Sunday, December 20, 2009

We're back - from Penang.

From 102OLYMP

Well, it's been a week and all i can say, we had fun in Penang. I've never really been to Penang and hence i tried to savour the time we had there.

The journey from Glenmarie to Penang took us about 5 hours plus the stop in Tapah. For the first half of the journey, i was scared out of my wits - we had Skrin 7707 on board. I went kaput the 2nd half. For all i know, we stopped by for early coffee and subuh at Gelugor area. I didn't find the roti canai nice despite the good review from some of the group members. One tip: no matter how close you are to the guide/driver, you must be firm when it comes to necessary matters such as stop at Mosque/surau. We needed a guide since it's Malaysian regulation to have one after certain distance of the trip and it's mandatory for us (no matter how short the trip is) since we had an expat on board.

From P.e.Nang 2009 - Day 1

Then off we go to the jetty for the 6.30am ferry. The view was superb but too bad, i didn't manage to snap the view nicely. The ferry ride was quite smooth and nobody fell seasick whatsoever since the journey only took about 15mins the most.

From Jerejak Island, Penang

The Resort actually use the doorless Kancil to get around the place.
From Jerejak Island, Penang

The breakfast served by Jerejak Resort was ok despite the earlier confusion between me, the front office staffs and the sales staffs. haha. Most of us proceed to the recreational area which the group warned up with the balls - football and netball. At 9.30 (or was it 9.45am), we proceed with the jungle trekking. Ok, i confessed. They actually have a shorter 40-mins flat-route compared to the one the group went through - uphill hiking that took us about 1.30hr till we reach the flying fox area.

We took the The Adventure Package which include 1 snack/meal and activities (trekking, flying fox & abseiling) and the cost is RM40/Pax. Really, it's your own choice to modify the arrangement since i manage to arrange for breakfast instead of snacks. Oh, and it also includes the ferry fare. 1 tip: if you need to arrange for ferry trip out of the schedule stated i.e. 2am, the charge is about RM200/Boat (originally we wanted to stay in the resort itself). This price was offered by the Sales , not the front office. So, do your homework by visiting their homepage first: My boss tried the Aromatheraphy massage and Kak Rok tried the scrub while the rest of the group wnet hiking. Both were superb and if not mistake, the full body massage only cost them about RM120.00. They also have shower facility in the pool area. So, if you need take refresh after the trekking, you're welcomed to do so. While trekking, pls bring along your valuables since the resort don't provide any locker. If it's really required, then there's a place to put your luggage afterwhich the staff will lock. Not safe. Eveyone has access.

From P.e.Nang 2009 - Day 1

We took our lunch in Anggerik Biru restaurant not far from the NRO branch. The Fried Pomfret aka Ikan Bawal Goreng is famous here and cost @ RM5/pc. This place was introduced by our very own NRO staff and damn he was right about the fish. It was delicious. Well, everything that is straight from the wok to the plate is delicious right. We asked for RM12 meal/pax and i think the food served was superb. The place is actually facing the Jerejak Island and it's supposed to be quite happening at night.

From P.e.Nang 2009 - Day 1

After the tummy was tamed, we proceed to our Northern Region Office branch for short visit and inhaled the nice smell of newness in the office while some of us play "pretend" either they're one of NRO staff or the boss.

From P.e.Nang 2009 - Day 1

Then, we checked in ourselves at The Hotel Naza Talya at Tanjung Tokong.

When booking for a large book, of course, we will be talking to the Sales team. Hence, the rate shall be cheaper and bargaining is allowed. We took about 12 Standard Room RM160/Room/Night (2 beds + 1 additional bed), 1 Deluxe RM220/Room/Night (2 beds + 1 additional bed) and 1 Suite (2 rooms - 4 pax, + 1 bathroom) @ RM..forgot. The additional beds will cost more but mind you, don't be surprised if additional bed means additional MATTRESS only - the one you can get from pasar malam one. Some room got the propoer additional bed. Initally, no extra blanket was provided until the committee made noise. There were lots of complaints from the group including me. My hair got stucked in the hair dryer! Suppose my hair is long, then what about my roomate's hair which short? come on peeps, i've never experienced such incident in my whole life. Not even in my younger days when hair dryer seemed a lot like an adult gadget to me.

