Generally, i divide the people in my life into 5 sections:
1. Family.
2. Hi-school friends.
3. work colleague
4. Orang Kampung & such.
5. People i know who does not belong to the above group.

crap. maybe my equation wasn't right. Maybe it needs revision.
Maybe i should just hit the bunk.
At right

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Sale

AirAsia sale lagi! harga yang aku tau yelah:

KL-SIEM REAP: RM200++ pegi balik, March 2012. ermm..lama gilak!

Sapa nak pegi SIEM REAP ngan aku? takde? ok.

Hari neh rasa nak menulis sesuatu. Tajuk? takde. cuma dari tadik ada sesuatu yang bermain di fikiran aku yang amat senak ini: Kalau orang tak komen blog atau FB, kira tak glamer ke apa?
Buat apa nak glamer? Perluke orang komen? Perluke aku follow blog/tweet orang lain yang takde kene mengene ngan hidup aku kecuali kalau aku suka cara dia berblog.
lagipun, kawan2 aku ramai yg SILENT READER. Tup tup bila jumpa jek atau bila kat opis jek "eh, apa yg ko post semalam tuh ek? mana ko dapat?"
Kiranya depa dok baca gak la.
Kesimpulannya -> aku belum makan lunch sebab tuh aku mcm neh.

Anyway, cakap pasal sale, aku tak berani nk kemana2 warehouse sale sebab nnanti aku soping punya. 2 bulan neh banyak sikit aku guna duit termasuk menabur berhengget2 kat jalanraya dan member anak2 ikan aku makan. hahahha. ye la tuh! Budak2 cikedis kat opis la. Tapi mereka akan ku kerah tenaga untuk mencapai wawasan 2020 aku minggu ini.ngeeeee.

Mana plak sale barang2 baby neh? sebab nak carik stroller untuk Ida lepas kompol duit budak2 division. Kalau masyuk, bolela beli yg masyuk. Nih infor yang ambik dari sini:

Baby & Kids Expo ' 11

28 April - 1 May 2011
Stadium Shah Alam (Inoor)
Public - Free Admission

2nd Mom & Baby Expo 2011
6 - 8 May 2011
Halls 1, 2 & 3
Today Publishing
Public - Free Admission

Kalau Warehouse sales dalam masa terdekat kat ShoppingnSales:

1. Baby product Sales, 30Mar-10Apr --> Mcm takde jek benda yg aku leh carik.
2. Anakku, 20Mar-3Apr.--> Stroller Anakku, ada ke?

Kat PASIM pun, lebey kurang jek samanya.

Beli jek la kat Mothercare. Aci?

Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Seri Menanti

11.30 a.m. and yet another SMS from Anas came in "kak, katner kak?"..hahahha..dia dah tunggu lama. Janji kul seblas but Me, Adam & Oya were getting ready for our Negeri Sembilan trip and we're only 1/2 way ready.

It's been awhile since i've been to Seremban and i've never been further than Seremban & PD (i may have but i can't remember to where).

We reached Senawang at about 12.45pm and i was already exited. stupi*. hahah..Picked up Black and Helmie-boy and off we go to Juasseh. I felt like really in Kampung and i like the view.But i guess Malaysia is truly Malaysia..traffic congestion is everywhere even in Kuala Pilah  and everybody thinks they're the descendants of Schumaker. Tapi yang best, we had no trouble getting around, finding shortcuts and reaching Juasseh since both boys are familiar with the routes whatevernots.

Congrats Amilin & Hafiz.! Great day, great wedding and greatttt menu ahaks :D

Right after Juasseh, we stopped by Istana Lama Seri Menanti. Being a history junkie, i did go in the Istana ...err..well, while dragging along Helmi-boy and Adam. Penakut sey aku neh!
There are 4 storeys and each has it ow functions sich as, bedroom, dining area, royal family aream so forth.
The most interesting part is the attic aka The Guards room on the 4th floor on top of the Kings resting room.

