Wednesday, April 15, 2015


When talking to cancer survivor or cancer patient, do not assume that you understand what we went through. Do you go through chemo 6 times?

It was, or it is...a traumatic experience which some of us are still going through. Do you have any lufe endangering growth in you?,

It was so devastating that some of us may panic. Have you ever being told that you will be given a.medication that will also destror your healthy cells?

It's not encouraging at all to say, hey, at least you are at stage 1. Or hey at least your cancer is not as bad as my uncle's.

No matter how much treatments or prevention actions are taken, having cancer, any cancer at all, or surviving it means only one thing.


My name is zatul and i have #breastcancer.

Siap da regrowth lagi. Twice u yang ke tiga neh, i nak try alternative treatments la. Unless if they manage to talk me out of it. I dont know. depan.


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