Friday, August 8, 2008


Tiba2 Yat nak pi KK. Apsal ntah. honeymoon? jenuhla aku menanya kakak aku soklan2 standard seperti hotel mana, tamu katner, mcm mana nak pi pulau manukan. maklumla, aku nama je sabahan tapi satu hapa aku tatau. Good luck yat. share ur xperience later babe.

tiba2 aku rajin tulis mende2 kat blog. tgh rajin. kang MIA, susah plak.

For the umpteenth time aku and sofiya kat hosp putrajaya. apa lagi, appointment physiotherapy la. She can sit down now. Still cant walk tho. nvmd that. A fellow mummy who's son, Shafi, who also attends the regular physios session, intends to hire a personal massager for her son. Maybe i should too. Maybe.

Tonite is the oLYMPICS opening act. Cari2 punya cari, rupa2nya, kat RTM1 je, 8.30pm. ASTRO is having olympics shows at 816 or sumthing. so, anyone who's a subscriber to sports package, can watch em. i never knew that. I also read something about the pix and videos being uploaded to the internet illegally. Apparently, all the participants must sign a legally binding contracts of confidentiality. Failing which, face a 7 years imprisonment. wow!!! to that extend aaa?

On the other side of the world, Romeo Beckham can kick ball just like his father and it becomes the news. I guess, some people are really2 waiting for the lil Beckham to show his talents, huh? It is said that he kicking style just like the father's. Whatever.

Locally, Mom's care outlet , the biggest i think- opens in Ikano, damanasara. The stuff soldunder this flagship are all nice, but pricey. So, cheapskate peple like me, it's off my radar. I did buy sofiya's MacLaren stroller in Mothercare.Oh kuso!!!! Im totally talking about a different shop now. I thot i was talking about Mothercare. The one in Ikano is Mom's care. Mom's care? i can afford. Mothercare? i cant!
Why, mothecare sells things RM50Mand above. Mom's care, you can find the price in all ranges. They're promoting the Babisil bottles, supposedly chemical free. Ceh, i wanna buy not because of the property but i just love buying things for baby. cheaper the better. haha. Salmiah will love this. she loves milk bottles. i wonder if those r for the baby or for her? hmmm..

Petit Gems has also landed in Ikano. The new halal-certified products (by HMC- Halal Monitoring Committee in UK) consists of bottled baby food in both veggies, fruits and meat. well both Babisil and Petit Gems ae from the UK and the xr woulde be by RM6 X 4.65 (for 6 jars of food) = RM 30+-...The bottle price would be £ 15.00 x 6 = rm90.00 for 2 6oz bottles. ooopppsss....

what about the hysteria in KL yesterday? SMK Tanjung? where in KL is that? aaa...dont bother...i must say. HDSPA in putrajaya hospital is superb. i can surf the net w/o being DC and the speed is very2 laju..skyline pun kalah..

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