What so special about the building? it has not a single iron nail in the entire building. Instead, it used wooden nail or pasak in Malay.
Istana ini mempunyai 99 batang tiang termasuk empat batang tiang seri yang panjangnya 67 kaki. Keempat-empat tiang ini telah diambil dari Bukit Pergai, Jelebu. Kayu-kayu lain diambil dari Bukit Tinggi iaitu jenis kayu penak. Keunikan istana ini ialah ia tidak menggunakan sebarang paku besi tetapi pakunya diperbuat daripada kayu yang dipanggil pasak. [1]. Pasak kayu keras digunakan bagi menyambungkan papan. Atap istana ini mewakili tanduk kerbau. Tanduk kerbau dianggap sebagai lambang keamanan.

The stairs (didn't get the photo since camera is prohibited in this building) OMG! is so steep i actually bearly cried while climbing it down. Helmi even laughed at me and wished that he has brought the videocam with him! damn!

At least, i have been there. HAVE YOU?

 View of the taman from the 4th floor.

 Singgah di Ulu Bendul. Best Jugak tempat neh.

Guide & Driver of the day.

 Nih Mak ajar Anak ke terbalek?

 Bergaya tul anak teruna aku neh

 Carving on the Istana Seri Menanti

Oya yang happy.

Kawan2 opis yg lelain.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Blast from the Past

Pehal plak malam2 neh ber-sentimental plak aku neh.

Tapi teringat zaman2 kanak2 riang dulu especially masa sekolah rendah.
I went to Sekolah Kebangsaan Luagan, Keningau, Sabah in 1985 when i was in std 2 from another nearby school. There's nothing much i can remember except for a few vague images here and there.

Initially, I was not "accepted" by the members of Class A since i was a transfer from Class B after i aced the English test (hahahah..ace tuhhh). but kids will always be kids.After a while, we became friends. Dolly, Rafidah, Faridah, Fadilah, Ernie, Kamasius, Patriah, Dayana, Hamrun and later Rozita. Cikgu Rayner, Cikgu Mary, Cikgu Bob (in training at that point of time) and Cikgu Idris. Funny, i can't seem to remember the rest.

Maybe i wasn't that close to the rest of the class. Or it's just maybe i didn't actually have communicated with them after we parted at all.

The thing that i still remember well are :
1. the soto which cost about 50cents a bowl at that point of time. Cheap!
2. I got a history-based storybook - Peristiwa Pasir Salak- for being the 1st in class in std..4 or 5.:-p It was the start of my interest in history.
3. There was a kid-pageant-thingy when i was in std 3 and i remembered my friend Dell wore a batik-kebaya attire.
4. I once wore a gown to school sports event.hahahah. and i nearly got a place in the school 100m meter team. Why? i did run in a suka-suki race and got 1st place but the trial for the team was already over.
5. Std 6 - i cried otw to school due to "sakit kaki". We had to "lompat kotak" satu padang because we couldn't memorise the sifir..hahah
6. I got 4A-1B in UPSR.1B for writing. My handwriting..was and maybe still is...bad..
7. A friend of mine wore pinafore to school and later had to go back early since she got her 1st period in std six-at school.
8. I remembered Cikgu Idris personally coached a few of us for UPSR and personally brought us to Yayasan Sabah office  to fill-in forms for the YS placement in boarding sxhool in Peninsular Malaysia.Thank you cikgu!

what i wish i had photos of those days..i kinda miss those kids ..i don't think i will ever recognise them again..whom memories, faces and friendship seem so distant and became a thing in the past.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The cakap-cakap

Something good via mass email :-)

Renung2kan dan selamat beramal :-)

Kata Profesor Ungku Aziz - betul ke???

Aku? dalam category mana? jengje jeng!!!

The Missing Ones

Via email today, i know a certain kid named Adam Shah is missing. Poor kid! Questions i may have but this unfortunate event require no more questions than there is.

