Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Seri Menanti

11.30 a.m. and yet another SMS from Anas came in "kak, katner kak?"..hahahha..dia dah tunggu lama. Janji kul seblas but Me, Adam & Oya were getting ready for our Negeri Sembilan trip and we're only 1/2 way ready.

It's been awhile since i've been to Seremban and i've never been further than Seremban & PD (i may have but i can't remember to where).

We reached Senawang at about 12.45pm and i was already exited. stupi*. hahah..Picked up Black and Helmie-boy and off we go to Juasseh. I felt like really in Kampung and i like the view.But i guess Malaysia is truly Malaysia..traffic congestion is everywhere even in Kuala Pilah  and everybody thinks they're the descendants of Schumaker. Tapi yang best, we had no trouble getting around, finding shortcuts and reaching Juasseh since both boys are familiar with the routes whatevernots.

Congrats Amilin & Hafiz.! Great day, great wedding and greatttt menu ahaks :D

Right after Juasseh, we stopped by Istana Lama Seri Menanti. Being a history junkie, i did go in the Istana ...err..well, while dragging along Helmi-boy and Adam. Penakut sey aku neh!
There are 4 storeys and each has it ow functions sich as, bedroom, dining area, royal family aream so forth.
The most interesting part is the attic aka The Guards room on the 4th floor on top of the Kings resting room.

What so special about the building? it has not a single iron nail in the entire building. Instead, it used wooden nail or pasak in Malay.
Istana ini mempunyai 99 batang tiang termasuk empat batang tiang seri yang panjangnya 67 kaki. Keempat-empat tiang ini telah diambil dari Bukit Pergai, Jelebu. Kayu-kayu lain diambil dari Bukit Tinggi iaitu jenis kayu penak. Keunikan istana ini ialah ia tidak menggunakan sebarang paku besi tetapi pakunya diperbuat daripada kayu yang dipanggil pasak. [1]. Pasak kayu keras digunakan bagi menyambungkan papan. Atap istana ini mewakili tanduk kerbau. Tanduk kerbau dianggap sebagai lambang keamanan.

The stairs (didn't get the photo since camera is prohibited in this building) OMG! is so steep i actually bearly cried while climbing it down. Helmi even laughed at me and wished that he has brought the videocam with him! damn!

At least, i have been there. HAVE YOU?

 View of the taman from the 4th floor.

 Singgah di Ulu Bendul. Best Jugak tempat neh.

Guide & Driver of the day.

 Nih Mak ajar Anak ke terbalek?

 Bergaya tul anak teruna aku neh

 Carving on the Istana Seri Menanti

Oya yang happy.

Kawan2 opis yg lelain.

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