Saturday, November 24, 2012

MUET - Surprisingly scary?

I guess some of you are actually wondering just why on earth did i signed up for MUET?
(MUET = Malaysian University English Test)

Once upon a time, i was a good, if not bright, student (care to comment? hahahah)
However, due to unintended and undesirable circumstances, i happened to land in a situation where every parent will be glaringly mad and most of sound-minded person will avoid.
(do u think i would disclose really up & personal? on second thought maybe i would..over dinner, perhaps?)

Nevertheless, I've decided to apply for e-PJJ (e-PJJ: electronic-Pendidikan Jarak Jauh..yeke?)
To enable me to do so, apparently one needs to pass at least Band 1 in MUET.

Band 1 - Poor (can still apply? OMG!)
Band 6 - Excellent

The first part of my MUET Journey has been told here:

you can skip the birthday thingy...please! ahhahah

So okay. I was late. b 30 minutes thinking the exam starts at 8.30am.
It started at 8am. No wonder Pojik said "orang dah masuk" over whatsapp.

Damn. Nasib baik we were still let in. Yes, a bunch of us was late.ahhaha
I observed that those in the late group seemed to be private candidates (working candidates).

MUET was crazily ...not easy!!

Paper 3: Reading.
we had to read 5 different articles and have to understand those to actually answer the questions.
There was no "what is the past tense to is?" question. Nayyyy..

It was more like "why do think the author said blablablabla"
Then, objectively choose  1 ACCURATE answer from 5 answers.
Why did i say accurate? all the 5 answers were correct according to the article but we need to find 1 that really elaborates the answer to the question.

and ohh...there were some answers that went like this:

e. Not stated in the article


fine. 90 minutes to answer all 45 mind-boggling questions.

As if the first 90 minutes were not torturing enough, the next 30 was even worst.
The canteen was closed. No nescafe.
whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa? Luckily i managed to grab a cuppa before i left home.

The next paper was Paper 4 : Writing.
The topics? here you go:-

Yes. I did it in that manner.
I composed my no-brainer write-up with very minimum caffeine in my system.
I think i mention something about...women not suitable to be a leader in the military, how men will go crazy in the Women and family ministry-alike, and how women engineers can be as good as men in the plants of O&G industries if blablabalalalaa...

heyyy..what do you expect? Canteen was closed, remember?

The write-up on College facilities was even worst..

I am prepared for Band 2 although i secretly hope for Band 5..can aaa? Kiasu!!

On a serious note, i do agree with the MUET thing.
Even accepting Band 1 candidates into the local university is fine by me.
However, i think these students need to seriously upgrade their English as upon entering the workforce, English is always the main language in business conduct. Reality bites. This is what's happening in the private sectors and GLCs.
Some of us may even come across supervisors or colleagues or subordinates who have difficulties with English or even can't speak in one let alone, write in English. 
True, Life is a learning experience. So does work life.

But, by being able to converse and write in English (and understand it, of course), don't you think it's an advantage over those who,well, have yet to confidently converse in one?

Don't get me wrong. Saya masih boleh menulis dalam Bahasa Malaysia dan mungkin boleh mengilhamkan satu artikel layak diketengahkan sebagai mukadimah sebuah buku.

but this is my blog. Shut up.

ps if you were about to comment on my grammar and type, please read my blog title first. I couldn't care less.


NuReLLe said...

pe barang article akak..buat novel cinta ala-ala adam hawa terus lah...hukhukhuk

Sky Sekai said...

aku ingat nak buat gak..tapi kang examiner jeles..bagi nye aku Band 0...adesss

iieyla said...

Saya nk amik muet gak la bole???ahaha


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