Sunday, April 27, 2008

A letter to ASTRO

Dear Astro

Thank you for fixing my reception yesterday morning, 2a.m. I accidentally turned on the TV and voila, it's there. I know ASTRO team has been working very2 hard to fix my problem since Tuesday, April 22nd 2008.

I know it a small problem to you when you and your technician keep saying i may have put in the card wrongly. Yeah, maybe considering i don't get the chance to further my studies until MASTER and PHD. I don't even know what i'm writing, there's a big possibility that i don't even know which way is the right way to insert an ASTRO SMART CARD.

Mr ASTRO Directors, you see, my new GOLD SMART CARD was just fine last weekend. I could even enjoy AF6 Concert and all. I started to not be able to watch anything since last Tuesday and missed my CSIs. But never mind. I have your hotline no which is very innovative and friendly. Not to mention, your customer service officers are very hot in demand considering the time taken to answer my calls from Tuesday till Saturday midnite, all day long. The system in ASTRO must be very2 effective since i have to repeat my case all over again whenever i managed to speak to one of your lovely CS officer. Not to mention, the complaints thru ASTRO website is left unanswered. I wonder, f i were to upgrade my system thru website, it would get your attention very2 quickly.

Mr ASTRO finance Director, i know. i have received one SMS from ASTRO saying my account is overdue by RM60 and i believe there is more. But, since i was not able to get any signal for 5 days, can i get a rebate? it's ok if ASTRO not able to give it to me since i am willing to pay for nothing. it's ok. Or did you do that on purpose? cutting down my service for 5 days for not paying on time? ooh, i am very2 sorry. I bet CELCOM would be laughing away this month since my bill would be huge. It's ok Mr ASTRO , i am very2 generous this month and that's why i am willing to call the same number over and over again until not even one officer can help solve my problem and rather preferred to say "maybe you have inserted your gold smart card wrongly".

Dear ASTRO team, do you know your voices sounded sooooo good when i put you on the speakers? yeah, i was taking a leak and i couldn't help it. I was afraid to be put on hold for longer. Yes. i must save for the next call to ASTRO.

ok. i must stop now. I must go check my phone bill so i can leverage payment to ASTRO.

Have a good day.


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