Saturday, May 28, 2011

The: Updates

Bila belek C Drive..jumpa la pix lelama budak2 neh..geram tengok eh!

March 2001 - few weeks old.               

                             2001 - Few months Old                               
  2001 - Few months Old - with cousins dearies

 2003/2004 - 2 or 3 yo - Langkawi

Now - a mind of his own.

Recently: with his class during report card day.


hmm..1 year old maybe?

1 yo..2008

2009 raya..2yo..

recently--trying to get up on her own. she's 4.



Today, we went to Oya's first Speech therapy session with Teacher Aini.
It was fun, good, informative and so worth it.
She is charging RM100.00 per session/hour initially and the subsequent session wll call for RM80.00/session/hour.
For the first 2-3 months, we will be concentrating on Oya's jaw strength and saliva controlls.
Both mummy and Oya has some homework to do.
But i guess, nobody has taught me those "homework" before.
Hence, i'm grateful for her time considering i've been looking for a therapist that is good and affordable.
She's attached to WQPark.So i guess, she's good.

Thank goodness. alhamdulillah.
That was in the afternoon.

In the morning, i fetched dear father and went to this so-called sinseh.
Not so sinseh la. why? read on.
They offered a kind of drinks which came in 3 separate huge glasses.
A clear, a teh-o like and a milo+fruit like.

My father and his friends swears by its effectiveness.
Apparently, after 5 straight days, he could straightaway get up from sitting position w/o hurting his knees.
so, i went with him after he told me that few peeps actually lost a considerable huge amount of weight after 2months.Wah! even say i getting fat one....sey lorr daddy..

At first, i was sceptical. who wasn't? nothing is 2 good 2 b true?
then , i noticed something in  the pictures plastered all over the wall.Herbalife!
Hhahahahha..of course la working daddy. It's a well-known brand and pricey also..
if i could spare few hundreds, say, rm400 a month, i would ..but Oya's theraphy is more important.
On getting rid of my fatty bff? we'll see.

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