Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Missing Ones

Via email today, i know a certain kid named Adam Shah is missing. Poor kid! Questions i may have but this unfortunate event require no more questions than there is.

From another blog, there is more than meets the eye. Read on but remember, we're not here to judge. Let's pray for his safety and courage for his family during this challenging period.
Talking about challenge, another email today presents its challenge to Transwaterians.
A badminton tournament for the staff will be held on April 9th & 10th.Me, myself, for whatever reasons duly filled in the form and join the women double league. 
My partner will be Aiza. Lucky me! I guess.and for her, lucky or not, she just has to play for the RM400/winner prize..wohoooo..

Syed Afisol suddenly wants to join the mixed double and his partner? me! (that is if the committee allow last minute entry). and i jokingly volunteer to be our dear Director's partner...argghh where was my conscience...nay...i don't think he'll agree..ha

Work is getting mundane nowadays. Don't get me worng. I love my work.I still going to office.
Maybe because i just need to get things done. I'm not deemed as i?
But...i think (lemme think)  need a break..but then again, it maybe tempo
Just maybe, i can figure this out later tomorrow during the 2-hours Stress & you talk...
Yeah. A doctor is coming to TW tomorrow..we'll see how it goes..

So, what are the missing ones?
1. Adam Shah
2. My enthusiasm to play 
(actually, yes,i just filled in the form because i like filling in forms)

3. My eagerness to send Oya to school. It rains in the morning nowadays.
Not that i'm complaining ...  (damn the traffic)

4. The Spark. What? I work, yes, quite with enthusiasm but play time? 
I'm so getting older sooner than i thought.

5. there's something missing..but i can't quite figure it out...hmmm....

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