Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Courtesy of: Chosen Treasure (sorry...not pun intended)

Why the map? why the link?

No, i'm not showing you the way to the store.

This entry is to let you know, do not ever, ever, judge a book by its' cover. Also not related to the issue.

If one is driving from Sunway (let it be you're from puchong ka, kg medan ka, etc), towards Glenmarie (ehem...my office), there are other ways and means to reach Glenmarie.
This is very applicable expecially during traffic jam:

1. From sunway, past Pyramid and Esso, take the roundbout and go towards SJMC.
2. Take the susur keluar to SS15 and proceed.(eh..kalau dah lama lalu sini, or at least, pernah pegi Subang Parade or Empire, takkan tatau jalan lagi kot!)

Last sekali la..baru ikut jalan yang benar waima follow je jalan lurus tuh turun naik flyover sampai 3 then sampai la ke persimpangan Glenmarie or masuk Fed.

apsal entry aku mcm MPSJ or khidmat masyarakat neh?

SEBAB SELAMA NEH AKU SENGAL IKUT JALAN LAST YANG AKU MENTION! 10 TAHUN TAU! ADOIIII Laa...tak pernah terpikir pun nak ikut jalan 1 & 2 TUH...haishhhhhhhhh....

Saturday, May 28, 2011

The: Updates

Bila belek C Drive..jumpa la pix lelama budak2 neh..geram tengok eh!

March 2001 - few weeks old.               

                             2001 - Few months Old                               
  2001 - Few months Old - with cousins dearies

 2003/2004 - 2 or 3 yo - Langkawi

Now - a mind of his own.

Recently: with his GBS..in class during report card day.


hmm..1 year old maybe?

1 yo..2008

2009 raya..2yo..

recently--trying to get up on her own. she's 4.



Today, we went to Oya's first Speech therapy session with Teacher Aini.
It was fun, good, informative and so worth it.
She is charging RM100.00 per session/hour initially and the subsequent session wll call for RM80.00/session/hour.
For the first 2-3 months, we will be concentrating on Oya's jaw strength and saliva controlls.
Both mummy and Oya has some homework to do.
But i guess, nobody has taught me those "homework" before.
Hence, i'm grateful for her time considering i've been looking for a therapist that is good and affordable.
She's attached to WQPark.So i guess, she's good.

Thank goodness. alhamdulillah.
That was in the afternoon.

In the morning, i fetched dear father and went to this so-called sinseh.
Not so sinseh la. why? read on.
They offered a kind of drinks which came in 3 separate huge glasses.
A clear, a teh-o like and a milo+fruit like.

My father and his friends swears by its effectiveness.
Apparently, after 5 straight days, he could straightaway get up from sitting position w/o hurting his knees.
so, i went with him after he told me that few peeps actually lost a considerable huge amount of weight after 2months.Wah! even say i getting fat one....sey lorr daddy..

At first, i was sceptical. who wasn't? nothing is 2 good 2 b true?
then , i noticed something in  the pictures plastered all over the wall.Herbalife!
Hhahahahha..of course la working daddy. It's a well-known brand and pricey also..
if i could spare few hundreds, say, rm400 a month, i would ..but Oya's theraphy is more important.
On getting rid of my fatty bff? we'll see.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Contraction

Nope. x sempat amik gambar. tapi aku tgk sendirik kucing aku had labor contraction.
giler horror aku rasa.
bila aku intai, dah ada lendir kat montot dia yg comel tuh.


20 minutes later, rumah aku ada additional 4 kittens.
tapi, 1 dah meninggal dan Adam dah kebumikan pun semalam.
pastuh, Tart suka2 pindah ke dalam almari aku dari almari adam.

suka ko la tart. asal ko ngn anak2 ko sihat.

Momok? hehe...agak bahagia sebab Tart x berapa garang dah..tp masih lagi hostile..

nnt aku snap pix gambo2 si cenonet-cenonet itu..

Saturday, May 14, 2011

The One that bit me hard.

I admit. I have never come to term with reality.
Especially when it comes to Sofiya.
I've never acknowledged that she is an OKU kid.
I've never acknowledged that she is a kid with special requirements.
I've never acknowledged that she will never be normal.

Yesterday, May 13th 2011, her physiotherapist declared that she needs certain equipments
to help her walk and move around.
Reality bites. and it bit me hard today.

I am dreading the day someone would declare that she can't talk.at least, like the rest of 4 year olds.

I wonder, how her 1st day of school would be?
where? and...when?

That, i leave it to God , fate and Oya's rezeki.
I just hope that she will be taken care of even if i am no longer around.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Introduction-between Momok & Tart

This is Tart Telur.
Age : 6-7 months old.
Name Origin: she walloped my freshly baked egg tart.
Birth origin: Given to us by Syuhada appr. 3 months ago.
Current status 1.5month preggy.

