Wednesday, November 19, 2008

what a day

I'm no IT expert, computer wizard and far being a hacker but i do know that my laptop has serious problems when my AVG 8.0 cannot detect infected files previously scanned by Kaspersky Online Scanner. So, i have decided to download and install Kaspersky Trial Version.

I spent literally the whole day looking for ways to uninstall my AVG in my laptop. Ehem, i did my work okay and i even helped (a bit) the service team to remove Graphite Packing from Posi-Seal 14" A11 Valve body. Hands-on rocks!!!

Okay, i'm not that dumb to not to know how to uninstall a programme but apparently, AVG 8.0 won't uninstall itself thoroughly during uninstallation.

How did i find out? I tried and tried and tried to install Kaspersky trial version and i didn't work. Why? Some components or AVG 8 is still available somewhere in my laptop. It wont proceed with installation until all AVG related files are removed and uninstalled. Damn!! Okay, now, Google search engine did a wonderful work of finding, well, lots of people with the same problem. So, it went like this:

By sequence, this was what i did today:
1. Downloaded CCleaner - Managed to clean up my laptop but did nothing on the AVG thingy.

2. Downloaded Revo Uninstaller - What's this? It's fun though. It got Hunter Mode or Drag & Drop mode. Just point the Hunter mode to the program one wishes to be removed and there will be pull down menu. But, fails miserably on the AVG removal.

3. Downloaded Hijack This - urgghhh...when can i get my AVG removed? By now, i was so annoyed by these toys.

4. Search by "How to remove AVG" phrase and these are the the results:
a. There's a forum on this and the AVG8.ZIP is to be downloaded and extracted accordingly. But the KLeaner don't work or maybe as mentioned by one of the forumer, it may seem as though it does not work but it is. well, i couldn't wait. So, i ended the process in the task manager itself, just to be sure.

b. This is from AVG itself and there's a remover tool available. Not tried so, no comment.

c. Another Kaspersky forum on the removal. It seems ok and manual but..the explanantion suits people who know what regedit is and does. So many registry put here and i got scared!!

d. somewhere, i also saw somewhere suggestions and effort by people who actually re-install AVG 8 and try to uninstall it. Bygones.

Then, i reached home. At one last effort, (i was gonna cont with AVG if i don't get any positive this time), i managed to find My Digital Life and a very clear explanantion c/w direction on how to go about uninstalling and deleting AVG related files. Here. I also deleted the AVG8.ZIP file (KLeaner.exe) on my desktop downloaded earlier.

Voila!!! I could actually run Kaspersky and i am about to restart my laptop.

ahhhhh...what a day...

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