Monday, March 18, 2013

Cycle# 2 - Chemo & Post Chemo

I had my 2nd chemo on March 7th.
It was a lil bit unpleasant compared to the first one but i managed. how? i slept almost during the whole process.

This time, my metal-mouthed feeling got worst and it lasted for a week. But i had this craving for sandwiches, cabonara-alike pasta (which i still haven't satisfy yet) and sambal ikan bilis.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Missing hometown

January - went back to Sabah for almost 2 weeks.
Yeah sure. I wanted to try local traditional healer back in kampung.

But ultimately, i got the peacefulness i craved for so long.

Rindu kot. tempat jatuh lagi dikenang kan..

so, benda2 yang biasa kita tengok kat Sabah termasuk lah: 

banyaknya kenderaan 4x4. model: abangku.


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