Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pisang, exam dan BFG.

Ok. Exam. Adam relax. Result? Hancur. Tapi kenapa aku bole relax?
I have accepted long time ago that he is not one of the brights and far from climbing the Bradley stairs in my ol skool, Sek Men Sains Selangor. I have failed to instill in him the love for books, study and aiming for the sky like i did for myself back in my time. He will not touch the books unless i have a cane in my hands. Even bribing doesn't work.

Where did i go wrong? what should i do? ok. Plan B. Personal tutor starting next year. I hope this work.

There is one thing that i am proud of him amongst other things: He knows who his friends are and who to be close with. I like his circle of friends. At least i know, for now, he is in good hands when i'm not around.

Yesterday, beloved BFG broke down and yes, timing belt putus again! I malas nak tanya datuk sri why, when, what, how, as for all i care it should have been prevented earlier or BFG is simply showing signs of aging.

I love BFG. He does not require monthly installments anymore and i am really comfortable driving BFG. Hence, the stand that thou shall not change car until we're done with BFG.
But, at times like this, it may be a good idea to have a 2nd car. Just in case. But i love having cash even more. Tough choice. anyone have xtra and wanna loan me a car?

Pisang? oh. It's Oya and her pisang. That's it.

Friday, October 22, 2010


I woke up this morning to the sound of life! My livestocks in the barn, hens, duckss, sheeps, goats, calves, ponies, mother & father of the ponies racing around (horses la) and my corn fields have this golden glow of ripening corns..the vegetables beds are healthy..I am in my ranch now waiting fort he trucks to come and bringt he necessities to plow another plots for wheat..

best nye mimpi! That is why i love McLeod's daughter show which i have not watched for so long already. Best kot duduk ranch neh. Naik kuda, jatuh kuda, beli lembu, jual lembu..Anyway, sounds like Farmville or Frontierville game in FB pun ada! mengong dah aku neh. BTW, i've seen a kedai makan in Papar area yg nama dia FARMVILLE..tak sempat amik gambar..

okies. Updates.
BB Cream. Why BB cream? Even teh Caring PHarmacy in SP is not familiar with BB Cream. She thought i was looking for Bibir cream. @@#@$#@#!@#E@. I first saw it in Sunway Pyramid-Guardians. It's meant to do things like base, foundation, bbla bla the labels. But what is most interesting of this beauty product, it's actually originated in Germany for patients recovering from skin laser surgery. Later, Koreans actress started wearing em and that is why they look so flawless. BB is actually Blemish Balm. It always comes in like 5-in-1 and the latest of Maybelline, 8-in-1. Mind you, although they may have moisturising properties, it is NOT the main function of BB Cream. Hence, ladies, please use your own moisturiser first, let it set in like 5 mins and then use your BB cream or your foundation. I am using Simplysiti and i found it fabolous! Mind you, i am not a make-up junkie so this is the onle cream i have tried so me gonna get myself some BB cream just to try it out. Mana tau some korean directors datang and make me an actress plak kan!

why is she crapping about makeup, some of you might say?
Recently, a colleague of mine was shocked when i told her i use lifebuoy soaps on my face -_-'. and she said "u have 5 years and u will look old". The it hits me. I am not afraid of being old but i don't want to look old before my time and no reason for Adam to say "eyy..mama nampak tuaaa" Even nowadays he's bugging me to jogging or hit the gym because i look fat already.! So, i started hunting for skincare products and voila, i chose SIMPLE Age resisting range because:
1. It is not for whitening purpose
2. It's simple..hence the name.
3. Looks clean.
4. Affordable
5. I can find em almost in every corner of the world.

OK. TIME FOR My Red Sun empowering song


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