Saturday, December 14, 2013

and I feel nice, like sugar and spice

i feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel nice neneneneneney!!

haaaamboi kau jah. happy nampak?

mana ahkak tak happy. hmmm...the right term is actually "feel good, feel nice".

Lack of outdoor activity for so long makes me feel lethargic.
I needed to do something. Anything.

Then, it came from Syed. Idea of feeding the homeless is great. Of course, tak pernah buat kan.
adalah sceptical sikit. but still do-able. can, can. why not try something new kan?

Next, out the emails and commitments from friends on the sponsors and donations.
Next thing we knew, we already had everything in no time.
Alhamdulillah. Won't you feel good if you're surrounded by good-hearted people?
The sponsors not only, well, sponsor, but they also helped during the packing of stuffs and on the actual itself. They have my respect.

Sempat lagi posing kauuuuuuuuuu....lepas pekena teh tarik seme naik high ke hapa?

Homeless in KL is not only referring to golongan miskin tegar dan peminta sedekah.
They could have their own small income generator like selling stuffs,  but not enough to afford a place to call home.They resorted to sleeping on the walkways, bridges, or alleys.

There was one group in Bangkok Bank area, near CM.
Upon seeing us, they actually sit-up as if they knew we were coming.
Do you know how we felt? it was fulfilling.Knowing we helped someone has the dinner for the night.
but sadly, not enough to help everyone we met.
nevertheless, this 1st experience helped us to identify the spots, the right timing and quantity for our next trip.

Then, we had Exchange Gift event at Valve Division level.
This has been a tradition for years except in 2012 where i was busy with trips and diagnosed with cancer.

and noooo...we are not celebrating christmas ke new year ke hapa ke..
it just feels nice to end the year with something nice to remember by..
kalau hadiah ko tak best nasibla kan....muahahhaha....

Banyak kan hadiah? 51 semuanya...
HODV takdak, SM takdak so i had the managers pick-up the numbers for those on leave.
tuhla boss ahkak...baik orangnya.memang memahami. nampak macam boleh kena pijak2 kepala TAPI nooooo....she is not. when she made up her mind, macam iron lady gitu..

neh hadiah aku dapat. platters. nice kan? useful hapa...

The girls

 The boys ....errr...tersiksa tgk my backside..alamak...Mat Yo pulak tuh...hampeh..

so, with these get together events, i feel less lethargic la sikit.
i know i still need to go outdoor to release it.camping ka. trekking ka. tapi kalau hiking, payah sikit la...muahahhahahah....maybe later.

for now, let's head to Bahau for the wedding of the year amongst our friends of SMSS94.

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