Thursday, November 29, 2007


feels like my energy is being sapped from me day after day. my mind is not working. my body has stopped functioning. oopppss....literally. it aches here and there. i wonder wuts going on.
maybe i don't get enuff sleep.
maybe i should take the heed from my body.
maybe my mind is telling me to do something.
maybe i have enough of this life.
maybe i need a change.
maybe i've stayed too long on this journey.
maybe i should take the next junction.
or maybe..i'm simply too tired.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


ok, i may have exaggerated it a LOT but while jamming my laptop with junks, i actually bump into -->> OMG!!! my kampung punya website. but err..if you ask me who are these ppl featured in the site, i would remember their face but none the names. but hey!! blaming not good my friend. But of course, i do recognise the author aKa caretaker of the site Hajimin. 2 thumbs up!! Geng, the pic sia curik dari site tuh..jan kamurang saman sia aaa.... sia nda da tusin..hahahaha...the site is simple and informative. maybe an update or two each month would meriahkan lagi the site. maybe some pics of latest development, latest baby, weddings, news, anything. so ppl who are actually away would feel right at home..sobsobsob...i want to go back tomorrow!!!!!!! as if i could. i would but..nvmd. I hv trouble navigating the page initially. maybe needs some improvement. come on, mesti ramai rakan muda kampung who are actually internet savvy, not those yg got Friendster or myspace accounts ..these ppl may not be necessarily good. what i mean is, ppl who can do with HTML ke, anything related to site development la. me? no wayyyyyyyyyyyy jose..........i cilok2 info from internet jugak.haha.
paste some pics guys. maybe the warga emas pics including my lovely grandmother. sure, y not kan? planning to go back raya 2008. insyaallah.
btw, at least, there is something la about Tudan Baru. i was taken aback when i found those info on Keningau & Tudan baru including all those "bands" @ youtube...u better watch put what u guys are rolling..till then, banyak plk aku membebel.....adios..

P/S above pic is old pic of tudan baru.

Monday, November 26, 2007


i could never be as creative as Alice...i am amazed by her talent in scrap booking.lawa lak tuh. she even invested in some courses and materials i think. ow..i still owe her RM7 for the card...yes, she makes wonderful card oso. and she created a page where me and her giggling during xmas party in 2005. i looked fat!!! and still am..ngehngehngeh....suba and Me Kien in the pic. nice shot!! i may want her to make a few pages for my son + doter.. let's see la..coz i'm not really appreciative of arts and i'm a lousy keeper of any sentimental thingy..haha..

Sunday, November 25, 2007


Tyres are often neglected when it comes to ensuring vehicle safety. But just how much do we actually know about tyres – in general as well as in ensuring its reliability? Let us take some time to enlighten ourselves with information that might just save our life, as well as the live of the persons we love. It is our hope that the following practices become part of our culture.

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Do not rely on the gauge at petrol stations. Spare Wheel should be included
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2. Ensure you have the correct tyre for your car.
You can check this by referring to the tyre placard usually contained in the
glove box, on the driver's door pillar or under the front bonnet. It
indicates the correct size, speed rating and load capacity, as well as
recommended inflation pressures.

3. Avoid "mixing" tyres.
It is advisable to avoid mixing different brand tyres on the same axle due
to varying construction styles. It can also be dangerous to mix tyres of
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4. Avoid hard braking and sudden acceleration.
Tyres may wear quickly if consistently subjected to hard braking or rapid

5. Use care when parking to avoid tyre damage.
Many impact fractures occur in the sidewall area of the tyre rather than the
tread. Careful parking will reduce damage to tyre sidewalls that can occur
through contact with kerbs.

6. Ensure that tyres have more than 1.6mm of tread.
Most new tyres have about 8-9mm of tread but when the tread wears down to
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7. Have your tyres fitted by a qualified tyre technician.
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8. Do not use sealants to repair punctures.
After a puncture, tyres must be inspected internally to assess what damage
has occurred. Sealants should not be used as preventative measures.

mencari ketenangan

kebelakangan ini, aku makin x sedap hati. aku sentiasa diburu resah. mungkin kerana semua problems tgh keluar sekarang. rasa mcm nak give-up pun ada. balik kampung, dok diam2, buat keje kampung. tapi sampai bla aku nk melarikan diri dr segala punca keresahan ini? mencari jalan penyelesaian bukan senang. mungkin aku harus kembali ke jalan Nya dgn lebih bersungguh2 lagi. mungkin ini adalah musibah kepada aku selalu alpa pada tugasku sebagai hamba Nya..

