Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Feel-like-Crying afternoon

Maybe i'm just tired.for today.
Maybe it's because of some of the sad statuses and newsfeed on my FB.
Maybe it's just one of those days with the homesickness.

yes. i still feel homesick. At 34 and 2 kids in tow? come on, some people would say.
Ask your Sabahan or even Sarawakian friends. Our speech will almost be the same. We miss home. Nothing beats home. There's no place like home. well,except for those whose family has fully migrated to the peninsular. and those who hates their hometown ;-)

In my case, i am missing a lot of happenings around my family. Weddings, births, engagements, convocation celebration, birthdays and even death. Well, i have been since i was 13 when i went to PM as a YS student in one of the boarding school here.It's a decision (...r u sure nana? heheh) i sometimes ponder, what has gotten into me 22 years ago? well, i was just a kid!! and flying to PM was just a finale to my fantasy, at that point of time. Imagine the KK airport was filled with sad atmosphere and the cry of a group of 13years old about to be apart form their family for almost one year. It was for most of us.

And how we spent the school holidays? Perkampungan!!! That was how we , the YS students, got together, got close and ease each others' homesick. Noooo..we were not allowed to go back except for the 1-month holiday at the end of the year! Our bond was special. We don't really share our lives together the way we shared it with our schoolfriends. But somehow, there's a bond between us that is still alive until today. Whether or not it's still being cherished,it depends on each individual. Each perkampungan has its own memories. Each time the venue would be different and the event would of course be unique.

Well, ff i hadn't accepted the offer though, i wouldn't have known the wonderful people i have known so far in my life. That my friend, is me, accepting my takdir.

crap. i've gotten so melancholic over these things this few days.
This will be a good time to watch some tear-jerking movies.

moving on!!!

Today afternoon was spent at UMMC. OT & Physio appointment for Sofiya.
As usual, the therapist will gauge her progress and/or improvement She has shown some improvement when it comes to walking attempts but it relies heavily on her own self motivation and mood! Mummy can only laugh la...

We will try to hold only one of her hand so that she will try to balance herself and she has tried something new today!

Usually, she would try praticising walking with Rollator. This usually priced at RM250.0-RM400.00. She has not got one because she seems to hate it and she can't balance herself yet.
Rollator is actually a walker which needs to be pushed while walking. It may come with or without seat and baskets.

This wheeled walking frame is designed for children who require support when walking. ... This walker is suitable for children with good upper body strength but limited stamina.

source: http://www.healthnme.com/images/adult%20child%20folding%20rollator.bmp

While Reverse Posture walker is something that sofiya actually likes because she has more balance and she can handle it. The price tag? from RM850.00 w/o seat, etc. I may need to get this for her.

source: http://www.assistireland.ie/eng/Products_Directory/Walking_Standing_Devices/Walking_Frames_-_Wheeled/Wheeled_Standard_Frames/Children/Meyland-Smith_Henry_Walking_Frame.html
walking frame that offers support from behind the user to encourage correct trunk position and an upright posture. The frame has anti-slip wheels to prevent backwards movement, but has an override feature that allows forward and backward walking when required. The frame has swivelling front wheels that can be locked to prevent the frame from moving when not desired.

We'll see how it goes. Let her choose which one is comfortable for her but i have a gut feel that the reverse walker suits her better.

Well, since JKM is not providing one, looks like i have to build one for her or buy her one.

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