Sunday, April 27, 2008

A letter to ASTRO

Dear Astro

Thank you for fixing my reception yesterday morning, 2a.m. I accidentally turned on the TV and voila, it's there. I know ASTRO team has been working very2 hard to fix my problem since Tuesday, April 22nd 2008.

I know it a small problem to you when you and your technician keep saying i may have put in the card wrongly. Yeah, maybe considering i don't get the chance to further my studies until MASTER and PHD. I don't even know what i'm writing, there's a big possibility that i don't even know which way is the right way to insert an ASTRO SMART CARD.

Mr ASTRO Directors, you see, my new GOLD SMART CARD was just fine last weekend. I could even enjoy AF6 Concert and all. I started to not be able to watch anything since last Tuesday and missed my CSIs. But never mind. I have your hotline no which is very innovative and friendly. Not to mention, your customer service officers are very hot in demand considering the time taken to answer my calls from Tuesday till Saturday midnite, all day long. The system in ASTRO must be very2 effective since i have to repeat my case all over again whenever i managed to speak to one of your lovely CS officer. Not to mention, the complaints thru ASTRO website is left unanswered. I wonder, f i were to upgrade my system thru website, it would get your attention very2 quickly.

Mr ASTRO finance Director, i know. i have received one SMS from ASTRO saying my account is overdue by RM60 and i believe there is more. But, since i was not able to get any signal for 5 days, can i get a rebate? it's ok if ASTRO not able to give it to me since i am willing to pay for nothing. it's ok. Or did you do that on purpose? cutting down my service for 5 days for not paying on time? ooh, i am very2 sorry. I bet CELCOM would be laughing away this month since my bill would be huge. It's ok Mr ASTRO , i am very2 generous this month and that's why i am willing to call the same number over and over again until not even one officer can help solve my problem and rather preferred to say "maybe you have inserted your gold smart card wrongly".

Dear ASTRO team, do you know your voices sounded sooooo good when i put you on the speakers? yeah, i was taking a leak and i couldn't help it. I was afraid to be put on hold for longer. Yes. i must save for the next call to ASTRO.

ok. i must stop now. I must go check my phone bill so i can leverage payment to ASTRO.

Have a good day.


Saturday, April 26, 2008

Broadband or No Broadband..

A particular salesman were 3/4 way of convincing me to purchase Maxis broadband yesterday. RM100 for registration and voila, the modem gonna be mine and monthly charges is RM118.00 compared to RM130 for non-promo catch.
Hokay, and as if he could read my mine, "yes, it can be connected to the router and there's still gonna be a hot spot in your house". i was impressed. wait..sms Zalina 1st. she was honkering me about this last week. ok, as usual, gotta get my lo'kong to agree first since both of us are heavy users of this magnificent innovation. As usual, he's being natural and no objection as long as he gets access to his email for work. Now, MAXIS v CELCOM. Don't celcom has better coverage? Hopped to the all-blue outlet and asked the salesman there about the Free Modem ad thingy. Not only he was unable to satisfy my questions, he looked like he was high on sumthing. Back to myslef. do i need a bb modem? yeah, convenient enough when "balik kampung" but surely i can do with no-internet for 1-2 weeks rite? i think so larrr...i do read some local forums and downloadings are better off with Lined connection. means, Steamyx. I dunno, i don't still fully comprehend the whole BB modems thing, any other gadgets required, connection speed, and i am very2 confused with celcom's ad on the free modems thingy. what's dat all about? i've posted my Q in my facebook. let's just wait and see.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

walaweh..wut a week..

Yesterday, i didn't join the frenly futsal match with RNZ. Turned out, Ida dislocated her middle finger - kaki tau - . yes, sounds funny an i had a good laugh :P..sorry, ida. Went to see her at SMC and she was admitted just because of a sprained finger?..i wonder....i never liked SMC, so i reserve my comments.

now, the main story.
it started 2 weeks ago and i lost RM50 in my own house. Options:
1. Adam took it ~ very unlikely. Even rm0.50 pun he needs to ask in terror. Not saying that i'm defending my own son, but the chronological did not fit. He was in my room for less than 10mins and kids, the guilt will be plastered all over his face whenever a wrong is done.
2. I misplaced/used it - likely. I do sometimes forgot where i put my money but this time...hmmm...can't be.
3. Adam's fren tool it ~ VERY2 LIKELY. he was behaving strangely and left the house after he came out of my room.
But, i played it cool and let it go..

Yesternight, i had RM20++ in my wallet and this morning, it's gone. cannot be. i didn't but any grocery last night. Again, adam's fren was in the house. I've decided not to let him in.
Then, my husband checked his wallet and RM500.00 is gone!!! he went down with Adam to look for Adam's fren. He went to the CC in block C and told the kids" that somebody had better return my money, or else".
Adam's was brought home together with my fen's son, Ali. all 3 of them incld Adam was interrogated. My husband even threatened em with knife and Adam's 1st fren didn't even budge. Ali was already crying and i knew he is not the culprit.
somehow, magic happened, a bunch of kids show up and returned the money saying they found it in the stairway area in Block B. Very2 convenient.i knew sumthing is wrong.
Adam's fren admitted that he was blackmailed and he had to steal money to stay alive!!! 8 years old stole RM500!! It was planned because the same gang was ready to go to Sunway Pyramid .my guess is, to spend the money.OMG!!!!!
Stories unfold and i've decided to see the parents involved. I may want to make police report.
lemme think first..while sleeping..

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Adam's Sports Day - April 11th 2008

Sports Day @ SK Kg Lindungan, Bandar Sunway
Adam woke up at 0500, excited and fully-dressed at 0530.
Mummy tired. Mummy leepy. Mummy woke up eventually.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Ken Lee -Improvement!!!