From another blog, there is more than meets the eye. Read on but remember, we're not here to judge. Let's pray for his safety and courage for his family during this challenging period.
Talking about challenge, another email today presents its challenge to Transwaterians.
A badminton tournament for the staff will be held on April 9th & 10th.Me, myself, for whatever reasons duly filled in the form and join the women double league. 
My partner will be Aiza. Lucky me! I guess.and for her, lucky or not, she just has to play for the RM400/winner prize..wohoooo..

Syed Afisol suddenly wants to join the mixed double and his partner? me! (that is if the committee allow last minute entry). and i jokingly volunteer to be our dear Director's partner...argghh where was my conscience...nay...i don't think he'll agree..ha

Work is getting mundane nowadays. Don't get me worng. I love my work.I still going to office.
Maybe because i just need to get things done. I'm not deemed as i?
But...i think (lemme think)  need a break..but then again, it maybe tempo
Just maybe, i can figure this out later tomorrow during the 2-hours Stress & you talk...
Yeah. A doctor is coming to TW tomorrow..we'll see how it goes..

So, what are the missing ones?
1. Adam Shah
2. My enthusiasm to play 
(actually, yes,i just filled in the form because i like filling in forms)

3. My eagerness to send Oya to school. It rains in the morning nowadays.
Not that i'm complaining ...  (damn the traffic)

4. The Spark. What? I work, yes, quite with enthusiasm but play time? 
I'm so getting older sooner than i thought.

5. there's something missing..but i can't quite figure it out...hmmm....

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Drama Queen

No. Not me. A fellow SCASFT-ians mother dubbed Sofiya as Drama Queen.
Betul betul betul (sila baca dengan nada Upin & Ipin)

Why? At SCASFT, every Wednesday is a Physio day. Hence, the Cikgu and his assistants will usually carry on with the body warm-up first in the form which the kids will enjoy. 
Then, based on their observation and conclusion, each kid will proceed with their intended Physio activity. For Sofiya, it will be walking using the walker or rollater as highlighted in previous entry.

What will usually happen?
 Hence, the Drama Queen right?

So, i've tried other means to get her walking.
That my friend, inlcludes buying below Leap Frog Pretend & Learn Shopping Trolley.
So, if her mood permits, i will take her for a stroll.

 Patient. That's the keyword whenever Oya is involved.
In case you're wondering, she's 4 and can't walk & talk properly tet.
Why? she's special. She's a CP kid.
But i'm damn proud of her.

But yesterday, during the walking session, she fell down and got a small cut on her head.
Damn. Of course i feel guilty.
Hence, last night, i bake a personal favorite of mine.

Puding Roti @ Bread Pudding.With Whip Cream.


 It's filled with eggs, milk, whip cream. If you want the extra kick, use Butterscotch bread.

By breakfast, 1/2 the pudding has gone. Hope it survives at leats until tonight :-)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

The dengungan..

MaLAM Tadi main futsal.
Letih sebab 4-5 orang je main satu pitch yang besaaarrr punya tuh.
Pompuan 3 orang..lelaki memang ramai la...
Kena main jugak sebab pitch ambik 2...takleh cancel..

main punya main, alamak, jatuh! Terduduk. Montot dah sakit.
Terbaring. Dan kepala terhantuk ke lantai.
adussss....risau gak..tapi tgkmla mcm mana sok...kalau agak2 rasa pelik, pegila klinik...

...dan aku pun tgh pening..
Ingat nak apply OUM. Tapi kelas dia mcm mana? mcm e-PJJ UiTM ka?
atau mcm UTMSPACE ka? atau mcm PLK UiTM?

Ishk ishk..kena kol jugak depa neh..
harap2 surat pengesahan majikn leh dapat cepat la...

hari neh belah petang ujan lebat. sudah nya?
Pegi balik futsal siap lalu Fed Hiway lagi..mcm nehla keadaan sampai rumah...muahahah..
neh accessories baru neh..half-cut pun kalah...

