Friday, November 23, 2012

KPI dalam Blog.BLeh?

So okay.
Hoooray today i manage to drag myself and drove to work. It's friday 23rd and Division meeting was scheduled me.
After MC on mon,tue and Thurs due to fever, it felt like ive left office for 3 weeks.

anywau. Like ppl say. Ada hikmah disebaliknya. kena buat Appraisal for fy11/12. and i need to appraise like 7 orang! aiyorrrkkkkl....its 2.25pm and submission is at 3pm. blank.

whatever its worth. Kak Kim,its waaaayyyy from boring. Please keep writing.

and too.

and the rest.join me. boleh komen mengomen.ok?


Sofi, Zarif, Me & Hubby said...

Cmner nk follow blog nih..xder tmpt follower pon

Sky Sekai said...

ader doh..hahaha


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