To give credit, yes, the scenery is good (it's in Tanjung Tokong) and the equipment i.e. shower, kettle, beds, are all new since it's a relatively new hotel. Maybe we're a bit pacified when on the 3rd day, we had lunch in the hotel to replace:

1. The flower arrangements that were supposed to greet the group ala Hawaii style esp the VIPs.

2. the complaints.

3. My hair

The deluxe room (Boss's room) didnt get their additional bed even after we came back from the pusing2. So yeay, we got another complimentary room which sadly, was not fully utilised. *sigh* But hey, Mislia , the pretty sales lady was great.

From P.e.Nang 2009 - Day 1
From pemandangans

View from my room
From pemandangans

From pemandangans
From pemandangans

The itinerary for the evening was quite simple. We left at around 5.30 and headed straight for ..(Burmese street?)...despite earlier planned Penang Fest (sigh..)and Nasi Kandar at MacAllister Road. Yes, we didn't manage to taste any Nasi Kandar through out the trip. Instead, we did some shopping at -i think Burmese Street- We managed with some buying shirts, fridge magnets, asam2, and some Cendul before proceeding to Esplanade for Dinner and later to Prangin Mall for The Storm Warrior. Sorry, no review here. I slept through out the movie.

1 tip: if you're buying tickets for a large group, maybe it's better if you buy online using credit card. But still, you still need to collect the tickets huh. The ticketlady had to re-count our tickets 3 times just because she lost count! My jaw was literally dropped and all i had to do was....wait. The Cathay ticket cost was RM8.00.

From pemandangans
From pemandangans
From pemandangans

Day 2 itinerary, if not fun, was educational. We went to Fort Cornwallis and despite the unforgiving sun, some of us had fun trying to remember everything hoping to answer my questions in the quiz rounds on the bus. Heheh. One of the Q was: What is the shape of Fort Cornwallis? Star shape. 1 tip : if you have a Tour Guide with you, let him do all the tickets buying. Discounts applicable.

There are actually enough shades within the Fort compound. The gift shop, the Gallery, the Chapel, the Gun Powder room can be used as shelter also. :P...The trees have grown big enough for the whole family to picnic. In fact, BARD, a company from Kulim was having their family day when we were there and so the place was kinda full. But not congested, yet. If you notice, one of the picture in the slideshow below also features the actual will of Francis Light. What's written on it? Go and find out. The chapel was the first chaperl in Penang and Francis's widow was re-married in the same chapel back in....??.

From Fort Cornwallis, Penang

We later proceeded to The Reclining Buddha and i missed the Jewish Cemetary..damn. I forgot to ask Saari (the driver) to show me the said place. I'd really like to see it ever since i read it in some blog. Lunch was served in Lidiana Restaurant in Tanjung Bungah. Despite some misundestanding, i'd like to believe everyone's tummy full. This is a group trip. Remember that. We can't please everyone. I always take my cue from certain people in the group and if they said okay, why shouldn't the rest.

There are a lot of stalls selling magnets, keychains, whatevernots in front of the temples. Quite a selection they have there and you can bargain as you please. One note: Upon entering the Reclining Buddha area, please take off your shoes. We had few group members who stayed outside and hence, automatically sELected as the shoes caretakeR :D

From P.e.Nang - Day 2

Hence, the day ended after our visit to the Toy Museum and i'd say, a decent tour of the personal collection museum shall take about 45 minutes and shorter if you're not into toys. It's located infront of Copthorne Hotel and it cost us about RM8/head. There was dicount given.


We managed to stop by a shop selling Penang coffee and choc. For RM25/Packet, it's quite pricey eyy? But if you buy 5, free 1. Buy 10, free 2. So, we bought 12 divide by 12 and each of us paid RM21 only. Genius huh? :P We also got 2 free gym bags. This place could be one of the tour agents' commission spot.
From pemandangans

The highlight of the day was the visit to Hard Rock Cafe for dinner and later for socialising.:P. Vijay went on stage for his reindition of Sweet Child o' Mine and me? i did went on stage for some headbanging until the bouncer came hahahahhaha. We were informed that any Hard Rock t-shirt will NOT bear the name of the location anymore. The Classique t-shirt will only show Hard Rock Cafe logo without the i.e Penang, Miami, Bnagkok, etc.