Friday, March 18, 2011

The Midnight Cake

2 hours ago i started liquidating the cheese and butter.
1 hour 34mins ago i started beating the egg whites.
1 hour 15 mins ago i started baking.

The egg-white was beaten to the peak.
The cheese mixture is ready via double-boil technique.

The cake tin and its' au-bain marie (waterbath) is ready.

..and into the tin the mixture went.

Voila! But dammnnnn! The Japanese Soft Cheesecake is indeed soft BUT it's soggy and did not rise to the height it was supposed to!!!

1. My au-bain marie technique was not perfect.
Water leaked into the cake tin.
Water level to high or the aluminum foil bocor.

2. 20 mins into baking, i just realised that i put in COLD WATER!!! I was to put in HOT WATER into the waterbath..again...arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

3. After realising the water was cold, without thinking, i took the tin out of the oven.
i wanted to change the cold water with hot water.

4. Maybe the egg white was over beaten.
It was supposed to be SOFT PEAK.
I think i did it until Stiff peak. arghhhhhhhhhhh!!!

The recipe can be found here and anywhere else in the cyberworld.
(Bunyi orang frust!)

2nd attempt: DEFINITELY will do it again. when???

Then, i was like, what the hell!! Leave's done!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The sedikit & sebanyak frust.

Apa punya title daaa....

Sikit frust? sebab CT takde. FD instead! adoi! bohsannya. dan scary nyeh. sebab? tungguuuuuuuuuuuuu...


Lake Gardens (pix tadak)p

Sebanyak frust? PLANNED RE-U kat Cherating maybe cancelled..sob sob sob.tukar venue ke central. Initially, it was planned kat Cherating sebab nk cater for those frends dekat Pantai timur. Tup2, orng2 yang sama gak. citernye, orang2 yg sama neh ramai dari central.

so, we have like until 12 today nak decide. If at least 5 pax from pantai timur join and PAY, it's still gonna be in Cherating. The next venue maybe in Kuala Selangor idea from yours truly. I've been there tapi not to the beaches. Jalan2 Cari Makan at TV3 shows Kuala Selangor as food haven! voila...

The Mee Udang Banjir info can be found here and below images are from this link a well.

but it's not 12 yet. let's wait.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

The One with the effort to relax

Tajuk best kan? tapi cannot do one!!!!!

Ive read this somewhere " the most effective way for parents to get their children's attention is by stayng put, sit down and look relaxed".

I managed to sit down. Managed to Lie down. Managed to Open the the romance book borrowed from Tini ages ago. Page 2.and Sofiya came. Adam knew it was better to leave me alone. But Oya? huh. Lambat lagi la tini aku abes buku kau tuh. Buku apa?

Ok. Work updates. Currently, 2 coordinators from ECO are on-job training in HQ. Under my supervision, my mission is to ensure they go back to ECO with new perception and image (not the wardrobe-change kinda thing).

Training them is part of the story. Both has different level of experiences and mode, speed and content of training differs much. The other part is, how am i gonna manage them when my own work is squeezing me on daily basis? hahahha...buat jek la...nak wat camno...

Speaking of work, a work-friend of mine is getting married next week in Kelantan.Hence, i 've decided to attend the one in Juasseh, the groom's kampung. When i mentioned this to some of my colleagues, they were like, "malulah, tuh kan rumah lelaki. pegila rumah perempuan!".

Numero Uno: kalau member ko tuh belah pompuan, dan dia kawin kat Alaska sana sementelah rumah pengantin lelaki yang ko tak kenal cuma kat belakang umah ko, mana yg ko akan pegi?

Alasan kenal tak kenal neh akan menentukan bahagian mana kita pegi ke? how about logic? If both places are within distance we could reach, then by all means i would go to the bride's side.

