Friday, June 10, 2011

Raya dah ke?

tak la..ambik gambo beramai2 je...the last guy will join us in another 1 week time..
saja je soh depa pakai baju gini..

yang paling x tahan...tgk depa neh...amboi!!

esok Transwater's family day kat FRIM.
Dapat t-shirt free..yeay..

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Do whatever you want except sitting down..

..for more than is necessary, i mean. Here goes the email i've received today.
But alas, i have no time to research whether the facts are true or auta semata2 (mcm prof ada tak?).
The infographics can also be extracted from webby yg ada kat bawah tuh...

Via: Medical Billing And Coding

Sitting is Killing You
Via: Medical Billing And Coding

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Kids

Nahhhh..introducing the other kids in my care..

They're just not good with camera yet..

Mak nama Tart. Full name: Tart Telur.
The kids? nnt aku pikir...

The : First Day at work

Ok. I was jilted. By a junior staff. But that was a few months ago.
She simply didn't turn up for work one day and tadaa...went missing for about 2 weeks.
Should i wait? Nayyy..2 weeks was generous enough.
Some of the junior engineers even got the cheek to say that i pampered her too much.
Hmm..put yourself in my shoes then tell me how it was. Ingat senang ke nak supervise orang?
Budak tuh dah la lemah lembut. Takkan aku nak jerkah dia. Kang pengsan, sapa susah?
Kau? tak kot.

So, since TW is quite lenient, we didn't pursue the case like crazy.
When the registered letter came back unclaimed, that was it.
Off i went to find the replacement.

Today, i was jilted again. Well, this time it's a He and i should have listened to my heart.
He didn't report to work last week, due to some family matter.
Ho didn't report to work yesterday for the very same reason.
Today? no sms, no calls, nada.

That's it.

Finding people to hire takes patience and preserverance.
Nih kalah2 nak pegi masuk hutan , dok 2 minggu and kelaparan.
I think handling a group of OKU kids is far easier!!

I thought hiring a 30ish yo guy will give me less headache. But wait a minute..
The she was a youngy2 below 25yo. She also gave me headache one.
So how? some people say, listen to your heart, instinct and reasons.

maybe i would. So to those people looking for work or is about to have your first day of work, read this:

1. Arrive On Time, If Not a Little Earlier

2. Bring All the Things Required of You

3. Know Who To Report To

4. Smile, Not Grin To Your New Colleagues

5. Be Mentally Prepared

6. Change your mindset, attitude

Banyak lagi kot article kat internet pasal keje2 neh,...salah satu BNET. apa tuh? google la..

and most importantly, SHOW UP!! If you think you can't or you won't for whatever reasons, inform la !@$#@@$R#@.

Friday, June 3, 2011

The FAMEkids

Recently, i've joined an independent group which i;d like to call support group for mommies like me and kids like oya :D.
They had some sort of launching few months ago siap ber-artis lagi and at that point of time, i didn;t know this group exist.

Well, i've put the link on my page on the right hand side and they also have a page in facebook.
So, if you;re a supporter or wanna join the group, i guess all are welcomed.

For members, we even have a closed page for us only.
I kinda appreciate the founder as i can actually askaway anything and express almost everything in the page.
The best thing is, we understand each other and hence we kinda can give the right supprt and encourage each other accordingly.hey, we're in the same boat, aren't we?
Truly, only those facing the same situation will undestand better.
Others? yep, they may and i hope they continue to do so but not as good as these made of steel mommies.

Nevertheless, give the due support to this group and other group as well.
They need it. We need it. I need it.

P/S Congrats and muchas gracias to Lyna & Watie, founder of FAMEkids.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Things we do

Division Meeting. Interesting to see:

Division Meeting: Excited Faces

Office Hour: Bored? Kidnap someone then.


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