Saturday, January 2, 2010

What would you do?

What would you do when you witnessed a crime in progress?

Scream? Shout for help? Frozen? Keep Quiet? Intercept? Changed into any of the superhero character?

Most of us will think of our safety and hence opts for silence. That is totally acceptable especially for a lady. We may also not know whether the villains in this story are armed or not.

But, after the crime has been committed and the guilty has left, what is the next logical actions?

This, my friend, has baffled me for the whole last night.

I think some of you might have already known that there was an attempt to steal the family car away. A Wira Sedan and hence, a quite a popular option amongst car thieves. Never mind the failed attempt but we got to know recently that it happened at 7am. Yes, 7am on Christmas morning. The main eyewitness was in her car parked 2 cars away from us and of course, she froze. According to her account, there were several others but, they simply couldn't careless of what was happening.

The two thieves used hammer and iron bar to get into the car as suspected and failed to break the steering lock. The rest was history. Ok, from here, what do expect the lady to do? Knock our door to inform us (she's my neighbour) ? Inform someone, JKKK perhaps (she's quite active in the community activities)? Nooooo...she went straight to work for her morning shift as a manager in local fastfood franchise. This info was passed to us by accident when the boys met her in the stairway like few days ago. huh...never mind. it's in the past.

it got me wonder. Maybe it's true that city people only care if it hits their own backyard. It doesn't mean that there is no selfish people in the rural area but hey, i've never heard such scenario back in my hometown. I didn't expect the lady to yell or be a heroine of the day really but at least, if she has noted the full plate number or at least notify us earlier, that would really be helpful enough. Luckily, there wasn't another hopeful thieves lingering around for a second raid. By the way, it was a Blue Sedan Iswara with plate no starting with B.

Will it make a difference if she has jumped out of the car the moment the thieves left to notify those people having breakfast in the mamak restaurant at the ground floor? Or maybe notify the police just in case the band was still in Sunway area? I don't know but i believe the least she could do was..inform us. nak balik kampung...waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!


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