Adat ke? mungkin ya. Tapi rasa yang lebih penting kat sini adalah menghadirkan diri setelah dijemput tak kira kat belah mana mengikut kemampuan semasa. By the way, the groom is also TWians dah resign?..konpius aku...



Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Feel-like-Crying afternoon

Maybe i'm just tired.for today.
Maybe it's because of some of the sad statuses and newsfeed on my FB.
Maybe it's just one of those days with the homesickness.

yes. i still feel homesick. At 34 and 2 kids in tow? come on, some people would say.
Ask your Sabahan or even Sarawakian friends. Our speech will almost be the same. We miss home. Nothing beats home. There's no place like home. well,except for those whose family has fully migrated to the peninsular. and those who hates their hometown ;-)

In my case, i am missing a lot of happenings around my family. Weddings, births, engagements, convocation celebration, birthdays and even death. Well, i have been since i was 13 when i went to PM as a YS student in one of the boarding school here.It's a decision (...r u sure nana? heheh) i sometimes ponder, what has gotten into me 22 years ago? well, i was just a kid!! and flying to PM was just a finale to my fantasy, at that point of time. Imagine the KK airport was filled with sad atmosphere and the cry of a group of 13years old about to be apart form their family for almost one year. It was for most of us.

And how we spent the school holidays? Perkampungan!!! That was how we , the YS students, got together, got close and ease each others' homesick. Noooo..we were not allowed to go back except for the 1-month holiday at the end of the year! Our bond was special. We don't really share our lives together the way we shared it with our schoolfriends. But somehow, there's a bond between us that is still alive until today. Whether or not it's still being cherished,it depends on each individual. Each perkampungan has its own memories. Each time the venue would be different and the event would of course be unique.

Well, ff i hadn't accepted the offer though, i wouldn't have known the wonderful people i have known so far in my life. That my friend, is me, accepting my takdir.

crap. i've gotten so melancholic over these things this few days.
This will be a good time to watch some tear-jerking movies.

moving on!!!

Today afternoon was spent at UMMC. OT & Physio appointment for Sofiya.
As usual, the therapist will gauge her progress and/or improvement She has shown some improvement when it comes to walking attempts but it relies heavily on her own self motivation and mood! Mummy can only laugh la...

We will try to hold only one of her hand so that she will try to balance herself and she has tried something new today!

Usually, she would try praticising walking with Rollator. This usually priced at RM250.0-RM400.00. She has not got one because she seems to hate it and she can't balance herself yet.
Rollator is actually a walker which needs to be pushed while walking. It may come with or without seat and baskets.

This wheeled walking frame is designed for children who require support when walking. ... This walker is suitable for children with good upper body strength but limited stamina.


While Reverse Posture walker is something that sofiya actually likes because she has more balance and she can handle it. The price tag? from RM850.00 w/o seat, etc. I may need to get this for her.

walking frame that offers support from behind the user to encourage correct trunk position and an upright posture. The frame has anti-slip wheels to prevent backwards movement, but has an override feature that allows forward and backward walking when required. The frame has swivelling front wheels that can be locked to prevent the frame from moving when not desired.

We'll see how it goes. Let her choose which one is comfortable for her but i have a gut feel that the reverse walker suits her better.

Well, since JKM is not providing one, looks like i have to build one for her or buy her one.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Afternoon Birthday

Saturday. March 5th. 14:00.
Eh..i haven't bake the cake for the birthday suka-suki! It's at 5.30. Dang!!

..and the oven was instantly heated up to 175deg.
The plan was to bake Death by Chocolate Cake. Adam requested for a chocolate cake and amongst all the easier choc cake recipe available, i had to choose this. Maybe it will be more..accordingly (takkan nak cakap perfect plak) if i wasn't in a hurry. Mind you it's 2.30pm already and the recipe needs 40-45mins of baking, another 30mins for freezing the cake before the ganache is to be poured over the cake. huh...

but somehow, something's off..maybe the whipped cream layer is too thin..and the choc ganache was to thick or the cake is a bit to dry to handle the cream & the choc ganache. Maybe i need to try the recipe again..or maybe just buy at secret recipe..hahah.

kalau dah kelam kabut, banyak mende tak menjadi kau. snowy cupcakes yang aku wat tak berapa nk snowy nyeh! hahah..manis lebih sikit tapi habis jugak!

