Thursday, July 31, 2008


Today, ive finally created Yahoogrups for TW staffs. By invitations only, sorry. However, if you have resigned, u're always welcomed in the group.

Today also, i've join blogger reunited. wait, its more like a coax from Rei. whatever. I've only joined the membership because Rei is a kind friend of mine and it's his baby, i think.

Hidden Van Gogh revealed in color by scientists.

Y it doesn't suprise me.
The Vincent van Gogh's 'Patch of Grass' painting was x-rayed by US scientists and they found a women's face/figure under the paint. my, my. maybe he was broke and thus he had to re-paint his own painting. it was the Dark Ages i guess.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

The new sequel to the trilogy will be aired in November 08. Im not a big fan of HP but this one kinda interesting. I did watch all the movies but no repeats. Maybe i should re-watch all the movies again.

The Lagoons of Titan: Oily Liquid Confirmed on Saturn Moon

The significance of the lake baffles me. A bigfoot footprint? or did i read it wrongly.

"The new observations affirm that Titan is one of the likeliest places to look for life in our solar system. Some astrobiologists have speculated that life could develop in the moon's hydrocarbon lakes, although it would have to be substantially different from known life on Earth, which requires liquid water."

...and what kind of life form are we expecting here babe? i think all we can find is a new strain of amoeba or lots of gas-based critters. What? Ur expecting Nessy up there? maybe there are. except it is much bigger with razor-sharp teeth. i wouldnt wanna bring down those species to our beloved earth tho. Call me outdated or science-enemy or a hippie if you will, but i thik we are too curious or too greedy for our own good.period.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

3 Days - Dazzling!!!

Been taking EL since Monday since Sofiya was down with high-fever since Monday. Well, she was already warm on Sunday and i thought it's becoz Kie was letting her taste Durian Grade D24. Anyway, she blushed in the morning alright and a phone call to the office and i was free. Free, but it cost me 3 days of leaves. Anything for the children i guess. She was high to 39.5 on Monday noon and i sure glad i didn't panicked. There was a trip to SJMC last year and the Doc went like dun worry hun , all you have to do is sponge em with tepid water or mandikan je. so, i did and push in the "ubat bontot". Really, i don't know what the official medical name for it tho. Tuesday, she had rashes. Gosh, flashback!!! I read it in some blog about her kid going thru the same thing and i was pretty sure it was measles. So, the the clinic we went and antibiotics was prescribed. Wait till Wednesday noon and see what happens. If her temp is still high OR the rashes multiplies, the hospital we go. After dinner, she's as cold as the Stonehenge!! Voila, and i have a worry less Wednesday. 1st half spent on folding clothes and gosh, there're zillions of em clothes. 2nd half? GOSH IM STUCK WITH WEEDS!!!

Nope, im not smokin weeds and never had any in my entire life. Nope, i didn't have borrriiing frens but i turned em invitations. Altho, i did took i smoke and i nearly puke. Bad, bad weeds. anyway, m talking about WEEDS, the all hot american tv show. Somebody passed me the DVDs 1, 2 and 3rd seasons and im on the 3rd seasons already. OMG, what a wonderful story. They have Assalamualaikum greeting by a Muslim black-man
called Joseph and a Jewish girl swearing on Hamas bombing becoz it killed her Commanding Officer BF. Now, Nancy or should i call her, Lacy, is a tough Mummy and a weeping widow (tho she won't admit it). It's now running Season 4 and i can't wait to get my hands on the "DVD". or was it season 6? oh well, try the webby and u can listen to all the cool songs featured in the show. Dun miss the Little boxes OST. Astounding! Starting Season 2, they had different singers and genres of Little Boxes and wayyy, totally cool.
Anyway. doesn't Andy Botwin aka Justin Kirk looks like our very own Aznil Hj Nawawi? Ecept the one in Weeds is a pu**y and has highly-charged sex-drive. <> it wont reach our shores soon, Y? the title itself gave it away..._ Anyway, i've read in June 08 Malaysian Women's weekly (in the loo, i guess- hey, i read in the loo and i havent read the Feb issue yet...ahaks)..sumthing about carbohydrate and related stuffs. Its said that if you gain 3 kilos overnight, it's either: you're pumpin the fat like nobody's business OR your're goin to die.'s probably just water retention or the food we eat thats in our gut (i hate to think how it looks like in there) contributes to the weight gain. Sooooooo, technically speaking, we aint gonna git fat overnight unless voodoo is involved. FAT needs time be broken down. One night, aint enough time to slip into our muscles baby. So, the point is, if you must have supper or midnight snacks urges, keep it lean and low on the F.A.T and C.A.L.O.R.I.E. You know what im syin'? Otherwise, these will transforms into some kind of sugar (of course, the scientific name like saccarin, glucose family) and tt means energy. If you aint burnin it like exercising, hell yeah you are gettin fat. Like me, of course.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

