Wednesday, July 30, 2008

3 Days - Dazzling!!!

Been taking EL since Monday since Sofiya was down with high-fever since Monday. Well, she was already warm on Sunday and i thought it's becoz Kie was letting her taste Durian Grade D24. Anyway, she blushed in the morning alright and a phone call to the office and i was free. Free, but it cost me 3 days of leaves. Anything for the children i guess. She was high to 39.5 on Monday noon and i sure glad i didn't panicked. There was a trip to SJMC last year and the Doc went like dun worry hun , all you have to do is sponge em with tepid water or mandikan je. so, i did and push in the "ubat bontot". Really, i don't know what the official medical name for it tho. Tuesday, she had rashes. Gosh, flashback!!! I read it in some blog about her kid going thru the same thing and i was pretty sure it was measles. So, the the clinic we went and antibiotics was prescribed. Wait till Wednesday noon and see what happens. If her temp is still high OR the rashes multiplies, the hospital we go. After dinner, she's as cold as the Stonehenge!! Voila, and i have a worry less Wednesday. 1st half spent on folding clothes and gosh, there're zillions of em clothes. 2nd half? GOSH IM STUCK WITH WEEDS!!!

Nope, im not smokin weeds and never had any in my entire life. Nope, i didn't have borrriiing frens but i turned em invitations. Altho, i did took i smoke and i nearly puke. Bad, bad weeds. anyway, m talking about WEEDS, the all hot american tv show. Somebody passed me the DVDs 1, 2 and 3rd seasons and im on the 3rd seasons already. OMG, what a wonderful story. They have Assalamualaikum greeting by a Muslim black-man
called Joseph and a Jewish girl swearing on Hamas bombing becoz it killed her Commanding Officer BF. Now, Nancy or should i call her, Lacy, is a tough Mummy and a weeping widow (tho she won't admit it). It's now running Season 4 and i can't wait to get my hands on the "DVD". or was it season 6? oh well, try the webby and u can listen to all the cool songs featured in the show. Dun miss the Little boxes OST. Astounding! Starting Season 2, they had different singers and genres of Little Boxes and wayyy, totally cool.
Anyway. doesn't Andy Botwin aka Justin Kirk looks like our very own Aznil Hj Nawawi? Ecept the one in Weeds is a pu**y and has highly-charged sex-drive. <> it wont reach our shores soon, Y? the title itself gave it away..._ Anyway, i've read in June 08 Malaysian Women's weekly (in the loo, i guess- hey, i read in the loo and i havent read the Feb issue yet...ahaks)..sumthing about carbohydrate and related stuffs. Its said that if you gain 3 kilos overnight, it's either: you're pumpin the fat like nobody's business OR your're goin to die.'s probably just water retention or the food we eat thats in our gut (i hate to think how it looks like in there) contributes to the weight gain. Sooooooo, technically speaking, we aint gonna git fat overnight unless voodoo is involved. FAT needs time be broken down. One night, aint enough time to slip into our muscles baby. So, the point is, if you must have supper or midnight snacks urges, keep it lean and low on the F.A.T and C.A.L.O.R.I.E. You know what im syin'? Otherwise, these will transforms into some kind of sugar (of course, the scientific name like saccarin, glucose family) and tt means energy. If you aint burnin it like exercising, hell yeah you are gettin fat. Like me, of course.

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