Saturday, April 19, 2008

walaweh..wut a week..

Yesterday, i didn't join the frenly futsal match with RNZ. Turned out, Ida dislocated her middle finger - kaki tau - . yes, sounds funny an i had a good laugh :P..sorry, ida. Went to see her at SMC and she was admitted just because of a sprained finger?..i wonder....i never liked SMC, so i reserve my comments.

now, the main story.
it started 2 weeks ago and i lost RM50 in my own house. Options:
1. Adam took it ~ very unlikely. Even rm0.50 pun he needs to ask in terror. Not saying that i'm defending my own son, but the chronological did not fit. He was in my room for less than 10mins and kids, the guilt will be plastered all over his face whenever a wrong is done.
2. I misplaced/used it - likely. I do sometimes forgot where i put my money but this time...hmmm...can't be.
3. Adam's fren tool it ~ VERY2 LIKELY. he was behaving strangely and left the house after he came out of my room.
But, i played it cool and let it go..

Yesternight, i had RM20++ in my wallet and this morning, it's gone. cannot be. i didn't but any grocery last night. Again, adam's fren was in the house. I've decided not to let him in.
Then, my husband checked his wallet and RM500.00 is gone!!! he went down with Adam to look for Adam's fren. He went to the CC in block C and told the kids" that somebody had better return my money, or else".
Adam's was brought home together with my fen's son, Ali. all 3 of them incld Adam was interrogated. My husband even threatened em with knife and Adam's 1st fren didn't even budge. Ali was already crying and i knew he is not the culprit.
somehow, magic happened, a bunch of kids show up and returned the money saying they found it in the stairway area in Block B. Very2 convenient.i knew sumthing is wrong.
Adam's fren admitted that he was blackmailed and he had to steal money to stay alive!!! 8 years old stole RM500!! It was planned because the same gang was ready to go to Sunway Pyramid .my guess is, to spend the money.OMG!!!!!
Stories unfold and i've decided to see the parents involved. I may want to make police report.
lemme think first..while sleeping..

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