From pemandangans

The Merchandise shoppe
From pemandangans

From pemandangans

We checked out the next day and had lunch in the hotel. Earlier in the morning, we had fun on the beach doing some mermaid pose. Being the photographer, my face actually came up only 2-3 times in any photos. sigh..:P. Not that i care pun..we reached office at about 8pm. We stopped at Tapah R&R and damn, maybe we should have stopped at Sg Perak or at earlier R&r. It was packed with people who may also on the way home from their much-needed break. I couldn't even find a place in the cafe area and hence, some of us proceeded to Dunkin Donut cafe.. Much better. The Jambu batu cost about RM6/kg and the supposedly sweet Jambu Merah Madu was priced at RM8/kg.

All in all, i missed the Penang Fest and Ferry back to Sebrang Perai. Yes, i was quite frustated but remembering this is a group outing, so i let it be. I am the Organising Chairman and hence, must show good example W#$@#$#@#@!@ :P..

Next? Cambodia. (wahahahhhahahha).

Yong Tau Foo Guy vs Loveless Rich Guy vs Smart Guy

2 evenings spent with friends and we came up with the above subject. Why?

Personally, i have few single friends who remain single either by choice or unforgiving circumstances. I, personally, sometimes think that they may have set the standard too high for their own good. On the other hand, maybe by keeping the standard, they're safe from predators amongst us who seek"damsels in distress", "rich single white female", "independent woman" and not forgetting" single-mothers".

Being a single-mother for few years have toughen her up. She handles everything, financially, emotionally, raising the kids, generating income for the family. Then, why on earth, she would wan to get married again? Sex? This is where most of us are found guilty without trial. It's companionship. What surprises me the most, her future-husband was chosen by her based on his "Yon-Tau Foo guy" quality. He's not rich, a working class just like the rest of us, a simple guy, quite straightforward towards life and fashion, so to say. She, sometime, needs to guide him on his style and he accepted by slowly embracing the changes and hence, pleasing everyone. But, according to the story, he kept wooing her even after 2 rejections and finally, she accepted knowing she will have minor headache by putting aside he ego and expectation but at least, she knows, she is loved unconditionally.

This is why "Yong-Tau-Foo guy" (the term we came up with) wins hands down against Loveless Rich Guy. Lowering down our expectation doesn't mean we gives up everything just to be with someone. But it's more to give & take basis. Accepts his flaws i.e. being not so smart, ordinary, under dress, financially challenged, ordinary looks, and maybe, we'll find the love we're looking for. The rest, can be improve in time.

I have yet to find a friend married to a Rich guy in a loveless marriage. I have a few who's stuck in a ordinary but loveless marriage. But who are we to judge them? If all has failed, why not just jump into the boat of married to Rich but loveless guy kinda thing? At least, we can shop endlessly. This is only applicable for those with strong heart or maybe even for those who are born without feelings. Mistress may also be in the picture so deal with it. Usually then not, Rich but Loveless guy is tied with Smart Guy.

Some of us look for a Smart Guy - who knows how to dress, how to impress, how to treat a woman right. That is the problem. More often than not, they treat all women right. Maybe they're rich, maybe not. It could be a combination of Yong Tau Foo + Smart or Rich Loveless + Smart. Maybe Smart alone. This is a guy we have to compete with. Be on his radar all the time. Once you're not, you're out batter!

so, it's your choice really. Yong Tau foo? Rich Loveless? Smart? a combination? If finding a guy is hard, maybe it's time to look into ourselves. Our standard. The signals we radiates. For all we know, we might be giving the wrong signals. Somebody has asked me, "why have i attracted younger guys so far?" for which i shall answer now " look into the signals you're giving." Maybe we need to change our social circles? Mingling with the right crowd may help. Maybe our own family may help. Recently, a family member marries a woman whom was picked by the groom's mother. If everything is left to the groom, he won't get married at all because he is a supreme Yong Tau Foo guy with limited contact with girls. We're happy for him and judging by the situation, the bride seems to be a nice lady who could be his companion for life.

