Thursday, May 29, 2008

Blessed Wedded life of Azmel & Aqilah

Wedding day of Azmel & Aqilah at Taman Raja Shahriman, Sitiawan.

Sunday, May 25th, 08. (Bride's Side)

Groom & Bride
My MIL - Nenek Sedara to the Bride
The Father of the Bride - Mr Rofail (thanks for sponsoring the hotel yah)!!!
Mother of the Bride - Puan Anum,, thanks for your reindition of Seri Dewi Malam!!
The lovely Flower girls ~ kid sisters of the bride.

My FIL and family from Selayang/Tganu
Kak Nor and me ~ Sitting down is Kak Nor's mom. Looks young eh??
Below pics are views of the wedding and some relatives.

Good luck to the Pengantin Baru. See u guys this weekend at KL plak..

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sitiawan OR setiawan?

After TeluK Intan, we headed to Setiawan and i fell in love with the view along the route. My freind hosue is also along the way but since he's not in, we just passed by la. The paddy field,sauajan mata memandang bak kata org melayu. The road is straight jek and along the way there was a signboard to Kompleks Bersejarah Pasir Salak. oooo..i wanna go..but the last day, couldn't make it. It's more than 30KM from the main road. maybe next time...
Yaohan in Sitiawan? laa..Hotel Yaohan rupanya...lama x shopping kat yaohan..:P....

Malam - of course seafood dinner at Teluk Batik. Nice one. but something was ..not in place...still couldn't figure it out. Sedap? yes. biasala..seafood. We chose Medan Ikan Bakar behind the Marina Cove. Luckily i did ask for directions earlier. Easy find the place Lots seats and nice night view of..part of Lumut..but according to locals, the most popular joint would be the resrtaurant in front of Marina Cove. i didn't buy it. i hate popularity. find it? easy. From sitiawan, find your way to Lumut and after4- 5 traffic lights from Crystal Hotel (sitiwan), lookount for signboard to Teluk Batik and Meda Ikan Bkara. The Ikan bakar signboard is in blue colour. It's all a lefty turn. Find your way to Marina Cove and at the foot of yhe hill, turn right. There will be another sign for the Ikan bakar area. Voila. It's neighbouring Outward Bound school of Lumut. The style? you pick up Fresh food (fish, squids, whatevernots) and ask them to cook in what recipe you want. the RM? hmm...a tad too expensive for my wallet..

Teluk Anson, anyone?

Mentarang? never tried before...
Well, a weekend well-spent i see.
Journey started on saturday, May 23rd morning. This time, we avoided the hi-way and Kapar route. Typical. Instead, we went thru Guthrie, Paya Jaras and eventually ended-up in K.Selangor also. Different route, different view, new location to be added in built-in self-GPS. The route is ok except in few area where we went thru mediocre-level treacherous terrain and dangerous , if you're not careful.
As suspected, i would stop at any of the never-ending stalls along the K.Selangor-Sabak Bernam no-toll hi-way, as i call it. The mangoes are scrumpulous, the mango juice is god-sent and mentarang, anyone?
So,ok, this is Sabak Berbam and look at the sports complex. so simple and cozy and you can imagine the rest of the township la. Very homely type, cosy, non-buzzling lifestyle.
Next stop, was Teluk Anson aKa Teluk Intan nowadays. Nice town. Not to forget the lenaing tower of Teluk Intan. It was actually a water tower before and there is a well at the base. so, you can imagine how it becomes "leaning". Had lunch around there and i kinda liked one makcik. she was very2 friendly and absolutely helpful. why? she helped me picked lunch for sofiya. It was a great relief for me since i was err...lost..on what to feed her..cannot be another cereal round,isn't it?

Not hard to find. If your facing the food court and your back is towards the tower, simply choose the left side stalls and find the first (the only, i think?) stall with mix rice. the rest, all "panas2 goreng" type.

the tour into the tower is free and you can choose to sign off your name as visitor, which i didn't. anyway, the staircase is sooo historical and squeks everywhere. but hey, it's a historical landmark, so it should be old, remember? i like the tower clock structure but too bad, the staircase leading to the clock area is sealed off to visitors. Even the -i dun know wut to call it-

this one..yess. you're not suppoesed to touch it. these are visible and will move periodically. Well, as the saying goes "rules are meant to be broken". Some people do touch it including Adam.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The TIME 100-The World's Most Influential People

he TIME 100

Complete List,,1733748,00.html

Leaders & Revolutionaries

Heroes & Pioneers

Scientists & Thinkers

Artists & Entertainers

Builders & Titans

A Day Out

Saturday, May 17th, pm before the fever started.
Venue: Eye on Malaysia, Taman Tasik Titiwangsa.

that's me...

