Saturday, December 1, 2012

Kedah Series-I come from "The Kedah"

As i hail from Sabah, there's no way for me to say i come from "the Kedah" right?
This seemingly popular phrase in TW-Valve originates from a fellow colleague who was in the midst of introductory session to the floor when he startled and said "i come from the Kedah".

so, okay. nope. This post ain't about him. Not entirely at least.

Nov 10th, the day i took my MUET, we actually had another plan.
A colleague was getting married that day faaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr away in Kedah.hahaha..yes. We drove there instead of flying. Far isn't it?

Our driver was the Kedah guy Anas and there were  me, Oya, Adam, Helmie & Ridzuan.
Pretty much of a crowd for a Myvi kan?

The journey which flagged off at TW at about 3pm (konvoi satu keta je kot...) was uneventful until we reached R&R Tapah. There was an accident which caused a heavy traffic.From here, the traffic was either slow-moving or reduced to a standstill at some point. It was expected though since schoold holiday just started.

Wazers are familiar with below image. I highly recommended you peeps to download and use Waze. Not only there is a Navigation tool, we can check the traffic flow and conditions including hazards and determine the alternative routes to get to our destination.

We reached Toll Pendang at about 10pm and proceed to the bride's house.
Well, there's nothing much to see since it's already dark. We had our late dinner there with yummy wedding food including a local delicacy, Gulai Pisang ke apa ntah. hang kena tanya orang utara la...kami taktau detail..ahhahaha ^_^ sedap..being a local food sucker, memang best amat la wey...

Dabes mentekedarah, kami proceeded to the Homestay provided by Rozana. Thank you sweety. Boleh pulak pengantin duduk homestay dengan kami. The bride only la...groom balik rumah,no belum lagi okay...hahahah

The homestay was surprisingly huge with 4 rooms and 2 bathrooms. The furniture here were quite typical for such homestay. The main and second room had air-cond each and well-equipped with wardrobe and huge beds. The 3rd and 4th room had a ceiling fan each and no wardrobe.

In case you're wondering, yes, there was a local warung with breakfast only a drive away. 1KM at most.

But what was so special?
Here. It was about 100m from the home stay. These view were actually taken from the housing area. I guess the peeps who bought the houses facing these are indeed lucky.

The next day, we visited the groom's side of the wedding kenduri. Although they're basically from the same kampung, the groom's house is quite a distance in which we could see endless paddy field and local kampung area, vegetation and dusun whatnot.

By the time we finished with our food, the bride's still in her house. Hence, not to waste precious time, we proceeded to her house to see her before we took off.

Why the rush you might ask?
Kedah is a big state. really. Even driving from Pendang to Alor Setar takes about 20 minutes on good day.
There's just so much to see and to do.


These are just some of the stuffs we did and places we visited. We managed to cover so much more due to our extended stay. Thankfully, our bout of diarrhea didn't last long. 1 day of agony was enough.

Our first touristy stop was the Pendang Town itself. Quiet small town but still, there i was, reading about one of the historical place in Kedah, Telaga Gajah @ Elephant's well.
You read it right. Dulu2, they used to bring Elephants here and bathe em. Pendang was once known as Pendiat. Gajah Mati was actually a graveyard for elephants.

I love historical trips. So, the next time you're in Kedah, drop by Pendang. It may look quiet like this but at night, you can still find kedai Tomyam or food stalls. So, it's not a dead town after all.

so, what's next? Yup. Padang Besaq and Kuala Perlis. Till then.


iieyla said...

good...good.....ok...nnti kelas kita blaja apa gunanya word THE

Sky Sekai said...

huh blaja ek..syllabus blom sampai toqqqqqqqqqq

Anonymous said...

thanx kak for this post!!!
thnx jgk datang ke pendang, negeri jelapang padi :)

Sky Sekai said...

my pleasure honey


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