Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Beautiful Day

I'd say today is indeed a beautiful day (even though not really a productive one). I met a long-lost friend of mine, Neng, and we had lunch together. It seems like all this while we've been working at the same area and do lunch (mostly takeouts) from the same food court. Funny, for 4 years, we've never bumped into each other. What makes us see each other again? FACEBOOK. Anyhow, i'm glad she's doing ok and we shall continue this friendship unless one of the bunch goes on MIA again.

How time flies and as a cyberfriend told me today, i should go a knock my head on the wall. I keep forgetting things and even the names of my friends. As we all should cherish our family, dont forget friends who further enrich our lives. I have few friends who don't judge me and even know my past mistakes (and mishaps) and yet act like, i am just being me.

Having said that, most people would say it's junk emails but i do receive tons of non-work related emails in my inbox everyday. I am so grateful for it for not only i am being updated on current issues (melamines, halal), not to mention latest Gossips (i do get em from E! though), i also know that i am being remembered! I do also almost everyday receive inspiration with beautiful background music or views, but, there's one particular email that is saved from the mass-deletion, as follows:

We might not meet, we might not chat,
but we would still be friends,
better don't forget that..

Times would go passing by,
changes would come with you and I,
our lives destiny would shape,
as with time progress we make.

Distance would take us away miles & miles,
we might not even see each others smiles.
We might not help each other; but still let not,
our friendship wither..

The magic of friendship would call me
and I would miss you then
together we would be when . . ...

nice isn't it?
Oh yes, for those who have asked the theme of my blog, nope, none. I would write, paste, post whatever i like, i wish and whenever i have the mood.


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Johnny Ong said...

nice article written there ... good to ponder over it


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