Thursday, April 25, 2013

Cycle# 3 & 4 - Chemo & Post Chemo

Chemo is a terrible experience one can go through.
No matter how positive you are, there's the undesirable effects that can bring us to the lowest point of our life.

Nope. I have no problem with being bald or having darkened nails.

It's the not-feeling-so-good feeling, bodyache, metal-mouthed, angin dalam perut, morning-sickness that had me complaining.

This time around i had less metal-mouthed feeling but morning-sickness feeling was seriously terrible.
Now i know why people escapes from chemo treatment. I constantly have angin in my tummy and i need to snack very2 frequently to combat the nausea thingy as well as the angin.

My left arm is also achy since the drug went in thru this arm. so, it's completely normal for the said arm to ache even to the point that the veins actually gets darkened and surfaces. What i do? i just tuam tuala panas to reduce the pain looooo....

Tapi hidup kena teruskan. after a week usually i'll feel better and pening2 pun dah kurang.

Again, thanks for all the support dearies. I have two more to go.

and oh yes, initially the size of the tumour was 12x12cm. after the 3rd chemo, it has reduced to 7x6cm. alhamdulillah. what more can i ask for?


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