The end of the world?

Don't panic yet. m not about to talk about the world's apocalypse or even ramble about Nostradamus predictions - that my fren, is an interesting subject though.

im taking about the 4th Naruto Movie where Naruto will die and it is very2 unlikely. y? Hence the name of the movie and the series. wut, like if he dies, the series will be renamed to Sakura? Sasuke? Anyways, i like this 4th movie - yup, i do- up till this hour, i could see the Princess will win and Naruto, well, survives. An interesting bit of the movie is, it featured the Terracotta warrior .
Well, if u must know, it originates from China, not Japan. Borrowing the idea, i dont mind but hell, the original warriors don't look like that. I know the warriors in Naruto are the bad guys but at least make it similar la. The details dont even bear any resemblance. For instance, the real Terracotta warriors' faces are very humanly, not 2 are alike and no mask is covering their lower face (dun mention the glowing eye la). Well, maybe i took it a tad too serious. but hey, psst,psst, i heard the Japs and the Chinese cant get along until today. i heard la..(citation required).

Another subject : SHOPPING. Of course , all for the kids and none for me. Kids clothing are, well, quite expensive nowadays for ppl like who earn peanuts. But who ask to shop at Baby GAP. Of course, the price tag will make my blood dissappear the moment i saw em. Anyway, getting the cheapies are not really an option since the color wont stay put especially where Clorox is involved. U ppl wud say what is wrong with me but, after all the cookies, bananas, cereals gets smeared unto your baby's cloth, you would at least need to rendam em clothes. worst case scenario, putting in a il bit of clorox while soaking the clothes for 1 hour would help. At my level, Poney, Seeds, Padini would be already good enough for my wallet and the designs kinda attractive too. But today, we went to Isetan ONLY because i got few hundred ISETAN vouchers to spend, which sad to say, last for a few pairs for Adam & Sofiya. Thanks to the generosity of the daddy, the mummy could shop few more pairs esp for Sofiya. hey, the sesame streets got 70% off what. From RM85, off by 70%? that's an offer i couldn't resist. Why would i shop for Sofiya when she will only wear it until max mid-2009? Shopping for Adam is boring and girls clothing are soooo adorable.

Poney, Padini, Seeds, Guess, Miki, all got up to 50% off. Hurry up before the stock runs out which probably last year's stock anyway. As much as i find ISETAN is full of non-local products, i couldn't even find 1 jar of bottled-baby food in emergency. But i love the Japs cookies tho.
1 month away from Ramadhan and i have started shopping for the kids. They miht end up having few extra pairs. helooo, i still got August and Sept maaaa. Me? i hv nuthing to buy for me in mind but considering dear husband will preach about how wearing new cothes on Aidilfitri is Sunat, i will consider buying readymade kurungs or kebaya. The ones i saw in booths @ Carrefour are affordable but the material may cause me to change into t-shirts even before noon. Maybe la. Another option is a baju shop in Amcorp Mall. I find em fashionable and for poor people like me, RM100-RM150 is the max. Tomorrow maybe before i spend em money on sumthing else. (dying to get a wireless guitar for Guitar Heroes)

Sofiya is begging for biscuits, again. well, i might as well continue watching Weeds, courtesy of Jay. Thanks for sharing it bro!! He must have spending days downloading all the 3 seasons. Wont get into Malaysia tho. The tile is already WEEDS unless they change it into sumthing like "Tumbuh-Tumbuhan". It's about weeds. Talking about title-changing-sesuka-hati, both daddy and son are at GSC watching Hellboy 2. Why the title gets the honour this time?

