Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Dalili Sofiya!!!!

Dear my "Buah Hati"..
there are no enough words to describe my love for you..
how i wished i could take your place..when you had to suffer in your early weeks..
how i wished my tears would wash away your pain..
then, i prayed hard...never in my life I've prayed that hard even when my life was at the lowest as it could be...........
i had to be strong..just for you, my love..
it was a miracle!! i thanked god so much..and i still feel Allah's bless and love.
for all the suffering you have been through....
you made us a better parent..and better person..
how thankful i am when you are here with us now...
for all the imperfectness you have is a blessing for me...
i learn to be thankful..
i learn to be sensitive..
i learn to be a human..
....and i am still learning thru you..
your smile made my day...
your cry is a lullaby to my ears..
your bite is a pleasurable massage for me..
for i am glad you're with us..
happy 1st Birthday permata hati mama...

Sunday, February 24, 2008

while i'm gone..

to many things to update..it's been a month oledi. simply tired. dun hv time. many things to do. so much to share. yet too lil time.
1. Futsal being officiated as every friday's activity. company bayar tuh. besh . besh.
2. TW Bowling tournament on 28 March.
3. Family day/comp trip in May????? - to be discussed~
4. CNY Cuti- balik kampung.
5. Scrapbooking...new interest but will it suffer the fate of my cross-stiching?


Tuesday, February 5, 2008


monday to thursday: donuts..and donuts..and donuts..and rotiboy...hehe
friday: futsal time!!!...i wanna be goal keeper.......haha...
the boys were subjected to constant tortures...it was fun...pinch there la, tampar la..haha..
neway, maybe every friday activity..
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there goes my meal plan..

finally........Big Apple donuts is here in Subang parade. Wewwwwww....multilicious donuts in the house...RM2.00 cheaper than J.Co...wutever it is...another "lunch trip" to SP won't be the same..


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