Monday, March 18, 2013

Cycle# 2 - Chemo & Post Chemo

I had my 2nd chemo on March 7th.
It was a lil bit unpleasant compared to the first one but i managed. how? i slept almost during the whole process.

This time, my metal-mouthed feeling got worst and it lasted for a week. But i had this craving for sandwiches, cabonara-alike pasta (which i still haven't satisfy yet) and sambal ikan bilis.

As usual, masak sendiri confirm tak sedap punya.

I didn;t feel good during the 1st week. I feel bloated and banyak angin dalam perut. My friends say maybe sebab i eat fruits a lot. guess, gotta reduce the dosage of fruits then.

And oh, my i have good news for myself.
Thanks to all the prayers, my tumour has shrunk by 2cm after the first chemo. I am happy even though i had shaved my hair bald. Oya couldn't help but always say "botak" hahahah.
I don;t mind at all except i have to wear scarves all the time. sejuk doh kulit kepala.
Kuku ibu jari dah start ada hitam2 dah. A few days before 2nd chemo i had scattered rashes tapi doctor kata biasa la.

so, on March 9th bole plak jalan2 pegi PD kan. Masuk Agoda on 9th morning tuh, book Best western thinking ada beach. Rupanya, neh ex-Tiara Resort dan yang ada cuma swimming pool dan mini theme park yg ada 2 slides. Nak main pun kena ada pass which cost ius RM25 for Oya. Yang lain, Agoda dah bagi 3 passes. Tp bilik studio suite yang kami ambil memang best la.

Neh kira celebrate birthday Adam jugak la yang fell on March 10th. Boleh rehat2 main air gak.

All in all, i feel so-so but still grateful. Neh dah masuk 2nd week kira ok dah.
so my next chemo will be on March 28th.
Usually, my doa includes kesihatan yang baik so i can serve my family sesempurna mungkin even during chemo.

Insyaallah, Allah lebih tahu apa yang baik untuk kita. :-)

PS Al-Fatihah to Arwah Rosyati Mohamed Buniran, my classmate 90-92. Due to Breast Cancer stage 4.

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