Thursday, July 24, 2008

freaking out @ Redbox Sunway

the song list seems different and not much Malay songs. with this group of people, the songs list are pretty much the same. but we have , we are having fun!!! damn, the wi-fi is bloody fast.

anyway, there is an allegation saying that the legend of King Arthur, his legacy, Morgan Le Fay, Merlin, Galahad, Lancelot, Queen Guinevere, maybe, just maybe, a myth!!!! I can't believe just because these names are not mentioned in the Anglo-Saxon history, they're not real. What about Camelot? Knights of Round Table? The fight of Camlann? Avalon? just because the exact place cant be found, they do not exist. maybe these myths are created for the sake of romanticism. i must look into this...[ewaaahhh] Yus, sompong, claims he's King Arthur.

P/S - something is really2 bothering me. But all i can say is, to those people who have hurt me, fuck you all. you know who you are.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Watashi No nihongo wa wakarimasu-ka?

July, 14th, 2008
Leena: hello, zatul. maran kol me and said there's a surprise for sivanes. told him im on leave and told him oso dat ur in the office. so, u can arrange la.
me: what 2 arrange?

leena: ala...cakes & flowers. she dunno one. u handle aaaaa?

me: ok, can la. noon.. Maran: allo..zatul..
me: yep. who's this?
Maran: me la. don't shout my name aaa.
me: ok, i know2, dun worry.
Maran: ooo..leena told u oredi aaa?
me: yep. Maran: ok, thanks aaa..
Then, that afternoon, we got to eat Secret Recipe's Blueberry Cheese Cake and Sivanes got to stare at her birthday flower bouquet.


found this kit at Cash Converter, near SS2 PJ. I could pretend to be a
Paleontologist (am i even spelling it right?) anyway, it's a Triceratops bones (let's pretend, ok?) and it got all the chisel, hammer and brush inside. Let's just hope i won't break it into 3 parts!!!

Finally, after all the planning "virtually of-course" we did manage to meet. From La Bodega, we decided to eat at Fatty Crab. It's a No Pork joint but do not expect HALAL statement la. I've heard about i but it last Saturday was my 1st time. Crab, fried nasik, bread, fish, and fried chicken wings. RM33.00/head/adult. Kids, no need to pay. Anyway, it's nice seeing those people again. I couldn't help but wonder, if the whole batch was there, the owner must have been admitted into some health institution already..Well, We all still look the same except for some minor adjustments including from model-like figure to chubby!!

Atan is now L size, same as me an she's an Ah-Long (she claims laaa). Fina looks the same and works in IBM. Remy looks fairer and now a lecturer in Saudi. Zareen picked up some baby fats here and there but still single , i believe. Reeza came all the way from JB and looks...exactly the same from the last time i saw her which was 10 years ago except now married to another UPM-dweller and got 3 kids now. The youngest is only 3 months old and she looks fab!!! ummphhh...mine is 1.5 years and my preggy fat still won't go away. Bugger.

There's sumthing different about Azzee which i still can't figure it out. Works in MAS training centre and she's got 2 or 3 kids. Zatul (Iffah), well, she looks the same. She has always been the fairest amongst us but her bum still besar like before...haha. 3-4 kids now but still looks like an anak dara. She's attached to PERMATA (Petronas Training Centre). The sexy-tube-wearing is Sumy. She wasn't a Tesler but a friend to the bunch. She was with ker kids there and man, she's a cool mum. but garang. way to go mummy!!

Behind, from left: Fina, me, Zatul, Sumy
Front, from left: Azzee, Remy, Atan, Zareen, Reeza.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Dareka eigo o hanasemasuka?

