Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Do you have enough guts?

These were forwarded to me and i'd say, yayyyyyy for the efforts dan double yayyy for standing up against maksiat. In a little not-so-important discussion, the statement "a guy who bring a girl" has caused some people to wonder..what if the girl brings over a guy? i told u...out of the world arguments...These signboards are claimed to be erected somewhere in Acheh. I am sure that Pantai Suak Ribee is in Meulaboh, Acheh and was sadly ravaged by the Tsunami back in 2005.

p/s gi mana ya...jadinya, kalu mahu ke pantai, surat nikah harus di bawak yah? usah mikirin berat2. orang ramai lagik bisa tau kalau kamu itu berbuat maksiat atau emangnya jujur bersama keluarga. cheerrrssss!!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Eye to eye (a poem from Palestine)

Look into my eyes
And tell me what you see.
You don't see a damn thing,
'cause you can't possibly relate to me.

You're blinded by our differences.
My life makes no sense to you.
I'm the persecuted Palestinian.
You're the American red, white and blue.

Each day you wake in tranquillity,
No fears to cross your eyes.
Each day I wake in gratitude,
Thanking God He let me rise.

You worry about your education
And the bills you have to pay.
I worry about my vulnerable life
And if I'll survive another day.

Your biggest fear is getting ticketed
As you cruise your Cadillac.
My fear is that the tank that just left
Will turn around and come back.

American, do you realize,
That the taxes that you pay
Feed the forces that traumatize
My every living day?

The bulldozers and the tanks,
The gases and the guns,
The bombs that fall outside my door,
All due to American funds.

Yet do you know the truth
Of where your money goes?
Do you let your media deceive your mind?
Is this a truth that no one knows?

You blame me for defending myself
Against the ways of Zionists.
I'm terrorized in my own land
And I'm the terrorist?

You think you know all about terrorism
But you don't know it the way I do,
So let me define the term for you,
And teach you what you thought you knew.

I've known terrorism for quite some time,
Fifty-five years and more.
It's the fruitless garden uprooted in my yard.
It's the bulldozer in front of my door.

Terrorism breathes the air I breathe.
It's the checkpoint on my way to school.
It's the curfew that jails me in my own home,
And the penalties of breaking that curfew rule.

Terrorism is the robbery of my land,
And the torture of my mother,
The imprisonment of my innocent father,
The bullet in my baby brother.

So American, don't tell me you know about
The things I feel and see.
I'm terrorized in my own land
And the blame is put on me.

But I will not rest, I shall never settle
For the injustice my people endure.
Palestine is our land and there we'll remain
Until the day our homeland is secure.

And if that time shall never come,
Then we will never see a day of peace.
I will not be thrown from my own home,
Nor will my fight for justice cease.

And if I am killed, it will be in Filasteen
It's written on my every breath.
So in your own patriotic words,
Give me liberty or give me death.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

New year's resolution

It's been a while since i had one. Maybe since 1995 when i was so accelerated into a new destructive world. Maybe i've been carrying forward all my resolutions. anyway, im gonna make one today. so, my resolutions for year 2009 would be:

1. to ensure my telekung is well worn by me. kiamat is coming and im gonna be burn to crisp if i dont start repenting.

2. to start realistically saving. it was too late for me to realise that we're living in a cruel world but hey, better now than never.

3. to actually use the free organiser i got every year. Thanks to organiser year 2008 by Misha, my life was a bit organised last year. ahaks!

4. to ignore pesky friends who think they're to good for me or i am dumb and those who dont reply my email and those who never picked up their phone and those who seem to care but never actually be there physically or virtually when i need them the most be it for giving opinion on which shoes to wear to getting infor on the latest happening in the financial world.

5. to start dieting for god sake!!! i've hit the highest BMI i have ever reached my whole life and i am not ready to die yet since i've not fulfilled resolution no 1.

6. to not giving excuses not to go outstation. KPI babe!!! KPI!!

7. to start a good body & regime care as i have reached 31 in 2008 and my babyface (haha) starts to look like panda already.i wnat to look as gorgeous as salmiah does.

8. to lessen swearing activity related.

9. to love myself more.

10. to remind my dear husband to be a better husband and father. and pushing me to be to be a better mother, daughter and wife. everyday.

11. to join/attend each and activity arranged by friends & family i.e wedding, reunion, makan2. so they will come on my funeral to remember me by.

12. to conceive!!!!!

13. to do what i love more. outdoors and games. shut up!!!

14. to ensure my daughter walks this year.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


For some reasons, i went to Sunway Pyramid after work today (23 Dec) and bumped into the show!! It was just started and i managed to get the "pit stop" seats la konon. Standing nearby those tall people was...intimidating? nayyy..i am damn proud of myself and not afraid to show and flaunt it...hahaha...

Malaysia's rep is not bad at all. Although she looks cute but at certain angle, she does not look THAT cute..i dunno..anyway, her name is Angela Ching Cheau Thung, 22, and she hails from Kuantan. I think she's still a student somewhere but i'm pretty sure Olympia college is sponsoring her sudies.

Ms of my fave and she is generous with her smile. at least for that night.

Ms Japan. Sorry, you're pretty but others are prettier to me.

Miss Vietnam!!!!!!!!!! You're my fave and i love your dress also. I also get to wonder if Miss Montenegro is an assassin. She sure looks like one!!

Ms Morocco. Ive never come tete-a-tete with a Moroccan before so, maaan, there are sure lotsa pretty girls from where she comes from. Nope, she's noy my type of beauty pageant but she is sure confident!!

The blue-dressed is Ms Kazashtan and behind her is Paraguayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

Ok, i know the dress is definitely Korea traditional attire but im not sure is she is a Korean. Definitely, strutting behind her is Ms MALAYSIA.


Can i borrow your legs for the comp annual dinner? i'll return em back!!




Miss Indonesia. Yes she is pretty but..i dont know...maybe they should have sent Kris Dayanti instead!!

Miss New Zealand. Meaty and confident. She dances to the music and she looks more like your next door neighbour.



The 4th one from the left is also my fave but i forgot where she comes from. Kel-synn, your twin???




above all, i love the sight of the lampu lip-lap more and the shoes!!!
No result? no, i didnt stay until the result was annouced as i was munching away in Wendy's.
No more pix? yes, because it's my bloody camera.
and...some of them are totally...even Sivanes should represent Miss Tourism India. No offence but the judges over there should really re-llok into the selection of Miss Tourism India.


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