kemana kawanku2? aaahhh..aku dah lama mendelete kawan2ku yg hanya wujud di lipatan memori. susah utk mencari kwn sejati. aku x mengharap mereka menolong tapi cukupla sekadar teman mendengar, kwn utk menegur aku dan memberi nasihat, itupun sudah cukup. Ramai antaranya hanya kawan semasa senang. semasakhidmat aku diperlukan. Jadi sekarang, aku dah one0step wiser dlm bab kwn2 neh.

segalanya bertimpa2 di atas kepala ku. cuma semangat yg membantu aku mendongak kepala ke langit. anak2 ku membuat aku kuat menghadapi cabaran2 yg ini. aku harus bersabar...dan banyak2 berdoa agar di beri petunjuk. semoga tuhan menerima penyesalan ku ini dan aku redha segala ketentuannya...

Saturday, November 24, 2007

haunted house in Subang Jaya!!!

waaaaaaaaaaaaa....scary !!!!!!!!!!!
........the kids were crying...full of terror, filled with tears. there was no where they could run to except accept the destiny that awaits them..Texas chainsaw murderer flashed before them..not long ago a Ju-on was dragging behind their pathway and looking for opportunities to grab them and put them away inher safe hidden place....
a vampire was breathing with blood..awaiting the fresh blood ....and the kids screamed, again..maybe it's their last.....and they came out from from the Haunted hse...haha...
SS15, Subang jaya, ends Dec 9, every night, 8.30pm-1am...try it...u won't regret the scary experience..i haven't tho..haha..
ok...Adam & Fadhly cried..the gurls were ok..haha..and the "ghost" were actually college students..and the ghosts were all good looking ones...haha..apart from i was with baby sofiya, i WON'T ever go into one..i won't subject myself to this terror..not ever...nnt ada nitemare aku gak susah....waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Happy Anniversary Sivanes!!!

i 4got the exact date..sob sob..but suddenly after lunch Sivanes came in with a large bouquet of anniversary dia rupanya. anyways, may she has a wonderful wedded life and blessed journey..

Time of my life - Nov 07

Friday, 16th Nov.
Sales conference at Le Meridien KL. All reps for Emerson gathered in KL this year so we didn't wanna miss the chance to actually be part of it. wonderful!!! The physical views of the product lines enhances my understanding of the products i am err..transwater is selling. meeting the Indonesia rep was particularly initially a pressure. y? hehe. neways
, glad to finally met those guys. Principals from US pun ada. Spore takyah citer la. Kuiz tak menang satu pun aaaaaaa......tipuuuuuuuuuuuu!!! the best part is, leh jumpa org2 yg aku asyik nmpk nama depa kat email je. yg penting...sorang pun takdek yg encem....:P....
and L
e meridien, was superb. the room is complete and the view is simply fantastic.and not to mention, gayat seyyyyyyyyyy.

Saturday, 17th Nov Niza - biras aku- convo today kat UITM Shah Alam. mcm biasa, ramai org and panas. sini baek sofiya ok je. adam? xyah kata apa la. lari sini sana. sibuk nak beli bunga utk mak su dia. last2 beli ferrero rocher -betul ke neh- siap beli 2 "satu utk maksu, satu utk adam". mcm dia je yg konvo. tapi pelik. dia bagi mak su dia yg xde kad. dia punya ada kad plak. ekss..

Friday, November 16, 2007

argghhhhhhhhhhhhh...curi wat per?????

apa perbezaan yg ketara antara 2 astro dish di atas??????
yg satu sempurna, yg cacat tuh aku punya!!! why on earth wud ppl do this???? mana aku nk carik part yg ilang tv for next few days laaaa. signal tv free kt umah aku suxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.....waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

...mimi pun nak join the "Oil & Gas Vendor Mama Club"...haha..

1st of all, got meh such club???.....naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh.

