Thursday, July 31, 2008


Today, ive finally created Yahoogrups for TW staffs. By invitations only, sorry. However, if you have resigned, u're always welcomed in the group.

Today also, i've join blogger reunited. wait, its more like a coax from Rei. whatever. I've only joined the membership because Rei is a kind friend of mine and it's his baby, i think.

Hidden Van Gogh revealed in color by scientists.

Y it doesn't suprise me.
The Vincent van Gogh's 'Patch of Grass' painting was x-rayed by US scientists and they found a women's face/figure under the paint. my, my. maybe he was broke and thus he had to re-paint his own painting. it was the Dark Ages i guess.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

The new sequel to the trilogy will be aired in November 08. Im not a big fan of HP but this one kinda interesting. I did watch all the movies but no repeats. Maybe i should re-watch all the movies again.

The Lagoons of Titan: Oily Liquid Confirmed on Saturn Moon

The significance of the lake baffles me. A bigfoot footprint? or did i read it wrongly.

"The new observations affirm that Titan is one of the likeliest places to look for life in our solar system. Some astrobiologists have speculated that life could develop in the moon's hydrocarbon lakes, although it would have to be substantially different from known life on Earth, which requires liquid water."

...and what kind of life form are we expecting here babe? i think all we can find is a new strain of amoeba or lots of gas-based critters. What? Ur expecting Nessy up there? maybe there are. except it is much bigger with razor-sharp teeth. i wouldnt wanna bring down those species to our beloved earth tho. Call me outdated or science-enemy or a hippie if you will, but i thik we are too curious or too greedy for our own good.period.

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