Millions of people were at the PETRONAS FAMILY DAY (Night) and there were lotsa food too. Entrance was strictly by tickets. No tickets,no entry, no lucky draw. i didn't get it anyway. Nowadays, gathering makes me uneasy and I was ready to call it quit when i saw Tan Sri President Hassan Marican. Damn.didn't get to snap his photos. Simple. Homely yet looks garang also. Wings & Awie were blaring on the stage but, hey, i've ot my eyes on one of the most influential man in Malaysia.

The next day, shikeen's wedding day and don't she looked just...:
a) Radiant
b) Beautiful
c) Womanly
d) all of the above.

yah, i'd go for D. The food especially the beef was superb too.

Ima's last day in TW. Brought me to tears..............................duhh, AS IF!!! she's cool and pls don't fall prey on her soft, mesmerizing eyes. She rocks taWWWW!!! I kinda tried to get her to stay longer but, she couldn't wait to see her beau ,i guess. (Ima, i do know laaaa)

Yup, Dareka eigo o hanasemasuka has nothing to do with the above or anything after this. I am just trying to learn Japs and still at the very beginning level of Nihongo o Narau. Ok, stop laughing.

Kiki : Bila nak sambung internet neh? so, which broadband modem u nak ambik?
Nana: erm..tatau lagi. Celcom's coverage surely better but Maxis nye is very dekat, everywhere also got booth and now they hv service center in sunway pyramid as well.
Kiki: dah tuh?
Nana : riki dulu la. kang balik tganu takde coverage plak.
Kiki: malas nk tunggu u decide. dah anak 3 baru leh decide gaknya.

1 hour later,voila, a USB maxis bb modem was in my hand. ready for use. wait, eat at Wendy's first. I like the joint. The ice-cream tastes good, the burgers sedap and it's a bit pricey than McD. that, i dun like but hey, so what. food tawww.lastly, makan KFC coz only 2 days ago, makan kat Wendy's, ahaks!!!

Balik rumah, test modem. Superb. Doing fine at PC. a call to maxis bb srv ctr confirmed that PJS 8 does have 3.5G @ HDSPA but depends on the bandwidth also. And, if none is available, it will catch the lower tier of 3G @ UMTS. Then, tried fixing it at laptop. took me 1 bloody hour to get it configured till the cstmr srv response was "if none is working after this, pls call back our Technician tomorrow morning". fed-up with me , i guess. Finally, dapat guna. seems like i've been meddling with it too far. It should be left alone. It will configures the laptop by itself. Guess my generous offer to help was rejected by my own USB modem..uhuk!!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

NGV or No NGV???

2 jam duduk kat Stesen NGV Subang jaya (SS15) and 1 jam interview mechanics (3-4 org). Semua cerita mende yg sama:

1. Pick-up tadak. sori beb.

2. boot space..alahai..muat utk stroller baby jek. audio system kene adjust la atau cerai terus especially woofer yg besar2 tuh.

3. Injection car = valve enjin tahan dalam 6-7 bulan. tapi kalau tukar pun baru berapa ratus compare ngan RM yg jimat untuk isi minyak. Carburator plak = 1.5tahun. kiranya, every 6 months kene check la enjin tuh.

4. Yes, kalau berulang-alik waima sunway-putrajaya hari2 pun berbaloi tukar.

5. perkiraan senang je : kalau perjalanan sunway ke shah alam:petrol : RM10.00NGV : Bahagi 4: RM2.50kalau nak pasang tank 55liter, aku kena isi 2 hari sekali.

6. kalau jalan jauh & takdek stesen NGV, switch je la pi petrol. especially balik kampung. alah, berapa kali sgt balik kampung. kalau sebulan sekali pun, tak rugi mana la. kalau keta aku, dari KL sampai temerloh bertahan la NGV tuh. the rest of the way, guna petrol. lain la stesen NGV kat kemasik tuh dah bukak..pikir punya pikir, aaaaaaaaaa.....tukar NGV jek la...yg penting, bulan2 insyaallah, jimat RM400.00 beb!!

[Kereta yg disebutkan adalah wira tahun 1997 (peroton skyline) yg mana minyak consumptionnya sama ngan Nissan Skyline..hikhikhik]


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