Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Blast from the Past

Pehal plak malam2 neh ber-sentimental plak aku neh.

Tapi teringat zaman2 kanak2 riang dulu especially masa sekolah rendah.
I went to Sekolah Kebangsaan Luagan, Keningau, Sabah in 1985 when i was in std 2 from another nearby school. There's nothing much i can remember except for a few vague images here and there.

Initially, I was not "accepted" by the members of Class A since i was a transfer from Class B after i aced the English test (hahahah..ace tuhhh). but kids will always be kids.After a while, we became friends. Dolly, Rafidah, Faridah, Fadilah, Ernie, Kamasius, Patriah, Dayana, Hamrun and later Rozita. Cikgu Rayner, Cikgu Mary, Cikgu Bob (in training at that point of time) and Cikgu Idris. Funny, i can't seem to remember the rest.

Maybe i wasn't that close to the rest of the class. Or it's just maybe i didn't actually have communicated with them after we parted at all.

The thing that i still remember well are :
1. the soto which cost about 50cents a bowl at that point of time. Cheap!
2. I got a history-based storybook - Peristiwa Pasir Salak- for being the 1st in class in std..4 or 5.:-p It was the start of my interest in history.
3. There was a kid-pageant-thingy when i was in std 3 and i remembered my friend Dell wore a batik-kebaya attire.
4. I once wore a gown to school sports event.hahahah. and i nearly got a place in the school 100m meter team. Why? i did run in a suka-suki race and got 1st place but the trial for the team was already over.
5. Std 6 - i cried otw to school due to "sakit kaki". We had to "lompat kotak" satu padang because we couldn't memorise the sifir..hahah
6. I got 4A-1B in UPSR.1B for writing. My handwriting..was and maybe still is...bad..
7. A friend of mine wore pinafore to school and later had to go back early since she got her 1st period in std six-at school.
8. I remembered Cikgu Idris personally coached a few of us for UPSR and personally brought us to Yayasan Sabah office  to fill-in forms for the YS placement in boarding sxhool in Peninsular Malaysia.Thank you cikgu!

what i wish i had photos of those days..i kinda miss those kids ..i don't think i will ever recognise them again..whom memories, faces and friendship seem so distant and became a thing in the past.

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