Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Finale of Radiotherapy

Nov 27th. #15.

Just like that. My radiotherapy session has ended today.
15 times in-a-row except for weekends.

15 times of to-and-fro driving from Glenmarie to UMMC/PPUM/UH via NPE.
15 times of seeing the almost familiar faces everyday.
15 times of chit-chatting with a bunch of friendly radiographers.
15 times of changing into hospital robes.
15 times of feeling nothingness when strangers look unto your body and draw lines with markers.

i am just glad it's all over.
Parking space in PPUM is precious especially during the school holiday.

1. Get someone to drive you there and wait for you. The procedure minus the waiting time is only 10mins.
    Get yourself to the Oncology-Radio section by 11.30am and the most is having 3 people ahead of you.
    If you go at 8am, you will have at least 20pax ahead of you
2. Park at Crystal crown hotel and take a cab there.
3. Park by the roadside,
4. Naik taxi all the way. habis citer.

Now, i get to enjoy my "sunburnt" skin and it's starting to get itchy here and there.
Panas but bearable.

neh la gambar machine yang aku dok mengadap tuh. Baring je kat atas katil pastuh mesin bulat tuh akan pegi mana yang disetkan.
excuse me, mmg tak nampak hapa ok. ko cuma tau mesin tuh jalan sebab ada bunyi.
kat PPUM cuma ada 1 mesin je. so, kalau rosak, mmg dorang akan call untuk postpone treatment.
last week, ada sehari mesin rosak. so dorang ganti hari sabtu pagi.

jadi kaedahnya, lepas neh ada appoitnment for review saja.

insyallah, everything is gonna be fine saja.

hopefully dah tak payah lah pegi mengadap semua2 neh lagi,


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