Friday, March 18, 2011

The Midnight Cake

2 hours ago i started liquidating the cheese and butter.
1 hour 34mins ago i started beating the egg whites.
1 hour 15 mins ago i started baking.

The egg-white was beaten to the peak.
The cheese mixture is ready via double-boil technique.

The cake tin and its' au-bain marie (waterbath) is ready.

..and into the tin the mixture went.

Voila! But dammnnnn! The Japanese Soft Cheesecake is indeed soft BUT it's soggy and did not rise to the height it was supposed to!!!

1. My au-bain marie technique was not perfect.
Water leaked into the cake tin.
Water level to high or the aluminum foil bocor.

2. 20 mins into baking, i just realised that i put in COLD WATER!!! I was to put in HOT WATER into the waterbath..again...arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

3. After realising the water was cold, without thinking, i took the tin out of the oven.
i wanted to change the cold water with hot water.

4. Maybe the egg white was over beaten.
It was supposed to be SOFT PEAK.
I think i did it until Stiff peak. arghhhhhhhhhhh!!!

The recipe can be found here and anywhere else in the cyberworld.
(Bunyi orang frust!)

2nd attempt: DEFINITELY will do it again. when???

Then, i was like, what the hell!! Leave's done!!

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