Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Drama Queen

No. Not me. A fellow SCASFT-ians mother dubbed Sofiya as Drama Queen.
Betul betul betul (sila baca dengan nada Upin & Ipin)

Why? At SCASFT, every Wednesday is a Physio day. Hence, the Cikgu and his assistants will usually carry on with the body warm-up first in the form which the kids will enjoy. 
Then, based on their observation and conclusion, each kid will proceed with their intended Physio activity. For Sofiya, it will be walking using the walker or rollater as highlighted in previous entry.

What will usually happen?
 Hence, the Drama Queen right?

So, i've tried other means to get her walking.
That my friend, inlcludes buying below Leap Frog Pretend & Learn Shopping Trolley.
So, if her mood permits, i will take her for a stroll.

 Patient. That's the keyword whenever Oya is involved.
In case you're wondering, she's 4 and can't walk & talk properly tet.
Why? she's special. She's a CP kid.
But i'm damn proud of her.

But yesterday, during the walking session, she fell down and got a small cut on her head.
Damn. Of course i feel guilty.
Hence, last night, i bake a personal favorite of mine.

Puding Roti @ Bread Pudding.With Whip Cream.


 It's filled with eggs, milk, whip cream. If you want the extra kick, use Butterscotch bread.

By breakfast, 1/2 the pudding has gone. Hope it survives at leats until tonight :-)


Janna Wan Muhammad said...

aku tabik spring la kat ko...ko misti penyabar giler, aku ngan anak2 aku yg camni pon aku hari2 jadik tarzan oya,keep it up girl!

by the way..the pudding roti nampak sungguh la sadap!

sky said...

hahah...kdg2 terlepas marah gak janna...puding roti tuh simple jak tuh..picisan jak klu ko yg buat tuh ...


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