Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Chilled Cheecesake & Last days.

Eryne & Husna requested for Cheesecake. Hence, in remembrance of their 2 months training in HQ, i decided to make 1 for each of them. Apr 29th wa stheir last day and for some resigning staffs like such and such, it was also their last day.

I was mentally ready but i forgot to buy whip cream!! Luckily, i have some cheese, gelatin, and blueberry in stock and voila! This is the most simple chilled cheesecake i've ever made...simple and tasty..

Chilled Cheesecake
 A. 1cup crushed biscuit (oreo, McVities, biskut marie, etc.)
A. 1tbsp butter.
B. 500gm Creamcheese
B. 400gm Condensed Milk (yes, condensed milk..i usually put in 250gm only - 1/2 the 500gm can).
B. 1tbsp lemon juice
B.1/2 tbsp lemon zest

C. 2-3/4 tbsp Gelatin - i used below Halalgel gelatin. hence, 2-3/4 tbsp gel will use almost 1 packet.
C. 1cup hot water
Operation begins!
Mix all A and put into loyang.For this project, i used 2 cups since i have 2 aluminum foil bowls.easy to carry huh..Put in fridge (at leats 1/2 hour before pouring the cheese mixture.

Mix all B and mix well. can use mixer if you want. How i wish i have those mixer like in TV one (jeles kat Put)..Mix until smooth. 

If your cheese looks very berketul2, don;t worry, it will dissolve soon.

Mix all C together slowly. This gelatin looks like crystal. When dissolved, pour into cheese mixture.

These are the 2 aluminum foil bowl i mentioned above (got other names ey?).
Putin fridge overnight. anyway, all cheesecake tastes better when left in the fridge overnight including the baked ones.
If you think the cake is hard enough, you can start put in your deco.

Ey, don't forget, put in those cheese mixture onto the biscuit base tau. kalau tak, nak watpe buat the base!a
Mine? i only put in the blueberry mixture the next morning since..after i put in the cakes in the fridge, i go to sleep la!

Voila..the two happy faces with their FOC cake..FOC, no complaint whatsoever..ngeh ngeh ngeh..

So, kalau tak rajin nak membake segala atau nak beat whipped/fresh cream segala, guna jek recipe neh.
senang, cepat, simple.

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