Presenting: Nurin Zarifah binti.....erm..Ah Chong???
Amboi..comey sungguh anak dara Mimi nih noooooooooooooo...chek sukaaaaaaa......
kecik2 dah pandai pegang HP...bkn HP yg baling dog bole %$&$W%#$^#Q$!#$#.....minta maaf no. blog nih x dibenaqkan mencaa...rum.....amboi..kalah callcentre yg haku dok slalu harras tuh. klu gini la ghopenye cust service exec tuh, cheq berani gadai gelang yg x menang tangan dia nih nk layan masalah yg di ada2 kan..cun betui anak dara dia...mak dia "so-so"la,,kira aku cun lagi la...jan marah nooo mimi..aku gurau jaaaa....umuq dia mak dia x habaq. takdak intro langsung.hantaq gambaq mcm tuh ja. org nih, bagi la intro ka, synopsis ka. aku x penah jumpak anak dia nieh. maklumla..masing2 bz memanjang memantau kwsn jajahan & kabinet memasing. nak layan pengerusi tetap lagi, pemerhati bebas la...pikiaq balik, aku dh lama x jumpak mimi & lin. sejak kami berpisah dan dipisahkan ...tangkap feeling plax..orait nurin..nih besaq nak jadi apa neh? jadik anak yg solehah, taat pada ibu-bapa dan bakal mama-papa mertua ...tu lah bakal menantu auntie..takpa...auntie jaga abang adam ngan baik and well-groomed & endowed..
melalut lax...

respect others and they will too!!!

Take this test!

In other words, your commitment to leading a dignified life, and your belief in being respectful, directly affect how, and how often, you experience certain feelings.

For example, your test results indicate that you're most fulfilled when you treat people with the decency all humans deserve. That factor is directly related to your fundamental belief in dignity and the range of emotions it triggers.

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

her precious gem....

email from the mother of this lil cutie -pie aKa my future son-in-law..hahah

Tomeyyy?...hehehe…dia hensem la sebenarnye. Serius..bukan aku nak puji anak sendiri..tapi muka dia lebih sesuai dilabelkan handsome daripada comey. Amir x comey, tapi dia handsome J

Minggu depan ialah besday dia yg ke-5 bulan.

Sofiya mcm muka laki ko…sebab adam sebijik muka ko.

Ok..aku citer skit amir punya latest progress hik hik..

Latest :

1- Mulut banyakkkkkkkkk………asik membebel je budak amir ni.>> mcm mak dia laaa

2- Pandai dah marah org. ayah dia selalu kena marah dgn dia sebab dia x suka ayah dia cium dia…sebab ada misai and janggut. He would screammmmm of protest whenever dad is trying to kiss him. Dia akan tolakkkkkk muka ayah dia ke tepi…nganaganaga….tapi bila aku cium, dia rilekkk je :p---> dia ske fomfuan shium2...

3- Meniarap dah pandai dah sejak umur 3 bulan ari tu--> huh..cepatttt.bagus tul SIL aku

4- Dlm stage tgh nak belajar merangkak. Tgh stage angkat punggung skang ni dan undur ke belakang. Bukan ke depan ye, tapi ke belakang…..keskekskes >> aku konpius hahaha

5- Dah pegang botol susu sendiri.-> tolon ajar sofiya leh tak???

6- Suka sgttttt sengih kat org..especialy kat org pompuan--> hmmm..guys..

7- Tgh suka mengiggit putting . aku rasa gusi dia gatal kot.--> uiks..jgn geget..nnt auntie geget

Itu je kot. Peluk cium sofiya utk aku, okay?--> done :D


Merci beaucoup. ThANK you. 谢谢.dank u. danke. σας ευχαριστούμε. grazie. ありがとう. obrigado.
謝謝. вы. --> to PETRONAS sebab bagi aku voucher RM100.00!!!! hahah. menang peraduan apa ntah.
aku pun dah x hengat.....

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Disney live in Malaysia

Nov 8, Deepavali 2007.

Pegi open house hafizee. parking visitor was full and we had 2 walk. erk...jauh gak la :P..but, i didn't take any pics of the super-fabolous food!!! arghhh.. the main dish was homemade nasi kerabu. katering x main la. sedapnya.x pernah lagi aku mkn sesedap itteww. food theme: kelantan food. ada kuih buah tanjung [ aku panggil "taik itik"] rupanya Buah Tanjung made form egg yolk while kuih taik itik made from egg-whites. apart from that, there are a few kelantanese + non-kelantanese food incld kuih gomok. mcm kuih tepung gomak tapi hak nih lembut sket.

then, off we go th Taman Lestari Putra again for Kak Masz's open hse plak. ada mee rebus tapi aku mkn nasi dagang sket jek.

