Tuesday, July 31, 2007

my lil gem...

This is Sofiya @ 5 mnths old, 25th July 2007. looks sexy in her tube, ain't she?? hikhik....Alhamdulillah, she seems to progress normally. I'm still crossing my fingers though, as docs have advised me to patiently wait until she's at least 2 years old. Why? now it's too early to determine whether or not she's erm...erk..lacking in whatever babies normally achieve at her age...of course i would give anything in the world to give her a normal life..but let's face it, if she is destined to develop later than normal babies would, i hope i would have the strength to teach her and give her the love the deserved. and Ya Allah, please erase any anger that i may have in me. As of today, she seems normal to me. The last appointment with the Physiotherapist went well. She has no doubt that Sofiya wud be a normal baby except that just in case her diagnosis is wrong, "dia lambat sikit je"..that was her remarks...i was elated and was in a very good mood for the whole week...

after 4-5 years of waiting, finally we managed to conceive her. pls dun blame us if we pamper her too much...hehe..and er..dun get me wrong..we still luv her bro Adam as much as we adore her..there's no difference between the two of 'em except maybe i have Ultraman/Sin Chan/Lil Mr Bean /Firemen Sam and also future another Barbie-fan i guess...a lil warning tho, i may treat her like a princess in the future but then again, i may not..why? maybe try asking my neighbours..they ud have the answer..hahah.....

Saturday, July 28, 2007

aaahhh.........what a week it was...

Friday, July 20th.
MGM's last day in TW..i felt sad and i cried...y? she's one of the most caring person i've ever met...a very good listener and wise advisor.Yeah, we can call up each other after this but it's gonna be different. we dun see each other everyday like we normally do. but hey, it's life..gonna miss u mich..muaahhh....

Wednesday, July 25th
WBM last day!!!...quite a shock since his last day is supposed on coming Friday!!...er..no further comment there, your honour...
the reason i missed the "farewell lunch" in SS15 Subang Jaya? Adam Fell!!! Being a superman on the way back from kindy, he badly scratched his nose...lots of blood clots in his nose cavity..but, as of today, with antibiotics and all, he's doing fine...and the best thing is, he still loves running...kids...

Thursday, July 26th
Got Sofiya a new stroller..excuse me, but it's in pink color...hey, i like pink..so what...at 1st, i think she still preferes her good ol' Graco stroller...she cried when i put her in the new Maclaren stroller..but as fof today, i guess she's getting ok with it...yeah, this one has less space but it's way2 lighter....

Sunday, July 22, 2007


"I am Optimus Prime and i am sending this message to all surviving autobots taking refuge among the stars. We are here. We are waiting"

finally, i hv watched "Transformers" today....my comments? yeah, a lil boring initially and it gets better when the action starts....except i hv few Qs i wish to directly ask the Director. who was it again? Michael Bay? uh ok...you may find my Qs are rather er....W@#@$..but hey, i'm just being honest...heh heh...
1. Why would Sam shoved the cube into Megatron's chest instead of Prime's? I thot Prime asked Sam to do it the other way around.
2. Why "SAM" to run around to send the Cube to er..Military hands? why wudn't the other autobots do it?
3. The good team can't destroy the cube meh? Why must send to the human military team? to hide it? it won't end the story rite....

SSPN ~ great investment for our children's future...

Promosi Terkini _ sapa yg x buat lagi tuh, better invest now....guaranteed by gov you know.....................

Dapatkan segera cenderahati daripada kami untuk setiap pembukaan akaun RM50 dan ke atas melalui kaunter SSPN berupa Rantai Kunci, Set Bekas Pensil, Tabung, Mug dan Payung.



Tarikh : 21-22 Julai 2007 (Sabtu-Ahad)

Masa : 8:00 pagi - 5:00 petang

Tarikh : 22 Julai 2007 (Ahad)

Masa : 8:00 pagi

Tempat : DEWAN BLOK 4F
Tarikh : 25-27 Julai 2007 (Rabu-Jumaat)

Masa : 9:00 pagi - 5:00 petang

Tarikh : 25-27 Julai 2007 (Rabu-Jumaat)

Masa : 9:30 pagi - 5:00 petang

Tarikh : 26 Julai 2007 (Khamis)

Masa : 9:00 pagi - 3:00 petang

Tempat : SK SEKSYEN 7
Tarikh : 28 Julai 2007 (Sabtu)

Masa : 9:00 pagi - 3:00 petang


Sila semak senarai ini dari semasa ke semasa untuk mengetahui lokasi promosi SSPN yang terkini.

Cenderahati Terhad. Siapa Cepat Dia Dapat. Sehingga Stok Masih Ada.
Menabunglah Dengan SSPN.


Saturday, July 21, 2007

My Unkymood Punkymood (Unkymoods)

i am indeed bubbly..not bubble la you @#$#%#@#@!.....erm...ok...
why diediemustdo? because:
  1. at that point of time, u have no other idea.
  2. at that point of time, apart from point no.1, i was thinking about office, in which "diediemustdo" is a common work instruction...translation: wutever it takes to accomplish your target i.e. RM2Mil per month; get insider info, submit quote on time; get PO before end of financial month, etc.
  3. i must find something other than my usual names...i tried putting in my real names....my baby said "no ma, ,my fellow colleagues in babyland will know that my mom has a blog and she puts in her real name"...
well.....actually i just got back from Securicor premise..no, i wasn't there to hire 'em..no, i wasn't there to plan the next heist....free durians!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....OMG, good catch indeed...couldn't find a space to bunk and so we just stood there (at the counter!!!) and had a fabolous time....

ow and my baby progress?? i think i'd better get used to my contact lenses again..she's grabbing my spec all the time.......hengat free apa spec haku ni...yukyukyuk...

Thursday, July 19, 2007

test blog...

This is a test blog from my working address....eh....work email....


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