Adam was begging to go on this double-decker bus. waaahhh..u think i have all the time in the world is it?

Adam's portrayal of his lil sis.

then we get home. Took panadol for a few rounds but didn't sooth my headache. finally, the blue painkiller saved me. Now? it ain't getting better. still on painkiller, panadol, body ache's pill and my tonsil is killing me. gotta sleep already.

P/S Does it has anything to do with my c-sect wound's cramp 2 days ago??

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Team Building Perak 2008- DAY 1

Very early morning on 1st May 2008, Leena banged on my grill. If not, tak bangun la haku. so, tada-tada-tada, reached office bout 6.30am. wow!! at least 10 pax were there. malu seyy..hehe. OC sampai later. All was going well, one by one participant arrived. i could say, almost 90% arrived early. anyhow, we departed later than expected (30 minutes later!!!). Lucky i told em we'll depart at 6.45. oww ok. headcount begun by Nafisah as Day 1 planner and only Nava wasn't there. I was about to say we shall give her 10 minutes when *poof* there she was. Then, we departed. ooppssss..those who parked their car inside or outside the office compound were required to leave their key with Mr Guna (our very own office guardian). Semua beres? let's gooo..As early as it was, some people fell into sleeping mode till we had to stop at Esso station for some people already screaming for caffeine break. Quizzes followed and gifts were given away. I made most of the Q and the 1st Q won by Haryati Azlin was "Give me the full name of the Admin Staff in ECO". aha! everybody knows her name - Noraini- but not many remembers her full name - Noraini Binti Setofa-. hehe. easy Q , wasn't it?
Our 1st stop is Lata Kinjang waterfall that can be seen from the North-south highway. Nafisah and Lee na scouted for the best central offical lepak area and we decided to crash at the most lapang place we could find. Nice. clean. and so natural. so, ok. Let the peeps go up ahead and mandi2 whatever not while waiting for the packed lunch.

I was amazed by the beauty of the waterfall and i was more amazed by Mr Kandasamy's gentlemanliness. He guided me to the nice photo taking spot, took care that me and few others didn't fall down (yes, very2 slippery). I begun to see the positive side of this trip. I always thought he ...well, just ordinary guy. i could say he was exceptionally helpful. who said this trip is not beneficial? I could see people were enjoying the company of others and not to mention the nature. Ohhh...this trip is a JV of Valve-Operation (admin, logistics, order entry) team building trip. We always work closely and it only logical that we have this trip together. to forge better relationship. to understand each other. and to make my life miserable for a few weeks as OC waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... then, the food arrived and good choice Lee Na (my F & B Manager).
It was here that i called up all the Group captains - Santhi, Peter, Carine, Khairul Anuar.
Ribbons (1 colour each group) were given out and it's up to them to take care of the ribbons till end of trip. yes, points will be taken and i did asked to to take care of balloons which also would be collected at the end of the trip. Yes, points will be deducted for those who lost em as a group.

About noon, we departed for hotel and everybody was quite exceited as they hadn't know who will be their roommates. surprise!!! I read outloud ho will be mates and i could see, people were quite surprised. We did mixed em up but restricted to working relationship. For instance, Susan, Carine, Nafisah and Sivanes are always interacting with each other on work matters and hence they were put in the same room.
The room rates in Grand Kampar Hotel is affordable and the hotel itself is a nice place to crash. We took family suite (1 double bed, 2 singles)and the peak season rate is only RM250.00. Well, who knows, maybe i could haggle for more discounts after this.The twin sharing is only RM150.00 at peak. it should be around there.The Wi-Fi is FOC except i still need to use cable since the signal is to weak at 4th floor. haha. Wi-fi with cables?????? My room mates were santhi, badma and Lin and too bad i was too occupied to actually have a slumber party with em. One thing for sure,they're a bunch of early riser and could take their own sweet time to melawa2, whatever not. Why? they were the last ones to arrive at the next agenda.
Then, we proceed with the motivational talk at 2.30pm. I was among the early birds as announced by Ms Kong. I had to as i was the OC. we had the Personality-character talk and it was a nice presentation from Ms Kong, Rose and VJ. I liked the essence of the talk in which we have to understand each other's personality to create a good teamwork. Notice i monetion team? not group? Because group is a group of people who don't have a common goal and collected means to achieve it. Team is vice-versa. so, think, whether we belong to a team or a group?
Another important point is we are who we think we are. Our thinking will create our character and our personality is the result of our character. Personality can change overtime when our character or belief system changes.
Next, is the Survival game scenario where we were supposed to plane-crashed in Alaska and the nearest town is some 40miles away. Out of ten, pick the most important stuff in sequence. Basically, all groups had it right except it didn't go in sequence. it was a group discussion or a heated discussion i would say -for some group- we were hailed as the most peaceful group except when it came to presentation time, Maha was such a joker by asking us to answer for him. Well, considering his position as a Manager, i didn't want to make a comment on that. Instead, as usual, i chose to say "ooww..everything is ok" when my bosses could actually read that i was lying. anyway, the above pix, leena and i managed to persuade Sales Manager - Ms Alus- to provide a cake complimentary of the hotel - deducted from the sum that was supposed to be refunded to us- and voilda, all those who were born in May were celebrated. Veni was celebrating her birthday on the 1st May itself. and i wonder, why la Hafizee didn't join? his bday is on 7th May what. malu katanya...cheh..

