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Being normal: We're only human

Fuhhh...1 hour in Daiso store boleh menyebabkan aku kurang duit RM70. Walaupun yeay to myself sebab beli yang perlu sahaja (errr...yes, perlu), tolong jangan amalkan. I thank Zulia of SMSS for the strength to say "let's go". I am telling you, Daiso is not easy to part with.

Sama jugak online shopping. pergh..pantang tengok Groupon, confirm browse walaupun tak beli..

Sekarang aku berjaya jugak untuk berpegang teguh kepada Keperluan vs Kemahuan punya cakap. almost all the time..sometimes, i just let it be..haha..once in a while kena la babe..

Kadang2 shopping theraphy bagus untuk kita lepaskan pent-up emotions.
Hence the recent purchase of some new stuffs for the wardrobe plus i need some new clothing items to  match my new .....appearance kan..

Well, since menulis pasal appearance neh, i had a very good, or rather painful, lesson of my life recently.
Appearance really can fool anyone. Be it for good or bad.
Being the subject of a gossip, or secara kasarnya fitnah, is never good. Lagi2 bila tau rootcause nya disebabkan oleh suatu situasi yang sangat unfair dimana we're never given the chance to explain ourself.
Dan yang membawa cerita adalah mereka-mereka yang projected appearance yang sangat bagus or pardon my interpretation, sangat islamik. I don't wish them bad but i just hope they will change for better.

In this case, i don't bother to explain myself to certain sides. They're not worth the attention.
However, i did clear the air with some of them whom i think are important people in certain aspects of my life.

After some intelligent (eceh) conversation and reference to dear hubby whom is by the way, loves to experiment with people management matters, i have decided to step-up to my reputation and responsibility. Along with it, some peeps may not like this but hey, that's life (working life that is).

I also made some reference to articles on the net (yes, i do read non-FB related posts), i came across below points on " How to Be a Good Supervisor: 10 Tips for Being a Better Boss"
I do hope i, at the least, scored 5. Tho i may fumble, i know, but by criticising me behind my back, it won't help at all. My team should also understand that i have expectation to meet and i am not perfect. So do they.
Nevertheless, let's accept that being human, we make mistakes. we have our own preferences. own friends. own life.

1. Make Expectations Clear
It's right there in the title, "boss." You're supposed to tell people what to do. All too often, though, people in management positions forget to make expectations clear, so make sure your employees or supervisees know exactly what you want from them on every project.
2. Make Expectations Reasonable 
With budget cuts sweeping the nation, more and more people are shouldering extra responsibilities. From volunteers at non profits to high level employees at large corporations, we're all working extra hard. In this climate, it's important to keep reasonable expectations. Don't give people tasks that are doomed to failure. If your company or department is suffering from budget cuts or employee losses, productivity may dip, so it's important not to blame employees for things they're not responsible for.
3. Correct Mistakes When someone makes a mistake, let them know. This gives them an opportunity to correct it rather than making the same mistake. Correcting mistakes does not mean you're being a bully. Rather, it means you're giving people a chance to succeed.
4. Communicate When you're in a position of power that allows you to see the big picture, it can be easy to forget that not everyone has the benefit of your bird's eye view. Communicate frequently with people you supervise about future plans, projects, and goals. Make sure to communicate both the positive and negative. Too often, bosses get caught up in criticizing rather than praising, so avoid this common mistake.
5. Treat Employees Like People You shouldn't be overly involved in your employees' personal lives in most cases, but that doesn't mean it's not a good idea to invest in them as people. Make small talk and convey a sense of genuine care for them as people. Remembering birthdays, offering condolences when someone dies, and creating a team environment can lead to a substantially better working environment.
6. Criticize Constructively Criticism can be beneficial to a person's job performance, but not if they feel like they're being torn down as a human being. Rather than questioning a person's dedication or competence, give specific instructions about what they can do differently. Don't engage in blaming or name calling.
7. Offer Praise Perhaps the most important thing a good boss does is to offer praise when someone does something right. Aim to praise everyone at least twice as often as you criticize them. Even employees who are slacking off or not performing well can benefit from regular praise. When people feel good about themselves they tend to do better.
8. Accept Criticism
Perhaps the most critical difference between good bosses and great ones is that great bosses are willing to accept constructive criticism. Ask your employees what you can do to be a better supervisor, and be willing to listen to their concerns.
9. Don't Engage in Office Gossip Every office has its own politics, with in groups, out groups, and cliques. Don't get embroiled in these cliques or your own job performance, as well as your ability to manage, will suffer. Treat each employee equally, and don't judge performance based upon how much you or someone else likes a particular employee.
10. Don't Be a Pushover It's true that some of the worst bosses are just blatantly mean, but being a pushover can be equally problematic. If you're afraid of confrontation, your employees don't have a chance to get meaningful feedback and improve at their jobs. Work to straddle the line between being a pushover and a bully, and instead be assertive but kind. Your employees will be grateful for your combination of assertiveness and friendliness.

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