Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Dareka eigo o hanasemasuka?

Millions of people were at the PETRONAS FAMILY DAY (Night) and there were lotsa food too. Entrance was strictly by tickets. No tickets,no entry, no lucky draw. i didn't get it anyway. Nowadays, gathering makes me uneasy and I was ready to call it quit when i saw Tan Sri President Hassan Marican. Damn.didn't get to snap his photos. Simple. Homely yet looks garang also. Wings & Awie were blaring on the stage but, hey, i've ot my eyes on one of the most influential man in Malaysia.

The next day, shikeen's wedding day and don't she looked just...:
a) Radiant
b) Beautiful
c) Womanly
d) all of the above.

yah, i'd go for D. The food especially the beef was superb too.

Ima's last day in TW. Brought me to tears..............................duhh, AS IF!!! she's cool and pls don't fall prey on her soft, mesmerizing eyes. She rocks taWWWW!!! I kinda tried to get her to stay longer but, she couldn't wait to see her beau ,i guess. (Ima, i do know laaaa)

Yup, Dareka eigo o hanasemasuka has nothing to do with the above or anything after this. I am just trying to learn Japs and still at the very beginning level of Nihongo o Narau. Ok, stop laughing.

Kiki : Bila nak sambung internet neh? so, which broadband modem u nak ambik?
Nana: erm..tatau lagi. Celcom's coverage surely better but Maxis nye is very dekat, everywhere also got booth and now they hv service center in sunway pyramid as well.
Kiki: dah tuh?
Nana : riki dulu la. kang balik tganu takde coverage plak.
Kiki: malas nk tunggu u decide. dah anak 3 baru leh decide gaknya.

1 hour later,voila, a USB maxis bb modem was in my hand. ready for use. wait, eat at Wendy's first. I like the joint. The ice-cream tastes good, the burgers sedap and it's a bit pricey than McD. that, i dun like but hey, so what. food tawww.lastly, makan KFC coz only 2 days ago, makan kat Wendy's, ahaks!!!

Balik rumah, test modem. Superb. Doing fine at PC. a call to maxis bb srv ctr confirmed that PJS 8 does have 3.5G @ HDSPA but depends on the bandwidth also. And, if none is available, it will catch the lower tier of 3G @ UMTS. Then, tried fixing it at laptop. took me 1 bloody hour to get it configured till the cstmr srv response was "if none is working after this, pls call back our Technician tomorrow morning". fed-up with me , i guess. Finally, dapat guna. seems like i've been meddling with it too far. It should be left alone. It will configures the laptop by itself. Guess my generous offer to help was rejected by my own USB modem..uhuk!!!

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