petang tuh, off we go to Bukit Jalil for "Disney Live in Malaysia show".nak masuk pun kena handbag kena search kalah security kat airport. merchandise kat situ pun paling murah RM25.00 (a coloring book+ magic wand). aku siap bagi soklan cepumas kat organiser [dlm slang exxagerated english] " why can't we take any picture?" (it's the rule) " i know but why?" and as expected, nobody could answer my Q. i went off with a smirk on my face.even if i have taken some picas, i wouldn't put em here....the show wasn't "a bring it on " for my son. Cinderella, snow white, Aladdin, are not his forte. he was amazed at the magic show however. i couldn't wait until the show ended. it was nice, great, amazing show but hey, not my cup of tea.
sambung. Then the seating arrangement. i thot the VIP (RM228.00) & Class A (RM158.00) seat wud differs a lot. sekali tgk seat VIP mcm kerusi banquet kat hotel. pastuh jarak seat VIP & Class barricade/divider, and when the show started, we actually could move to VIP seats from Class A Seats. so, what's the difference? except we didn't coz Class A Seat is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyy much more comfortable (padded stadium seats) than VIP seats. Isn't it a rip off???? yeah, maybe initially we will be ushered into our designated seats (yeah..VIP & Class A seats were numbered), but i still think it's a big RIP-OFF!! Class B Seats (RM58.00) is behind Class A seats except they were free-seated and there was a fence between Class A & B. But still, i think, Class B seats are enough to enjoy the's not that far from the stage provided must be there early to catch good seats.
anyway, overall, the show is superb (i like the magical show and mickey+minnie combo is so cute. Maybe we adults would still be amazed (for those who haven't been to Disney world) to meet all the Disney's characters. Plus, it's a good winding down activity, one in a while.

did i take pictures? hahahhahh..nope..i swear :P , the abv pic is from THe Star.

Friday, November 9, 2007

uhhh...IQ? wat's dat?

Take this test!

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Thursday, November 8, 2007


Sebelum aku lupa lagi, i want to make a "tribute to Kamisah Ghazali @ Misha". she was my former boss aka supervisor. strict but reasonable and pleasant to work with. nice. when i joined back in 2003, i was under her tutelage till she decided to join another division. now, she has left for another sometimes, rasa guilty plak coz she was simply so company to venture into new experience, and ultimately another phase of her life. there4, gud lak boss. glad u lovedd the lil gift. i chose it u know..LOL
BTW, thanks for the jam dinding. we haven't hang it yet [dunno where to hang it]..susah sgt, i bwk balik je la..wargahahah

Adam best student???? Adam Eizraf is best student in "Kreativiti & Estetika". frankly, aku pun tatau wut is dat for...hmmm.. warghahaha...
anyway, 2nd Nov, again malam tuh dia kena menari tarian yg sama masa pen hse tuh. Rupa2nya, all the best students in their category comes from the same Zapin group..6 og them. i wonder mungkin disengajakan atau depa nih cepat tangkap sket? apa2 je la.... yang pasti, beg tahun depan dah ada......dpt hasiah beg semua depa tuh...

so, graduatela meka pada mlm tuh wlupun gmbr graduation dh lama siap. tahun depan darjah satu plak. makin loyar buruk kot dia neh. nakal bende biasa kot utk budak2 lelaki tapi klu dh over, kena do something gakla. ala. memember aku kt skola yg dulu dok score gilas babas pun takdela jadik somebody sgt. org2 yg "biasa2" je naik. so, aku dh wat kesimpulan, it's too ealy to tell your future. what we can do is provide a strong foundation, good academic resources and continuous tawakkal to god, our children should be doin' just fine. aku? i made a mistake, regretted it and moved on since then. there's no point reminiscing bad memories, now we?

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

coretan tgh malam.....................

2 minggu berlalu eventless except for Adam's kindy open hse and convocation. I am very2 surprise that he was even involved in zapin!!!!. hmm..surprisingly, he could remember the steps. i guess childrens' mind are less corupted compared to adults..haha.

31st Oct 2007
Lunch hour. Tadika Kemas Taman Dato' Hormat is the tuan rumah this year for Parlimen Kelana Jaya nye Kemas. So, all the Kemas kindy sent their reps and food (of course!!). As ususal, where there is food, i try my best to be there.ahaks. as usal, makan2 and the kids have their show from each resective Kindy including Adam's.ok gak adam menari. x sangka u. tapi nnt dia x jadi "sesuatu" ke?? tak kot...takkan la semua yg menari tuh jadi "sesuatu"...Ex-MB was present, Tan Sri Muhammad Muhamad Taib. Mula2 aku x cam sgt. tp bila tgk org lain usha2 je, aku pun usha la...laaaaaaaaaaaa..dia nih ka. Bagi hadiah pun dia jugak.Tahun nih bdk2 kindy area nih dpt RM5.OO sorang. apsal mak bapak x dapat?

so, show dari bebudak2 comey nih mcm2 ada. menari twist pun ada. comey bab sorang tuh sihat yg amat. comel.


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