Tuesday, August 12, 2008


tang mana start perkataan mandom aku pun tatau. menurut Google......check here, A LOT!!!!

Anyway, that's not the word of the day.
I've been -on & off- watching Olympics and damn, the men swimming teams are simply delicious. so, okay, the gurls are not bad, but the men...wow...!!!

on the way back, i stopped by the Superpets shop. Damn the cats are gojes. I'm raising a baby and gonna be raising 2 babies soon (planning is good), cats are off the radar. Unless, i find another house. Landed property. tempting. i love my baby but i also happen to adore cats. bite me.

We will be heading to east coast this weekend for a short holiday. maybe ill go and see my nephew @ INSTEP. maybe look for some fun. new adventure. new stuffs.

those cats are gojes, aren't there?

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