This is only my personal view. The matter of the heart is something that only you can decide. I always believe that embracing changes will lead to something greater. But, make sure the decision comes form you. no one else. Live up to your own expectation. not someone else.

I once read an article which has changed my view towards life:

Our parents - no substitute. Shower them with love whike they're still around.
1.Kids - love and guide them and when the time comes, let them go.

2. Friends - keep them close. Friendship withers with time if we fail to cherish it. Call up!

3. Siblings esp sisters - will accompany us throughout life. They are the ones who accepts us for what we are, what we've done. Be nice to them. Keep them close.

4. Husband - may leave us someday. We won't know. but let's face it, for those who have been married before and still are, companionship counts. Don't ever think that none needs a husband. Some will look like, or even say, they don't need a husband. But try heart-to-heart talk, and you'll find out the truth.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Road to Penang 10-13 Dec

Finally, we're leaving for Penang tonight at midnight. Kudos to TW & Valve Div management!

Organising this trip is a combination fun, confusing and hopefuls, or shall i say, carca-marba.
Planning stage went quite smooth. We already have the basics from last year's teambuilding especially on the costing part. Eh, this trip is not a full-blown teambuilding trip.

Why? because the only time we actually do the "extremes" is gonna be tomorrow, Dec 11th morning which we'll go to Jerejak Island for breakfast and trekking + flying fox. After that, although is still gonna be a group event but it's more to Jalan-Jalan.

As usual, the committee is headed by me (it's time i find proteges) and without Leena, Lia and Nita, we won't be able to pull this off.

This time around, some of the activities are based on polls result. I love it! Voice of the people.

Till then, pray that we come back safely in one piece!

and to those who can't go, there's always next time bebeh!

Masjid Kristal

Despite the issues, political views, i love the views.

From gambar

From gambar

From gambar

From gambar

From gambar

From gambar

From gambar

From gambar

From gambar

From gambar

Monday, December 7, 2009

Monsoon Cup 2010 - the last one?

Well, 2-6 Dec is the Monsoon Cup season in Terengganu. They had bazaar at Taman Syahbandar but this time, i went to Pulau Duyong on 5th Dec to see what's the fuss all about. Thankfully the traffic was perfect. But hey, the parking is jaaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhh dowh. Considering i did bring my FIL & MIL, i couldn't possibly park the car at the lot.

Eh, they have free Beca to & fro the parking lot. Better yet :-
"Abang, saya bawak warga emas neh. Dan ada 2 OKU (FIL & Oya okaayyy) neh. Mcm mana yek?"
sambil buat2 muka poyo dan kesian dalam satu masa.
"Awak masuk la bwk keta". Hasilnya:
From gambar

Parking betul2 depan Dewan Cindai aka parking VIP (Kami jek keta proton :P).

Dalam tuh takla sesak sangat. Some people said that this will be the last Monsoon Cup. I am not sure if this is true. Some said because it's not profitable. Some said will be moved to somewhere else. Some said it has got something to do with politics. well, i am not participating next year or even the year after. so, i don't care.

From gambar

From gambar

From gambar

sempat lagi skodeng budak2 AF neh...

From gambar

aku terkilan x sempat try Firefly simulator...adushhh...pastuh, gi relek jap kat Pantai Batu Buruk. dan...

From gambar

pemandangan biasa waktu air naik.Bila MPKT nak bersihkan? Januari laa.. bila tengkujuh sudah nak beradu. eh eh..apa tuh..

From gambar

bas FA Selangor rupanye. patutla dalam pemandangan yg sungguh natural ada plak yg kalerful. FA Penang pun ada tapi takde pix..

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Hangat kaaa?

Beberapa hari yg lepas, suatu malam yg indah, perut dah berkeroncong. Grabbing few people yg ada kat opis tepat KUL 8++, kami pi SS19 subang jaya jalan2 carik makan. Mcm biasa, pi kat kedai si Nita Ikan Bakar. aku bukan la nk cerita sgt psl our lil outing tuh but the food, not only first time aku jumpak, agak menarik gak aaa.

