Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Kundang of 5

5pcs and i had to stop myself. These are delicious, but hello, ada jugak yang beri2 kang esok.
what i didn't know was, unripe Kundang looks like this:

Info on Buah Kundang is here.

This is the 1st entry for today. i write because i need to let something of my chest. But how would i do so when i can't even spell it out? If i did, some people in my life would be...surprised?
Usually, when i worry about something or something is bothering me. i clean.
I will do chores that i usually does once a week. This will be a good time for people to come over because my house is clean.

Yes, i am worried. and surprised. and sad a little. but damn! i just can't shout it out loud.
see? i also got feelings. Nama jek ganas but dalam hati ada taman baiii....tak caya?
Tengokla statistics yang kengkawan aku vote. peliknye, ada jugak orang yang AKU TAK KENAL and not in my friendlist vote jugak. ekekke...

Hence, i sumbat my mouth with above kundangs after the cleaning session.
watching TV didn't help because there was a thriller movie "Amusement" on HBO.

but wait, who are the people whom wll be surprised if i did spell what's bothering me?
Generally, i divide the people in my life into 5 sections:
1. Family.
2. Hi-school friends.
3. work colleague
4. Orang Kampung & such.
5. People i know who does not belong to the above group.

crap. maybe my equation wasn't right. Maybe it needs revision.
Maybe i should just hit the bunk.
At right

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