Sunday, September 13, 2015

First Aider course for parents

12th sept 2015. Damansara endah. Amir's gym.

A first aider course was organised and damn, it was not as expected.

I thought it was gonna be boring.
But all we had was good stress releasing laughter and bonding session.

Of course, we learnt like a lot. While.laughing. with amazement at what we always do.

For example, if i were to have cut on my finger, i would put it in my mouth first.

The paramedic went ewwwww.....hahahaha....

We were reminded that TV has serious big impact on our lives.

What is our emergency number?

It's 999.or 112 from HP.

Yet, 5% of malaysians still answer 911. far the only tv show showing 999 is the 999 show from TV3. it's not enough apparently.

So, in emergency, we should say please call ambulance at 999. Otherwise, some people will actually call 911. Like us...heheheh

The one that is important for us parents is, if our having seizure, like.most CP kids, just be calm, and put them on their side. The the seizure subside. Standby diazepam and observe the timing, what they were doing before, during dan selepas seizure.

Banyak yg i wish i could share here today.but i am too

Till then


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