Friday, November 6, 2009

Mengupdatekan dirik!

Well, nak kata takde happening , banyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak yg happened recently. Ada yg ok, biasa dan bertaraf P&c pun ada...ahaks..

Well, Sofiya has updates. She like cute male doctors esp her Rehab doc at UMMC @ PPUM. She crawls faster now and getting "cepat merajuk easily".

Other than, i can't say because some happenings are P&C. :P..

My current project is assuming the role of Organiser for the division again.
Being one is not an easy task. Put in mind all the Generations i.e Builders, Baby Boomers, Gen-X and Gen-Y and i can assure you each has their definition of Group Outing, fun, not to mention the wheres, whens, hows and it is endless.

Come to think of it, this is fun. Maybe..just maybe...event management???

Sorry, can't accomodate EVERYONE but will definitely caters to each Gen's preference.
Planning is being made and of course, it's a headache. but fun!
Where? ahaks...later!


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