Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Season of?

Flu? Fever?Rain? (it's not like we have 4 seasons here).
Tis the most sensitive issue but reality bites.
Resigning is normal.But not when one after another almost simultaneously.
They may move on to a better place, pay or due to moving residing location, ow business,etc etc.
Some actually resigns due to some "unfinished" business with fellow colleagues or superiors.
Bottom line, people do resign no matter how much we think they are needed, how successful they seem in the current position or their bright future with the company.

Some people does impacts other people's life one way or another.
Hence, some may hold certain significance over the rest.
Frankly speaking, some of them who resign make me sad and i do not feel to be around on their last days in the office. Why? It's more due to the bond we have over the years.
and yes, i do think they're needed. at least by me.

But, no one is irreplaceable. Except the owner of the company life. It sucks but reality bites. Move on.

Enough with the saddening news.
What happens recently?
Today: April Babies' birthday celebration.
Happy birthday Nita, Ayu, & Wan Rokiah.
I wasn't there though. Wan Rokiah, Ila and me were interviewing candidates for the vacancy (not due to the above RESIGNING season).

What happened last week?

I was in Cherating. For reunion. SMSS94. It's held biennially and everytime, we struggled to get "new faces" to join. anyway, it was a successful one i would say. At least, 22pax SMSS94 were present. All in all plus spouses, kids and friends (Lee Na :D..heheh), there were about 60 of us (+-).
We paid RM160.00 for each adult on twn sharing basis including 2 lunches, 1 buffet dinner and 1 breakfast.
No details were furnished but i guess the lunches did use some of the SMSS94 fund. hmm..
Yours truly has being given the mandate on being the SMSS94 secretary FOR LIFE. It wasn't a surprise though since i have been doing it like..forever. It's ok. anything for SMSS94.

The SMSS94 Meeting. A fruitful one indeed.

The Ladies I (Version: Kucau/Yusri)
 The Ladies II (Version:YOURS truly)

SMSS94 Family

2nd Lunch at Che Wan, Kuala Kemaman.

The Kids Having fun

2nd Lunch at Che Wan, Kuala Kemaman. 

The next reu? PD or Perak.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

One is Off to?

Badminton game last week went well.
At least for me. :D
It was held at Twins USJ.
Macam biasa, lain organiser, lain geng, banyak mulut.
Itu aku dah cukup masak.
Bagi aku senang je. Banyak complain? organise sendiri.
tapi politic dalam game yang ini, memang hebat la.
Kalau orang2 neh yg bertanding kat Sarawak dan menang, esok jugak semua hutan kat Sarawak tuh licin. hahahha. Jokes aside, seriously, "buat baik, orang balas baik. buat jahat, then you wll see the power of the poeple"

Yesterday, my COO  greeted me "haiyaa, u old oso younger people cannot beat aaa?" Old aa me? terima je la kenyataan zatul oi...
What can i say. I guess it's a challenge for next year's tourny.
Maybe next week we're allowed to select our own partner?

Hari neh nak pegi Cherating. Aku kene bawak sorang lagi sebab daddy tak bley pegi.
Plan punya plan, budak bwh 12 plak yg ikut. citernye, budak bwh 12, free aje.
Papela. Yang penting, dia ble tgk2kan Oya. Yang kakak nya ble tanya "apa nak buaty kat Cherating?"
alo. orang nak bagi cuti free ko tak nak? sengal.
Tapi takkan nk paksa orang. biarla. Budak neh pun ok jugak.
 Aku gi Cherating buatpe? ada reunion SMSS batch of 94. kitaorng buat 2 tawon skalik.
Cadangnya buat kat sana supaya geng pantai timur leh join.
Tgkla turn up mcm mana. smaa jek kot. orang2 yg sama.
Tapi maing2 mungkin ada hal kot.
Cuma next time, stick kat central jek la senang.

anyway, 8.19am and Oya is still asleep. Lee Na tgh bersiap kat umah dia.
tunggu jek la.


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