When the kids starts arriving, aku baru nak set up mende2 ok. punya la kelam kabut.
Sib baek petang. memang tuk minum petang.
kalau tengah hari atau malam? mau orang hengat aku masak nasi,rendang, kari, lemak segala.ampunnnn....

Moral of the story:
1. Cita2 tuh penting. tp tgk la masa nya plak.
2. 3 jam tak cukup oke unless setakat nak bake pound cake or egg tart.
3.yang penting, budak2 neh happy dapat makan free. nk beli cake mcm neh kat bakery? RM60 ada? kalau takde senyap.makan je.
4. simpan cake tuk diri sendiri. aku hanya sempat rasa secoet dua. ampeh tul.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Conquest of Broga Hill

Broga hill is located in Semenyih Selangor.

"Broga is unique in that it sits right on the border of both the states of Negri Sembilan and Selangor.Broga takes its name from the River Broga which runs through the area. The name Broga is believed to be derived from Buragas, a mythical beast that lives in the forest.The majority of those residing in Broga town are the Chinese. There is also a significant Orang Asli population whose village is located just outside Broga." - excerpts from Wikipedia.

well, get all the info you wnat ont he webs plus some gorgeous photos scattered all over the images webs. Now. Our trip.

Me and Adam begun our journey at 5.00am. The official convoy met up at Sunway toll heading towards Puchong at 5.30am. It was Sat, Feb 26th.2011.

We officially reached the foot of Broga Hill at around 6.45am. Well, i really forgot about the timing. We immediately started hiking after parking the car sesuka hati and paid RM2.00 per entrance. Keep the ticket as upon exiting the "park" some ah-so will peep into your car trying to find the ticket!!! aiyaa..

I had only a bun and Nescafe for breakfast.Big mistake. If it's not for Adam, i would have quuitted and happily waiting for them at the spot where we began. It was....a...very, very, very looooooooooong journey for me. I was gasping for air and holind on for dear life...that's ta bit too much isn't it..heheh..well, it was tiring due to my lack of stamina..

The hike took about 30-45mins and there will be people who walk (or crawl) very2 slowly, people who's taking a break in midlle of the trail and people who loves to see other people breathing heavily while the mouth is wide open..

The climb to the 1st lookout point.

On route to 2nd peak

Necessary chick. Unnecessary Grafitti.

The peak, is another story. The hill boasts of few lookout points and for me, there are 3 peaks to conquer (err..sound like Mt Everest, anyone?)..The toughest one will be the peak, the last Broga Hill peak and the beginning of the trail to Mt Tok Wan. We need to steer the rope and climb some slippery huge blocks of stones.

Sliding points..for the darevedils.

But..above all, the view is superb. Though me miss the sunrise it was suprising to see small kids climbing the hill on their 2nd, 3rd, 4th times! malu seyy..

so, my pointers are:

1. Pack light. Bring cikedis or roti or energy bar ONLY for that matter. Something to eat and replenishing energy while enjoying the view.

2. Drinks - bring your own OR buy from he stalls at the foot of the hill. Air kelapa, 100+, whatever nots. 2 bad they don;t have Nescafe.

3. Stamina:
45 mins BEFORE you begin, have at least 3 bananas - it contains potassium, a great source of energy. This tip is from a Marathon runner. hmmmpp...

4. wear comfortable shoes and attire. I lost my dear Mr Adi..cannot selamatkan already sebab i lost the other tapak..somewhere in Broga hill..sigh..

Hence, it's a trip that can be enjoyed by everyone. Take it slow. or Climb fast. Your choice.

But if you intends to catch the sunrise, you know what you have to do.


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