This is momok
Age : app 1-2 months
Name Origin: no clue.
Birth origin: walked into our home one fine morning last week (May 2011)

Hence, i sure need to introduce both of em aite?

Well, the proper way would be to:

1. Carry the new cat in a carrier.

2. put the new cat into a SEPARATE closed room complete with its own food, water and litter box for 1-2 months. Not only this will prevent early unnecceary cat wars, this will also help to eliminate the previous home's odour off the new cat. Cats are very territorial y'know.

3. while in exile (wah! mcm penjenayah), we can start introducing both of em. such as:
- take 2 pcs of clean cloth and rub each onto each cat's body and face. Then, rub the clothes onto each cat. Hence, i would have to rub Tart's cloth onto Momok's body and vice versa to faniliarise both with each others' smell.

 - let em see each other sometimes. There ll be hissing and all, but it's all part of the introduction process.

- switch place. This will make em more familiar with each others' smell BUT do not let them share the litter, food and water. It will be disastrous in this early stage. Again, territory, remember?

then, agak2 ko, ye engkau tuh, dah confident, silala let em mingle.

But we may have to repeat the above from 2 weeks until 6 months.

see. sila la buat.

oh yes, TART & MOMOK? setitik pun aku tak follow.ekekekkeke....

Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Last lunch with Nafisah.

Makan KFC lagi. (Lats week dah makan oke).
tapi kali neh, Farewell Lunch for Nafisah.
She's leaving TW and we all could only wish her luck.

Nak jadikkan citer, nilah KC yg mana Fariha marah (err..serang) orang sebab orang itu sungguh kuang ajaq.
so, masuk2 jek, dia terus duduk sebab dia rasa kalau orang tuh nampak, food kami nnt kena sita, ludah dsb.


well, ok gak set Combo B neh.sebab? sepa yg suka KFC mmg sukala. but i'm talking about the 4pcs 
Luminarc Glass Containers. Terus containers itu nbagi hadiah kat Nafisah. Motif?
Sebagai hadiah
tak nak orang2 yg join lunch berebut.

so, 16 of us including Nafisah dan semua muka dah kenyang penangan ayam 30pcs yang hopefully telah disembelih cara sempurna. ntah pape. mestilah kan!

p/s cerita masa balik dalam keta syu adalah rahsia.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Chilled Cheecesake & Last days.

Eryne & Husna requested for Cheesecake. Hence, in remembrance of their 2 months training in HQ, i decided to make 1 for each of them. Apr 29th wa stheir last day and for some resigning staffs like such and such, it was also their last day.

I was mentally ready but i forgot to buy whip cream!! Luckily, i have some cheese, gelatin, and blueberry in stock and voila! This is the most simple chilled cheesecake i've ever made...simple and tasty..

Chilled Cheesecake
 A. 1cup crushed biscuit (oreo, McVities, biskut marie, etc.)
A. 1tbsp butter.
B. 500gm Creamcheese
B. 400gm Condensed Milk (yes, condensed milk..i usually put in 250gm only - 1/2 the 500gm can).
B. 1tbsp lemon juice
B.1/2 tbsp lemon zest

C. 2-3/4 tbsp Gelatin - i used below Halalgel gelatin. hence, 2-3/4 tbsp gel will use almost 1 packet.
C. 1cup hot water
Operation begins!
Mix all A and put into loyang.For this project, i used 2 cups since i have 2 aluminum foil bowls.easy to carry huh..Put in fridge (at leats 1/2 hour before pouring the cheese mixture.

Mix all B and mix well. can use mixer if you want. How i wish i have those mixer like in TV one (jeles kat Put)..Mix until smooth. 

If your cheese looks very berketul2, don;t worry, it will dissolve soon.

Mix all C together slowly. This gelatin looks like crystal. When dissolved, pour into cheese mixture.

These are the 2 aluminum foil bowl i mentioned above (got other names ey?).
Putin fridge overnight. anyway, all cheesecake tastes better when left in the fridge overnight including the baked ones.
If you think the cake is hard enough, you can start put in your deco.

Ey, don't forget, put in those cheese mixture onto the biscuit base tau. kalau tak, nak watpe buat the base!a
Mine? i only put in the blueberry mixture the next morning since..after i put in the cakes in the fridge, i go to sleep la!

Voila..the two happy faces with their FOC cake..FOC ey..so, no complaint whatsoever..ngeh ngeh ngeh..

So, kalau tak rajin nak membake segala atau nak beat whipped/fresh cream segala, guna jek recipe neh.
senang, cepat, simple.


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