Monday, February 25, 2013

Story of Dalili Sofiya

It's been ....6 years.
She is now 6 years old. Time flies so fast.

I am happy, blessed and having wonderful times having her in our life.
But i can't deny the fact the yes, i am worried for her.

What happened, really? we had to answer similar questions everytime new people see her and know that she still cannot talk and walk like a 6-years-old.

Here it is:
My pregnancy went smoothly until the birthing process. Adam, the elder brother, was born healthy via c-sect after nearly 24 hours of labour pain. 
Sofiya, on the other hand, had me in intense labour pain for 4 hours after my water was broken by the nurse at 12midnight. The pain before the breaking thing was 3am we tried for normal delivery and after few tries i asked for C-Sect. I felt out of energy.
My request was denied with "sabar, beranak memang sakit". 
Vacuum was introduced and failed. at 6am, i was on the on the way to surgery room and i could hear the surgeon said "it's too late".
Hence, on Feb 25th 2007, Sofiya was born via c-sect and was in NICU 2 weeks after that.
I was told that her chance was only 50/50 and if the 3rd drug didn't work on her, nothing will.

Alhamdulillah. It worked and her epilepsy or sawan ceased until today.
Except, she was out of oxygen during birthing process and 2 years later, she was pronounced as Cerebral Palsy. She had Global Developmental Delay where even at 1 year old, she couldn't even sit on her own yet.
There you go. I think i got it all covered. 

She is supposed to be Quadriplegic but she got even the specialist ...confused.
She is ..minor in her class.  Her current condition suggest she is not a Quad. But at what class? I don;t care.
As far as i am concerned, she is blooming in her own world.

Her movement is only slightly jerky. minor spasm here and there.
Naturally, she is left-handed and her drools is now very selective and will mostly seen when she's excited (playing, observing).

Mostly, she crawls. Very fast. She can walk with help or walker. On her own, she could only do 2-3 steps since her balance is still a big issue. She can talk but not so clear and so far, only i and Adam can understand her fully. Like any other normal kid, she will throw tantrum whenever her wish is not fulfilled,. 

She went to Spastic Center Association Selangor & Federat Territory (SCASFT) at PJ.
She is quite the most able in her class and she is now in pre-primary.
I do not know if she could even attend the normal school.
What i can do is send her to private therapies as much as possible.
Speech Therapy, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy are all part of a CP kid life.

But, i am still grateful as she is considered lucky and her problems now are majorly in the areas of her balance, speech, physio and intellectual.

We are teaching her everything we could. Both worldly and hereafter.

But most importantly, she has taught me about acceptance.
As i was recently diagnosed with Breast Cancer Stage 3 and undergoing chemotheraphy, i can accept the fact wholly because having Sofiya has taught me so.

I can only pray that i live long enough to see her able to live as others.
I am positive as i am on my Journey to Healing.

as for Sofiya, Allah will take care of his anak2 syurga. He will.
but for now, she is under our care and we are trying our best.
Insyaallah, everything is gonna be fine.

hence, Happy 6th Birthday Dalili Sofiya.
Our love for you is endless. Until the end of time.


Maharani said...

happy birthday Oya si anak syurga yang cute.. Take care yourself Sky n semoga cepat recover.

Unknown said...

thank you dewi...u take care too


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