Saturday, April 26, 2008

Broadband or No Broadband..

A particular salesman were 3/4 way of convincing me to purchase Maxis broadband yesterday. RM100 for registration and voila, the modem gonna be mine and monthly charges is RM118.00 compared to RM130 for non-promo catch.
Hokay, and as if he could read my mine, "yes, it can be connected to the router and there's still gonna be a hot spot in your house". i was impressed. wait..sms Zalina 1st. she was honkering me about this last week. ok, as usual, gotta get my lo'kong to agree first since both of us are heavy users of this magnificent innovation. As usual, he's being natural and no objection as long as he gets access to his email for work. Now, MAXIS v CELCOM. Don't celcom has better coverage? Hopped to the all-blue outlet and asked the salesman there about the Free Modem ad thingy. Not only he was unable to satisfy my questions, he looked like he was high on sumthing. Back to myslef. do i need a bb modem? yeah, convenient enough when "balik kampung" but surely i can do with no-internet for 1-2 weeks rite? i think so larrr...i do read some local forums and downloadings are better off with Lined connection. means, Steamyx. I dunno, i don't still fully comprehend the whole BB modems thing, any other gadgets required, connection speed, and i am very2 confused with celcom's ad on the free modems thingy. what's dat all about? i've posted my Q in my facebook. let's just wait and see.

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