Came to dinner, apparently, my roomates learned a lesson and were among the 1st ones to reach lobby. We had dinner at Kampar Club and the moment we sat down, food and drinks were served. Wow!!! that was fast. Again, good choice on the food Leena. Makan2 and karaoke was also available. As usual, i would be the first one to sing as "warm-up". I delivered a number by P.Ramlee and Leena and Veni were sportingly danced to it. Good job!!!
We had good chat and let the people migled around Apparently, there are a bunch of good singers from Kampar and i mean GOOD!! We were also joined by YB Lee Chee Leong and he could sing!! Maybe they always frequent this joint and that's why the uncle MC looks so familiar with them.
Called it a night around 11pm. cant' wait for tomorrow. Nafisah handover the walkie talkie to Jay as he was the Planner for Day 2. Good luck.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Best keeeeeeeeeeeeeee???

Ok. So far until today, keje aku sebagai OC - Organising chairman- tak abis2 lagi. Please remind me not to join any event mgmt company. haha. what's left now are balancing the accounts, arranging the photos to be uploaded in the main server - having as tough time to choose which and which, hey. not wrong if i wanna look goooooood kan?- The feedback form is not finalised yet, even the Training evaluation pun tak abis collect lagi.helllooowwwww, the 4 hours motivational talk is part of our yearly training..urghh..susah sangat nak fill up form.Part of being the organiser is i get to know the procedures, the people and the gossip.

1. Procedures - Internal and external and how to go about being the organiser. A tough job i must say as our idea may clash with the Titans.err..the management. Say, segregating the rooms and how to effectively select people to be in a certain group or room, so to say. For instance, for this trip,my idea was let a small group of people to draw names and so be it. Fair & Square. The list looked unfair though as there were 3 HODs in the group. I was kena nicely from my boss and had me re-arranged it. Yeah, apart from malu -i had emailed the list to the participants -, i learned a lesson there. sometimes, certain "engineering" is required to balance off any list especially when it involves people. Justifying the Captain for each team is another matter and i had to come up with a matured explanation on that also. Roomates arrangements - also engineered apart from it was also being drawn fair & square. I didn't intent to let the people know who will be their roomates and kept it a surprise until it was time to check-in. The objective of roomates arrangements was to let people fom the same work team stay together and do some bonding. hmm..sounds fair to me. on the other hand, i was getting the idea that i am a good-for-nothing OC.

2. People- getting to know the hotel peeps, the caterers even the coach service owner are not a bad idea. Apart from it's easier to get favors when you know them, we can do with new friends in our life. Remember, the so-called "engineering" to the list won't make it if it wasn't for the Hotel Manager. Not to mention to refund the cancellation done one week before the trip. This also goes to knowing my colleague. Very good testaments as i know who i can count on later whenever i need a "committee" setup. I certainly don't need people in my team who needs constant reminder of what need to be done when briefing and itinerary were already provided.

3. Gossip -it's a shock to learn that some things are happening in the office without you realizing it. Noooooooooooooooo, i won't spell it out here and...damnn..those are interesting and changed my perception already. Well, better perception it is. As a malay saying goes "air yg tenang jangan disangka takde buaya". anyway, knowing the gossips will help in arranging the roomates, grouping and team members for activities. Come on, this is a team-building trip and thus, people shall mix together and try forge a better relationship. we can't be bickering all he time. Gossip aren't bad at all if you know how to handle it. Use it for your own knowledge in mixing with the people and no to mention, the sensitivity.

suffice to say, the trip has taught me a lot form being an OC to being a person to being a teammate o being an employee. why? TEAM WORK RULESSS!!!!


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