Saturday, May 17, 2014

Aku stress


That's all i can say when everyone concerned asked about my health nowadays.
"Syukur" what else could i say?
i am a cancer patient and i may have many asbabs (reasons) for me to leave this world.
Until the time has come..that is.

A month ago i went for bone scan and the result was clear. i was terrified at first after have read some with metastasis to the bone (spreading to other areas).

I just hope it would stay that way so i can take care of my kids.
The only thing that's bothering me is my stress level. no, not work-related but more to domestic stress.
hahahhaha...hoi!!! kami tak gaduh laki bini hokayyy...hehhehe

i have only 2 children but the amount of stress is like i have 4.
When the other is a budding rebellious teenager, well, the other one is a constant attention seeker.
Both needs my attention only in different perspective.

seriously, sometimes i feel like giving up.truly.i tried to compensate by paying games, movies, extra soul-searching activity.
maybe, this weekend getaway and the 1-week holiday in end may will shed some light.

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