Pirate of sunway



abih lantai aku............

bujang lapok versi dusun

kelakar gila...sabahans, enjoy, :P

Monday, April 14, 2008

My first view in the morning.

this my view every morning and loving every single morning.
yes, she still can't walk, sit on her own or even crawl, but she's healthy.
april 17th, another trip to paeds...

Saturday, April 12, 2008

(The Bible version of Fitna) - video SCHISM balas video FITNA

JEDDAH: Seorang penulis blog Arab Saudi berjaya menghasilkan sebuah video selama enam minit berjudul Schism dengan memetik ayat dalam kitab Injil yang menghalalkan peperangan, sebagai reaksi tindakan ahli parlimen Belanda Geert Wilder menghina Islam menerusi filem bertajuk Fitna.

Raid Al-Saeed, 33, menunjukkan di dalam filemnya, beberapa petikan kitab Injil yang menggalakkan peperangan dan membuat tambahan dengan klip rakaman memperlihatkan kumpulan ekstremis Kristian menyampaikan ceramah berunsur keganasan. untuk lihat video tersebut:

Sambungan artikel:

“Saya menghasilkannya dalam tempoh kurang 24 jam. Dalam ‘Schism’ saya menggunakan metodologi sama digunakan Wilders dan ia membabitkan petikan yang disalah tafsir,” katanya. Beliau berkata langkah yang diambil untuk menghasilkan filem itu adalah bagi membuktikan bahawa adalah salah untuk mengadili dan menilai Islam dengan menonton Fitna.

Petikan ini dicatatkan Raid pada penghujung filemnya. “Memang mudah untuk memetik mana-mana bahagian dalam kitab suci dan menyalah tasfirkan petikan itu sehingga membuat ia seolah-olah kelihatan seperti sebuah kitab yang tidak mempunyai nilai kemanusiaan.”

“Inilah yang dilakukan Geert Wilders untuk mendapat sokongan bagi ideologinya yang penuh perasaan kebencian. Berikutan itu saya menghasilkan Schism sebagai satu reaksi balas,” katanya.

Raid berkata beliau tidak percayai ada kitab suci menggalakkan keganasan dan pertumpahan darah. Beliau berkata Fitna dibuat ‘berasaskan kebencian’ dan Wilders menyalahgunakan ‘kebebasan bersuara yang dinikmatinya,”

kata beliau yang menambah, filem Wilders menunjukkan perasaan perkauman dan kebencian yang dimilikinya.

Apabila Raid mengirim klipnya ke YouTube pada 1 Mac, ia dibatalkan 12 jam kemudian dengan satu pesanan daripada laman itu yang menyatakan klip berkenaan bercanggah dengan terma yang ditetapkan.

Raid menulis semula kepada You Tube dan bertanya mengapa filemnya dibatalkan sedang Fitna dibenarkan untuk terus dilayari. Beliau memuat naik filem itu sekali lagi dan menambah mesej kepada pentadbir laman meminta mereka menyaksikan Wilders sebelum membatalkan ‘Schism’.

Video beliau sudah disaksikan lebih 1,800 kali dan kembali semula ke YouTube sejak 2 Mac. Ia juga boleh disaksikan melalui Google.

Raid menegaskan matlamat beliau bukan untuk menyemarakkan kebencian sebaliknya untuk memberitahu dunia bahawa seseorang itu tidak boleh mengadili sesuatu agama atau ideologi dengan tafsiran yang menyalahi hakikat dan perkara sebenar. – Agensi

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Team Building

i'm currently organising a team-building trip to Perak and Kampar namely. It's mind-boggling and IT IS NOT EASY BEING THE ORGANISER. Pls remind me not to ever join event management comp....*sigh*. I'm appointed the Event Organising Chairman = oversee EVERYTHING under the watchful eyes of Ms Kong. Lucky thing also. With her experience, i got lotsa guide + tips from her.thank god for the committee also. If not, memang aku nanes la..banyak nak kena buat siut..i can't be worried about EVERYTHING, can't i?

Finally, we get the green light today and the whole committee members can be activated full-force. As the OC -Organising Chairman-, i'm wooried how things would turn up to be and overall flow of th planned events. From Lata Kinjang waterfall trip to Lata Kinjang, to white water rafting and Gua Tempurung walkabout on the 2nd day and Hotspring tripon the 3rd day on the way back to KL. 40 pax to take care of not to mention taking care not to let the 300,000++ manhour thingy being reset...i can't afford to set the record of being the 1st person from Valve to do so..hehe...

apart from joy and pains of organising, i'm sooooooooooooooooooo looking forward into this trip..hey, my 1st time of water rafting. well, for this trip, all the activities are gonna be "first-time" thingy for me. kira virgin la..kuang kuang kuang...

Sunday, April 6, 2008

what's up?

i'm best at doing things i don't ecen comprehend one, here goes....

Undergoing MyBlogLog Verification

what on earth is a meta tag anyway. i'm asked to verify my site at bloglog and i'm doing this. could some1 entertain me bout this?

Thursday, April 3, 2008

TW Bowling Tournament 2008

meeting with client before bowling...view from level 36 KLCC, Tower 1

the ball which ate my thumb..

mak2 dara....

me and kavisha...

well, last Friday, March 28th, Transwater Bowling Tournament was held. I was in Ferrari team and we were ...waahhh..5th place i think...not bad..form 8 or 10 groups..or was it 7?

good activity..good teamwork and good time....

current status: bz with mission:perak 2008...


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