Sunday, November 23, 2008

how should i say this?

I know i may not have the right to say anything, but as an outsider (staff spouse), i may say this: the Family Day is fab for kids and those who participate in the agenda. For people like us who has small kids, sensitive to extra sunshine, or malas, it was not an entertaining event to attend. Every year, i would insist to attend my hubby's family day and by far, this year's is the most boring one.

Looking for the place is not hard for us since we're quite familiar with Putrajaya area (PJH is based in Precinct 2 anyway) and the place is within the Wetland vicinity. Morning breakfast was provided but you must have coupons. What's with the coupons? people do take the food anyway. More than the coupons allowed. Why? abundant of food for breakfast. Each family will also got coupons for the sand art thingy. We gave ours to people.

I wouldnt know if they serve lunch as by 10.30am, we were already on our way home. Sadis kan. I kept thinking, what went wrong? yeah , maybe we didn't participate in any of the event but come on, i saw more than 10 families went home after the breakfast and after the lompat2 session on those inflattable giants. maybe the place was too huge. maybe it wasn't my business. My company's family? was held in Mines wonderland, small area and not tiring to walkabout and we had things to visit after the family day event ended. It may not be fair to compare since PJH is a big company with 500+ staffs.

hmm..let's move on. Things that i like?

The drummers (i dunno the official name) were japanese and they came here just to support the Japanese food fair in Sunway pyramid. As i really love to ketuk2 things, i felt like wanted to go up to them, grab the stick and ketuk2 away. haaa..

The traditional dancers performed also in Sunway pyramid in conjunction with BASF Photography contest. I don't know what's the name of the dance but all i know, i like it!!

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