1. Laksa Utara - sedap. nenas ada, kuah ikan apa ntah dia habaq ari tuh...
From gambar

2. Bihun Sup Utara (klu tak sebut UTARA depa bg yg besa jak) - sedap! Kuah kicap dia superb beb. kalau tamo perut, sila habaq mai..sebab aku x makan :P
From gambar

3. Nasi Tabuq (tabur2??) - walaweh sedap weiii...abaikan org ittewww....
From gambar

4. Nasi Rambo - Nasi Tabuq berkuah.
From gambar

kedai dia tang mana? klu tatau SS19 takyah gi la. Tapi dia dok kat ujung nun.
sapa yg pi malam tuh? rash-sia! tapi kami had fun gossiping, lawak bodos, dll.

anyway, minggu lepas kami 1 family pi Shah Alam Wetland atas desakan anak teruna aku...hmmmppphhh..

From gambar

nih laki aku..sapa yg dok terliuq tgk kata dia ensem , sila la tatap puas2. wa tadak hal..sharing is caring. kan kan kan...depan dia anak dara aku...cantek nok..ahaks...

From gambar

nih anak truna aku yg tamau sunat unless aku bagi neh...chloroform jek..

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Saya nak tgk anak mami!

Boley ka? Ada ka?
Ha..dah final dah..dah siap dahhh...tinggal nak gerak jaa....dan dan tuh keluar slang utagha no...cheh..

dah penat memikir, memplan and voila..dah fixed, settle... 10dec malam sampe 13 hb..jgn carik aku la (mcm la ada org nak carik)...FB pown x on (yeeeeee keeeeeeeeeeeeeeee). sebab? gua pegi happening kat PenANG beb..nih location pilihan boss aku pown setujuk sebab
a. dah lama x pi
b. last time pi pun, 3 jam ja..

so, sebagai Organiser cemerlang, gemilang, terbilang, dibantu oleh 2 protege dan sorang mak budak, inila hasilnya:

Valve Division Trip to Penang
10Dec - 11.59pm - Gerak daaaaa
11Dec -
Bekpes followed by optional Trekking+FlyingFox+Abseling @ Jerjak Island,
Singgah opis branch baru kat ...ntah..Bayan Lepas kot
Lunch Ikan Bawal? Katanya Hakim best...
Check-in kat tempat tidoq
Pi terjah Penang Fest pastuh dinner Nasi Kandaq @ Jalan McAllister
hm..xtvt Malam...wayang kat Prangin Mall la kot..

12Dec -
Tidoq sampai kui 10.30
11pg gerak pi Lunch. tatau mana lagi.
Pi jenjalan tgk Reclining Buddha ka..pastuh pi Toy Museum (ada kata x best tapi aku nak pi jugak..aku Organiser..nasibla..hahahah..gelak jahat banyak)
malamnya official dinner kat..RAHSIA! pastuh pi happening sendirik2...

13 Dec -
Checkout awai sebab aku nak pi ronda Padang Kota, nak pi Fort Cornwallis,masuk museum apa ntah yg ada situ pastuh klu sempat rasa pasemboq skali..
soh bas pi tunggu kat seberang, kami naik feri (jakun seyyy memasing)
pastuh lunch kat mana2 la..Autocity ka...

teambuilding?mana? mana? nih xtvt semua nih buat dlm group..teambuilding la tuh..aku x kira. Hangpa orang Penang ka, rumah sebelah hotel ka, kalau dah confirm duduk skali, tak bley balik rumah. Klu tak, tawon depan, pak haji tak rasa trip dah...pak aji kena mai dok sesama tau..haa..jgn tak tau..kami memang strict punya Organiser.ingat senang nak jaga 41 mak, bapak, tok, nenek, cucu, anak orang ...

x sabar neh...lagipun, betul2 nak kena release segala steam dalam kapla dah ney..hajat nak pi Switzerland. x mampu la plak kan.

abish,mana dna bila masa aku nak tgk anak mami weyyy?


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