Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Introduction-between Momok & Tart

This is Tart Telur.
Age : 6-7 months old.
Name Origin: she walloped my freshly baked egg tart.
Birth origin: Given to us by Syuhada appr. 3 months ago.
Current status 1.5month preggy.

This is momok
Age : app 1-2 months
Name Origin: no clue.
Birth origin: walked into our home one fine morning last week (May 2011)

Hence, i sure need to introduce both of em aite?

Well, the proper way would be to:

1. Carry the new cat in a carrier.

2. put the new cat into a SEPARATE closed room complete with its own food, water and litter box for 1-2 months. Not only this will prevent early unnecceary cat wars, this will also help to eliminate the previous home's odour off the new cat. Cats are very territorial y'know.

3. while in exile (wah! mcm penjenayah), we can start introducing both of em. such as:
- take 2 pcs of clean cloth and rub each onto each cat's body and face. Then, rub the clothes onto each cat. Hence, i would have to rub Tart's cloth onto Momok's body and vice versa to faniliarise both with each others' smell.

 - let em see each other sometimes. There ll be hissing and all, but it's all part of the introduction process.

- switch place. This will make em more familiar with each others' smell BUT do not let them share the litter, food and water. It will be disastrous in this early stage. Again, territory, remember?

then, agak2 ko, ye engkau tuh, dah confident, silala let em mingle.

But we may have to repeat the above from 2 weeks until 6 months.

see. sila la buat.

oh yes, TART & MOMOK? setitik pun aku tak follow.ekekekkeke....

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