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Last saturday, aku jadik personal shopper untuk kakak aku. kebetulan pegi sek18 SA, Pusat pakaian Hari2. rUpanya, kedai HH kat Green Point mall tuh not bad at all. Baju sekolah abundant and cheap. That was my objective actually. I ended up spending RM509.00 there. That my fren, inclusive o baju2 raya anak2 kakak aku. as usual, she will go if not sama, sedondon je every raya. This time, all the baju kurungs and baju melayu chosen by me and she is very2 lucky that my taste, if not of fashion desginer, never fails to compliment my sense of fashion or my skin colour or. whatever. what interest me more is What does A pERSONAL sHOPPER REALLY2 DO?

Extract from here:
You could specialize in shopping for gifts or clothing, or you might shop for food, furniture, jewelry, toys, or anything else a client wants. Here are some of the types of shopping done by personal shoppers. Which ones can you imagine yourself doing?

* Taking care of shopping for busy families
* Shopping for designer clothing, home furnishings, and other items for wealthy people
* Finding the perfect gifts for companies to give to their important clients
* Buying groceries and other items for senior citizens and other people who find it difficult to get around
* Buying Christmas presents

This is cool plus the NO BOSS bonus. I am amazed that some PS can actually get the stores to approve "see first, purhcase later". that is sooo awesome. but does it work in malaysia? i see the malls in malaysia are full to the brims with shoppers + window shoppers. For some people,they dont have aircond at home and thus, going to the mall will cool off their needs for aircond. haha.

anyway, shopping for my sister was easy as , as long as the colour matches, she's fine with it. People gawked at me thinking that i must be having 8 kids. i was also shopping for adam's and daddy baju raya. might as well get for me. Although, the shop will spoil you with choices, but i did like one colour and design. cheap and simple. call me cheapskates, i dont care. So this year raya, my family and my sis family will be wearing clothes from HH, same colour, same design. wicked.

Sunday, on the way to Kajang, from Carrefour subanag to ship off the above baju raya, we went through sunway and at the roundabout nearby metro college, the police were checking up on motorists. That was a normal view. so , idont mind. bu i do mind if the Police say PUKIMAK to me and family. y? at the sunay traffic light, the same police on the big white motorbike (i dunno what its called) trying to squeeze through the traffic. Since there was a Wish (i think so la) in front, he couldnt get through. So, kie was thinking that, let's pay a prank at this policeman. so, he didnt giv face and drove ahead. The policeman must be very2 pissed off since he stopped by our car and causing motorists at the back to stop their car for nothing. oopps.. there is sumthing. HIS BIGGER THAN HIS BALLS EGO!!!!

He's lucky i couldnt get my camera on time. Yes, i do bring em all the time. for times like this. He mumbled sumthing but even from the wind up rear window (i was at the back with sofiya), i could hear him say PUKIMAK. there's our ROYAL POLICE. i have so much respect for them that i was shocked to hear this from a senior. How i know? He's, well, off matured age and he got on those big white bikes only seniors will get. Kie's reply upon my question of why he had to do it? "Ow, was he trying to get through? what, do we have t respect them so much that we have to give way whenever they're in sight?" I was pissed at my dear husband but he's got a point there.

First, the PUKIMAK policeman was NOT going anywhere important. If yes, why was his sirens off?
secondly, Policeman ARE SUPPOSED TO BE FRIENDLY. Even if we do wrong, all they can do is remind you of what you're doing wrong and prduce summons la. THAT'S ALL. What? the people are supposed to be afraid of Policeman meh? unless you're a criminal, we should feels safe at he sight of policeman. Ini tidak, walau pun x buat salah, some of us will "alamak, polis". apa ke he yob?
3rdly, DONT ACT FOOLISH. ehat the point he stopped us in the middle of traffic? at traffic light some more?

i'm not against Police. I like the Police Force. PDRM. I used to be wanting to be one but short of 1cm..heheh...In my mind Police are righteous. sopan-santun. berbudi bahasa. But i will not let this one scumbag to ruin my perception.

I always kinda thot that the gov salary hikes should go more to the forces like police, army, teachers. But for this one PUKIMAK, im a tax=payer, 7 keturunan ko aku tak halal. Starting this month, aku wat PCB ZAKAT, so, 1cent pun tak pegi kat ko, jahanam.

Talking about Kajang, we went to install Hydrofuel. Yes, Hydrofuel. The cost is RM300.00 + PoMEN fee RM30. tGK LA HASIL CAMANA.

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